Sunday, January 5, 2014

Natal: Saturn Square or Opposite Sun

Saturn Square or Opposite Sun:

You have had many obstacles in life obstacles that insist on holding you back, or so it seems. This is not by any means a easy aspect to handle, but it is not one that cannot be overcome with the proper awareness, of it's effects on the individuals psyche.

In many cases it is seen that the individuals father was tough as nails or a extreme authoritarian, and usually left the child in fear unnecessary reprimanding, which unfortunately, was usually the case. If this was not the father is was some authoritarian that was always imposing his will on them, in a harsh and even cold, suppressive manner. This position suggests that you were afraid to speak up' or express yourself in fear of the possible humiliation, put down, or complete disregard for your perspective. You feared looking foolish, by not having the right thing to say or not behaving in a manner that was acceptable. This feeling of inadequacy and humiliation "loomed large" within your early environment and you did not grow up feeling nurtured and supported, but rather picked on. 

However difficult it may be, It is important that you realize that your father or this father figure that behaved in this manner with you, had tremendous insecurity himself. You can ask yourself what adult would prey on the confidence of a child? unless they themselves were unhappy with themselves. Truly confident people would feel superior in a sense or more evolved , they would use their words to encourage and not bring down  because they do not fear another success, they promote it. This is why you need to know that "There is no need to be so low" as to criticize another out of your own insecurity. If you need to change someone you probably should not waste your time, and find what your looking for, otherwise it's just repeating what happened to you.  Otherwise you should learn to accept other's as they are, do not try to hold other people back by making them feel inadequate, and it is important for you to understand that this behavior is abusive, and only a reflection of your own insecurity.  "Unconditional love will make a better man". If your early upbringing was as so you would not have to deal with the issues you do today. However, you don't have to continue the cycle, you can make your life and your relationships as you wish. It is up to you to learn how.

People with this aspect have a great danger of projecting negativity, judgment and the behavior of a authoritarian into their relationships with a need to be much to harsh on other's. The authority you have access to will become real when you learn to not judge yourself, not judge others and take on a pro-life mentality, to get along with those other human beings just like you that share your planet. Try to make a positive change in their lives that is truly fulfilling. Overcome your fate of frustrating relationships by choosing to not respond as you were predicted, but to choose to live your destiny by rising above this aspects expected results. Choose instead through your free will of choice. You would also benefit from letting loose and having fun, laughing, comedy is very good for you.  Be sure to take adequate amounts of calcium and magnesium to protect your skeletal system, bones, teeth since people with this aspect are often prone to problems in these areas. 

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