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Venus in Aries
Robert Downey Jr. Has his Venus in Aries
You are high energy, alive and passionate in all that you do. You can appreciate a good chase, or competition although there is not much competition for you since, you are always the first one to "make a move". You do however need a lot of attention, sometimes too much, where you can end up in complicated situations or with multiple love interests. You also need a lot of stimuli and excitement in order to stay put for long, you have a strong liking for lingerie and woman that are very feminine. The women have a fiery passionate nature, and can be quite the daredevil in love. Most Venus Aries have a one track mind in love and it's me first attitude.  You can fall in love at first sight and fall out just as fast. You are not purposefully selfish, you mean no ill will, you just want what you want. You lack patience and will lose interest quickly, you can make your money on a whim of action, you always seem to pull through. You are fearless in love. You will do well with other Venus's or Sun's in  Aries, Libra, Aquarius and Sagittarius, and Gemini

Venus in Taurus
You are sensual and project an inner stability that attracts members of the opposite sex because you exude an earthy sexuality. You do appreciate the finer things in life and you have the willpower and determination to provide these things for yourself. When you give a gift it is always of high quality. You are not necessarily generous, but you give good gifts.You love sensual massages, beauty and art depending on what house it occupies. You are slow to commit but once you do, you are as loyal as they come. You are stable and appreciate partners that are too. You can become complacent in love or are prone to get too comfortable. You need to interject excitement from time to time. You need scents and the proper environment to get you going sexually but once you get going.. You keep going. You are very creative and may have a very nice "speaking, or singing voice. You love massages, good food, and someone waiting hand and foot on you. You can be lazy but when motivated there is no stopping you. Sex is very important to you. You need a regular outlet preferred in a long term partner. You like familiarity and habits are hard to break. You are a creature of habit but once upset you can be stubborn. You usually do not go back to ex-partners after breaking up.

Venus in Gemini

Uma Thurman has her Venus in the sign of Gemini
You are trendy, talkative and analytical. You love the latest trends and gadgets. You are attracted to talkative partners and probably need a lot of mental stimulation in your partners. You think a lot about a lot of things at any given moment. You can be fickle or two faced but mostly indecisive, since you see everyone's perspective it's hard for you to stick to one. You can be promiscuous because you are curious and need a change of scenery often. However, just like everyone else if you meet the one, you will more than likely be quite content where you are.

Venus in Cancer

You are warm, sensitive and caring in love (if your Venus is well aspected.) You like to nurture or take care of someone or others. You require monetary security more than most to feel safe and are working on your nest egg as we speak. Safety and comfort are very important to you. You prefer to have one steady partner, but are capable of extreme sensitivity (you can be easily hurt and with-drawl often,) which may cause problems within your relationships. Remember running away or withdrawing shows a lack of care and not the reverse. Relationships require communicating even when it's uncomfortable or we would rather not face. Your tendency to with-drawl and close your partner out when hurt reflects a more passive aggressive approach to love since you give in when your partner comes back to you. There is concern that some with this aspect do not take responsibility for their part but rather close down. Be sure to face your problems and not to hide from them or they will more than likely escalate. You need to say how it is you feel and aim to rectify the situation instead of avoiding it. You are loyal to the one you love, and will make an excellent parent or caretaker. You are sentimental and even clingy in love, you want to reach depths of passion, which is something you can easily obtain.

Venus in Leo

You have a lot of ego and pride, but you are not out to make other's feel bad you are actually quite the opposite. You have a positive outlook and demeanor and always try to put on your best face. You need lot's of love and affection and compliments are everything to you. You need to be adored, and even "Worshiped" in love. You are very generous when it comes to your partner, but love to buy things for yourself as well. You love nice things and expensive gifts. You are regal in your ways and have a hard time, not having money. Money is very important to your overall well-being because you are generous by fault and are quite embarrassed when you don't have enough. Your financial status can put you in deep moods to where you want to withdraw since you get quite cranky. You love glamor and all it offers.  You are very loyal as long as you are being treated like a king or queen that you are.

