Tuesday, February 11, 2014


When your Venus is in the sign of Capricorn your love nature is tightly under wraps, or reserved. Capricorn is Ruled by the Planet Saturn which is pragmatic and serious. Capricorn and Saturn rule the 10th house of Career or worldly accomplishments, and people with Venus in Capricorn have very good taste but are also quite frugal. They like quality at a good price but quality first they are not frivolous.  Emotional displays in love with Venus in Capricorn person tend to be sweet and endearing and steady but sometimes a bit to rational. This is not to say they don't have feelings because they most certainly do. It's just that they have a strong will with a goal in mind, and aren't likely to be taken off course. Venus represents our pleasurable desires, self-worth, money, love, and creativity. People with their Venus in Capricorn usually take love very seriously. Capricorn is represented in Tarot by the World Card. These people can see far into the future and are willing to take the necessary steps and make the necessary sacrifices to reach their goals. 

In love, they need a certain amount of predictability, although are often attracted to those unattainable or even quite the opposite of their prudish selves. These relationships serve to open them up and help them learn to be less hard on themselves but can also sometimes set them back. 

Capricorn and Saturn represent worldly success, they are both rulers of the 10th house of fame and career. Reaching some sort of status is often very important to them, and they are very likely to reach it. With a Conservative and perhaps controlled love nature, they may appear to0 busy or somewhat aloof, but this is because they have their eye on the prize and can remain focused. They are known to be very loyal and although they come across reserved in love, they are quite different and usually openly expressive and much more open minded when it comes to sex. 

It is rather difficult to write about one particular aspect since there are many other factors that can affect the nature of the Capricorn Venus. I have known many to be deeply sensitive and emotional in which there Venus has Aspects to Neptune. So to get the full picture you would need to know their birth time, to see any other aspects that can alter the interpretation. However, assuming there are no other aspects, in general, these people are cautious, focused, sensitive, and perhaps shy or reserved in love. 

Venus in Capricorn are usually attracted to more mature people and usually look for stability in a partner. Their style may be austere, or simple. They do like the fine things in life but are not exempt from being a bargain buyer as long as the quality is very good. 

They have a way about them that earns the respect of others because they are polished and possess a unique charisma and charm. Tradition is very important to them, and what others think of them is a concern. 

They have a need to be appreciated and accomplished or at least respected and may struggle with issues of self-esteem early on, but as they grow into themselves, there is nothing to stop them from achieving their goals. There also may be some form of blockage of giving and receiving love freely, because they need to be sure before they give out their affections. They are not one to get swept away on a dream, they tend to be realistic in their view.

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