Thursday, February 6, 2014


You are selective, discerning and use good judgment to get where you want in life. You lack in optimism and unless you have proven to yourself why you should be, you usually are not. What this means is that you feel your best when you're performing at your best, and you have high standards. Your self-esteem may be attached to aesthetic things, how good you or others look. You are not the type that goes blindly into things. You like to know the all the facts before making any decision and will run through many different scenarios with multiple outcomes, and select the best possible one. You are most comfortable when you have expectations of yourself and others, and you strive to be your best. Health and fitness are probably important to you since you take care of yourself you want a partner that does the same. Even if you don't take care of yourself and are one to let these things go, you are likely not to be so generous with your partner. Your faith in life is viewed through the Len's of the critical Virgo which tends to make you very are honest, helpful, practical, orderly and pay attention to all the details. You will do well in service to others whether it's in  nutrition, and health, or a service oriented business. You are a realist. You show your love in simple helpful ways and are not very comfortable with romantic displays. You need a dreamy romantic partner which is quite the opposite of you to help balance, you which helps you be less critical and trust more in the fact that some things just don't have explanations. You are helpful and care for others, and you are a very reliable for a friend.

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