Saturday, January 4, 2014

South Node in the 8th house- North Node in the 2nd house

The South node in the 8th house the home of Pluto and Scorpio, regardless of its actual sign it is one placement with tremendous treasure but not without tremendous effort to overcome a subconscious tendency for turmoil and compulsion. You have been exposed to the darker side of life and the darker side of people and as well as the darker side of yourself. You will more than likely have to be your own rock along with being a rock for many other's in your life.  You may feel that you are not duly paid for your efforts, or for handling many crisis situations for others. 
You are deeply penetrating with your insights into others and may act as a sort of midwife to the soul, helping others who endlessly need your help. 

 There is a deep yearning for safety and emotional support, but it seems very hard to come by.  You are an excellent sounding board and give great advice to other's in just about any given situation. 

You have a great understanding of the motives of people and what makes them tick and know just what to say and do in crisis situations. 

You should never borrow money or mix money with a partner. You are being called to be completely independent and to live by your own means and your own means only. Any money received from other's will have strings attached unless during a Venus or Jupiter transit. 

Apparently you spent your last life, living off other's resources, using magic or the occult to benefit you and have many strengths and interests in these areas. You may have been put in situations that were not good for you because you relied too heavily on others. Or you were under the power of another because of the monetary obligation.

 Now in this life, your destiny is to be completely self-reliant, so no one can blackmail you, or control you in any way. You will be pushed by the universe in a big way by not having the help from other's whether emotional or financial. You will face situations that will remind you of this and eventually if not already will be freed by your own means. You are responsible for your well-being, your freedom and your happiness.

Look to the sign on the cusp of the second house where your North node and to the placement of your natal moon for ideas as to what type of creative ideas or areas in where you money talent lies.


  1. Great post, Thanks! I have Scorpio on the 2nd house cusp, (north node) and Taurus 8th house, natal moon and south node. I am a painter and art teacher and have had a book published. Not a money maker of any note so far. I have never been too into money, though I know we need it. Does that sound right for this/these placements?

  2. Hi, I wanted to reach out to you and share that I enjoyed reading your blog on the NN and SN or 2nd/8th axis. As you can probably guess, I have this placement. NN in Cap and SN in Cancer (NN in 2nd-SN in the 8th). My natal moon is conjunct my SN in LEO from the 9th house. I am currently feeling a push to move in directions of life path and career but have not been good at figuring out the answer with astrology. Would you mind taking a guess at it? I'd appreciate it.