Sunday, April 6, 2014


Channing Tatum is a Taurus
Sensual and earthy taureans carry a cool, calm, exterior that is quite different from what they actually are. They usually have a shimmering reputation but would much rather lie low out of the spotlight while remaining somewhat social. They develop friendships quite easily but when they are not interested in listening anymore because your opinion differs from theirs, you will know how stubborn they simply won't budge. Taurean's have very sensitive feelings, but they run much deeper than most of us know. It's just they keep it  hidden behind a smooth and confident veneer. They do this because they are set on a goal and they can't let feelings get in their way, and they won't. They stay in the realm of routine until they feel as if they are ready to emerge often after they have reached their maximum security level or are established in what they do. The material realm is important to them, even if they have a modest moon or Venus they still need the sensual, and things of value to make them feel whole.

They tend to run on an automatic pilot continuous towards their goals, and there is no stopping them. They do need take the time for sexual pleasure along with other physical pleasures and seem to manage to do so. They usually hate change and love comfort.

If the moon is not afflicted or in a colder sign they can be very romantic, sensual and enjoy giving high-quality gifts to the ones they love. They are not necessarily generous but when they do give they give quality.
Turn-ons: clothing with fabrics that are nice to touch such as silk or velvet, nudity, candlelight, music and other mood settings, silk sheets, play fighting, massage, beautiful surroundings, nature (so long as it’s not too wet or cold or uncomfortable), good food and wine

Most desired qualities in a sexual partner: loyalty, sensuality, high sex drive, easy going nature, reliability, stability, a talent for massage, a talent for cooking, enjoyment of long, languid, sensual experiences, someone who enjoys getting out into nature and having picnics or long walks on the beach and in the woods, someone who really enjoys food

Turn-offs: unattractive or uncomfortable surroundings (hard ground, cold rain, rough sheets), being hungry, surprises
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