Thursday, February 6, 2014


Venus in Synastry represents how we express our love what we need in love, how we attract our partners, our desires for the finer things, our desire and ability to acquire wealth, our money, and are artistic talents and tastes along with sex and scents and fragrance. It also shows where  partners will likely gain from being with each other. 

Venus Conjunct/Trine/Sextile your partners Sun

You may feel as if you and your partner fell out of a highly romantic novel with this placement. You not only love each other, but you truly like each other. You have very similar tastes in things such as music or art. You both make each other feel adored and are very attracted to one another. 

It will be very hard for you to find anything wrong with each other because you are bound to just love it all. There is a smooth stylized approach to your relationship where you strive for diplomacy over the difference. It is possible you will prefer to gloss over any possible unattractive qualities or problems for the sake of keeping the peace. This placement makes getting along a breeze with a highly romantic dimension to your relationship that keeps things sweet for a very long time and most certainly can help ease any more difficult aspects in your synastry.

Venus conjunct/Trine or Sextile Moon

This is a deeply loving and romantic combination often between both people. You enjoy the sweet talk and romantic gestures. You effortlessly and naturally just flow together. The Moon person makes the Venus person feel cared for and adored. The Venus person provides the Moon person with gifts of affection, positive encouragement and respect for the Moon person's feelings. Playful and fun conversations are likely and you both have the opportunity to be both friends and lovers.  As a couple you will easily share your feelings with each other, and will connect on a deep emotional level. 

Each of you provides emotional security to the other. Complimenting each other comes naturally so you will feel better together. You will both be attentive to the others needs and are always willingly to provide them with it. 

You will smooth over any differences simply because there are far too many other reasons why you love each other. This aspect is "one" of the "two" most powerful aspects in the romance department, genuine "care" and "like and feelings of being appreciated" are all over this one. 

Venus Conjunct/Trine/Sextile Mercury

When you and your partner communicate with each other you are very conscientious of each other's feelings. You are kind and considerate. Arguments and disagreements happen much less frequently than most because you both have a way of communicating with each other that is very supportive and uplifting. You may enjoy writing each other sweet love notes. Getting along comes easily for the two of you since you both have much in common and are hardly ever short on words. There is a general appreciation for each other's intelligence and wit. Short trips are favored for fun and leisure.

EXTENDED VERSION Venus, Mercury Aspects in Synastry

Venus Conjunct Trine or Sextile Mars

This is a sexually potent aspect between two people. Each others love nature and style are in sync with each other. If attraction factors are there this is one that is very difficult to resist. If a relationship is formed sex will be passionate and intense and there will be a feeling as if you just belong together. Mars is usually very attracted to Venus and Venus will feel an equal attraction to Mars. Mars represents everything that Venus wants and Vice versa. 

Venus Conjunct Trine or Sextile Jupiter

You will both be very generous with each other, this shows a positive and expansive love. They will both usually have all they need. They both will make each other feel good by being in each others presence and will become more confident. This aspect shows abundance in the relationship and the couple will most likely provide one another with all they need and more in love.

Venus Conjunct Trine or Sextile Saturn

This can play out many ways and the charts of the individuals need to be taken into consideration to be sure. In the Conjunction typically the Saturn person may have difficulty expressing affections openly and may come across rather reserved. In the conjunction, I believe it to be a past life connection which brought the two of you together, but there may be difficulties getting off the ground. The Trine and sextile add a seriousness to the relationship, but also longevity and a dedication to one another for better or worse. These aspects are favored in a long term committed relationship because both parties will take the relationship very seriously and the commitment tends to be long and enduring.

Venus Conjunct Trine or Sextile Uranus

This aspect adds quite a bit of sizzle to your relationship and it never seems to grow stale. You draw out of each other a desire to be more authentic to your unique abilities and encourage one another to be more creative. You are likely to be friends and lovers in which you will love to try new things together and explore new terrain.  The Uranus person will not let Venus get bored and will strive to keep the relationship new and exciting and Venus will love more than likely have no qualms with this.

Venus Conjunct Trine or Sextile Neptune

This interaction is likely to be quite dreamy, romantic and even somewhat ethereal. The Neptune person will introduce Venus to a higher love, and the Venus person is likely to be just as enamored with Neptune. This aspect adds a highly romantic, spiritual and even psychic love. The feelings that this aspect brings forth will pleasantly haunt the lovers and they can both find themselves daydreaming of each other.  Love making is a full on dream-time experience which may interfere with their daily obligations. On the negative with the Conjunction the Venus person may idealize the Neptune person and not really see them for what they are, Self-Deception is possible but the dream-time feeling may just be worth it! Since not many can do it like Neptune. Just make sure that the actions match the words and make a checklist on why you love this person to make sure the negatives don't outweigh the positives. The romantic and psychic connection of this aspect truly is a dream.

Venus Conjunct Trine or Sextile Pluto

Your love for one another will run deep. This is an intense love aspect that will draw out deep emotions and feelings with one another. Pluto will adore Venus and make her feel deeply loved and protected. Venus does need to watch for taking Pluto's affections for granted and avoid playing any games of jealousy for this can have dire consequences. Pluto is not superficial and in the trine and sextile aspect you will likely avoid much of the drama that can come with the harder aspects. Rather, you will love deeply, passionately and intensely. You will likely enjoy similar creative outlets, such as music and art. Sex will be a large part of your relationship and you may experience an intense desire to create together:)