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Kristen Stewart is an Aries Woman
BASIC--Self-esteem, initiative, pioneering.
POSITIVE--Ambition, courage, enterprise.
NEGATIVE--Self-will, temper, brusqueness, overbearing.

Your Most Likable traits: Courage, Natural Leader & an Exciting Doer
SYMBOL: The Ram (Assertive, sexual, able to climb to great heights)
Ruling Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Dominant Keyword: I AM.
Magical Birthstone: Diamond (Attracts love, financial success, brings luck in new ventures. The diamond is particularly lucky for Aries people when worn on the left side of the body.)
Special Flowers: Geranium, Honeysuckle & Sweet Pea
Special Color: Red (The color of fire and excitement)
Lucky Numbers: 1 & 9
Lucky Day: Tuesday
Part of the body ruled by Aries: The Head

You are bold, daring and quick to act. Your emotions are more intense than most think and are often based on willful desire. You are impatient, can be moody and even given to brooding when hurt.  You can be easily hurt, and become just as easily jealous when in love. You are revengeful and can hold grudges similar to Scorpio. You can be judgmental of others when you feel the competition. You have a tendency to judge others too quickly and feel a need to dominate or exert your will usually and often make rash decisions.

You will not tolerate opposition to or interference with your goals, and will do what it takes to obtain them. You have executive ability and leadership qualities, and are very resourceful and possess an enterprising perspective. You can be abrupt and self-absorbed with " me first attitude". However, you have self-confidence and the ability to attain success in whatever you pursue. This is because you approach life in a fearless manner and are usually the first to take on a challenge. You get what you go after because of your fearless manner. You need to be cautious of hollow victories, by taking the time to think things through. You can be very jealous, proud and possessive, and even require as much attention as  LEO, Unless other aspects hinder. You are a fast walker, fast talker, and quick to make decisions.
Indecision is your pet peeve.

You become emotionally intent on completing and enjoying any project you have adopted, and you can seem to lack in sympathy when so self-absorbed which can make your partners and your friends angry or disenchanted. 

In love, you need enormous amounts of attention and someone that is willing to keep you on your toes with new and exciting things. (The men love lingerie). Both genders need lot's of stimulation to keep them interested.) You can be very generous as long as there is something in it for you. You don't make the best friends because you are too concerned with yourself, and will flake out often. This is not intentional it's just the way you are. You fall in and out of love so fast that you can be quite promiscuous. You like the chase or to be chased. 

Your nature is affectionate, warm-hearted, congenial and fun-loving, and you are a ton of fun to be around. You enjoy family life but need and expect independence. You may lack ambition or consistency to utilize your abilities and talents mostly because everything comes too easily to you.

Your inner strength is based on a good philosophy of life. You operate with great bursts of energy but have little endurance. You often embrace new ideas without thorough investigation beforehand. Full of life and vigor, you can be a crusader and are quite patriotic. Rhythm, harmony, and tempo come naturally to you. Because you are gallant, extravagant and scintillating, your cheerful presence is welcome at any social gathering. 

Sexually, you are expansive and exploratory.

Turn–ons: novelty (either in the form of a new partner or new, unusual, or even risky situations and scenarios with an existing partner), danger, excitement, public places, flashy erotic clothing in shades of black or red, sometimes leather or rubber toys, competition (either physical sports or intellectual debate), challenge, fast cars, airplanes or other exciting modes of transit, spontaneous or unexpected sex, direct or forthright sexual come-ons

Most desired qualities in a sexual partner: courage (both physical and psychological), quickness (in movement, speech, and thought), wildness in bed, decisiveness, confidence, assertiveness, high energy, athletic ability, fitness, playfulness, a tendency to take risks, spontaneity, impulsiveness, neatness of appearance, stylishness, physical fitness, extroversion

Turn-offs: routine sex, boring surroundings, baggy, unfashionable, or unflattering conservative clothing, and waiting too long for sex.

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