Venus in Virgo

You are not overly demonstrative and can be shy at first in love. You prefer to give gifts that are simple and useful, you like to be helpful to your partner. You have high standards in love, either prestige, beauty and or purity in your partner. You are not fond of clutter and tend to be organized or neat for the most part. You probably take very good care of your things and possess many older things that were kept in mint condition. You strive for perfection in all that you do and appreciate subtle finely made things.

Venus in Libra

You are the peacemaker, the diplomat and can understand or at least try to see many different perspectives. You are usually a good listener if other aspects allow and you like to appear fair and add balance and like to bring peace to situations. You probably say things like, " on the other hand" or let us hear all sides first. You may have difficulty making decisions for fear of upsetting the group.You make a good partner because you strive to be fair and understand that accommodation is necessary for partnership.  Your need to be accommodating and difficulty with saying no can put you in situations that are not good for you. You have a knack for what people need to hear, and how to listen to both sides of the equation before you make your decision. The problem is that you can sometimes be too afraid of upsetting the individual or the group that you come across as passive aggressive, or you end up unhappy because you don't often do what it is you "want to" because you are too busy accommodating others. You love romance and need a relationship to feel whole, you prefer to have working relationships where you both share a career or goal. Because of your need for a partnership you can sometimes end up in love triangles or entanglements because you can't often let go of one -before you begin another. You have a talent in peacemaking and coming to agreements. You like fine quality items and appreciate the finer things in life. You have a particular fashion style that attracts admirers.

Venus in Scorpio

You are sexy intense and not superficial. You lure your partners to you with charisma and sex appeal. You are not one to chase, but you have no problem stalking partners. When you love you love with great intensity and when you hate it's with almost just as much intensity. You are strong in love and won't give in when wronged. You can be controlling and or jealous and even suspicious. You may act as if you don't care and are not jealous, but you totally are. You tend to like music that expresses desire or has depth and passion.

Venus in Sagittarius

You love adventure and experience. You are probably attracted to all things new or foreign. You may find yourself with partners from around the world or a different ethnic background appeals to you. Some of you are risk takers or daredevils to a certain degree. You have faith in life and in love and for the most part in people. You are generous in love, and you can keep your partner on their toes for many years to come. You may be religious or spiritual or at least have great faith! You can have a wandering eye but are mostly principled on right and wrong and try to act in the most ethical manner.

Venus in Capricorn

You are by no means conservative in sex, but you can be in most other areas in your life. You can be shy at first in love. You tend to test your partners for long periods of time to see if they trustworthy. You are insecure to a certain degree, you feel that love is attached to money in some way, or you at least need material security before you can allow yourself to fall in love. You may not express your emotions easily, or have difficulty being affectionate. Some of you are very affectionate it depends of course on other aspects. You care about what others think of you too much and may have a low self-esteem in love, or you may have evolved before your time, and have such high expectations in love. You fear not being respected or accomplished that it sometimes dictates your every move. You can end up sacrificing your happiness- by worrying too much over other people's opinions. You are hard working and willing to do what it takes to meet your goals.You are very crafty and can see the big picture and use it to your advantage.

Venus in Aquarius

You are attracted to those unusual or different types that aren't afraid to stand alone for a cause or a belief. You are an intellectual and attracted to the new and different. You are loyal when in love but can find it difficult to find the one that you want to settle down with. Freedom of action is very important to you, and you tend to like new and different experiences more than the routine. You have a wide circle of acquaintances or people that you call friends. You are a loyal friend and always willing to help anyone in need. You can be stubborn and unwavering when it comes to getting your way.

Venus in Pisces

You are deeply sensitive and emotional. You believe in all the possibilities of love. You are compassionate and sensitive when in love. You may have a hard to getting over old hurts. You are generous, and caring. You can easily be too sensitive and might get hurt easily. You want the ideal lover and may actually make the mistake that "one is" when one may not be. You can be self-defeating in love because you can put the other person in front of you and later resent it. 

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