Wednesday, February 5, 2014


You are selective, discerning and use good judgment to get where you want in life. Your optimism is based on particular criteria. What this means is that you feel your best when you're performing at your best. You are not the type that goes blindly into things. You like to know the facts before making any decision and are the most comfortable when you have expectations of yourself and others. Health and fitness are probably important to you. Your faith in life is viewed through the Len's of the critical Virgo which tends to make you very realistic.

Jupiter in Virgo attracts the most luck when you are honest, helpful, practical, orderly and pay attention to all the details. You will do well in service to others whether it's in  nutrition, and health, or a service oriented business. You are a realist. You may find that visualization does you good to help manifest your desires within your life. You are selective and aren't one to fall for scams since you tend to analyze the probabilities you usually come up with the right one. You are not one to take huge risks you prefer the tried and true ways of doing things unless other aspects apply. You like to have direction and goals and will more than likely reach them.

You don't like chaos and prefer a solid routine. You have a very high standard that you set yourself as well as other's and are quite disciplined. 

Although you are discriminating you have compassion and do like to help others. You are excellent and analyzing, good in process improvement, and you can help others better themselves. You are probably quite picky and prefer a not only aesthetically pleasing partner but also one that takes great care in themselves as well as intelligent.  

Sometimes you can spend too much time on the details that it slows you down on production. Although this is possible your motto is perfection, so the end result is likely so. You can be cautious and scientific to the point where you are not very demonstrative in emotion but show it in simple productive ways. You can be prone to cynicism, so try to keep it positive!

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