Thursday, January 1, 2015


Liv Tyler is a Cancer Woman
You are intelligent, caring and sentimental, and always there for a friend. You are probably a great cook or love to cook. You are deeply sensitive and compassionate to both friends and family alike. 

You can be very complex or difficult to  understand because you are not always direct with your feelings and tend to be more passive aggressive, or you choose to hold them in. You have many changing moods, and avoid confrontations and may end up suffering for the sake of your relationships because you choose to avoid confrontation. You can be prone to brood when things don't go your way. Any criticism hurts you deeply and you are likely to shut off in silence for long periods of time as a result. Security is very important to you and having a home of your own. You are jealous and protective and can sometimes smother your partner. You can be clingy when insecure. You are generous with your time and your money, but when you feel taken advantage of you will pull back.  

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