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Synastry: Neptune in your Partners house

Neptune in synastry shows us where we idealize, over empathize, delude ourselves, make promises or get promises that are not kept, where we lose ourselves, deny ourselves, or where we feel called to help, it shows us where we show the greatest compassion. In love, we experience the most romantic and often dream-like experiences. As a result on the negative we open ourselves up to being taken advantage of, or being deceived, but in the end we usually found we only decieved ourselves.

Under Neptune's influence, we see things idealistically, not realistically. If you are going through a Neptune by Transit or are involved in a heavy Neptune relationship please also see The audio interpretation of Neptune in relationships click here.

Additionally below is another post an additional overall of Neptune. 

Scroll down for Neptune through the houses in synastry.

Neptune in Partners 1st house

You are not likely to see your partner as they really are for better or worse. With this aspect, there tends to be a certain amount of idealization this need not be a bad thing, just be sure to not gloss over any real issues for the sake of keeping the dream alive. There is nothing wrong with seeing the best in someone, as a matter of fact that's what love is and soulmates often possess much of this. Just remember, Neptune magic can make a frog look like a prince. That's what we love about Neptune, his ability to enhance the beauty of things. However, because of this tendency, you will need to be extra aware. The positive is that you both will be sensitive to one another feelings, kind, compassionate and even psychically intune with another and sex may take on a dream-like fantasy, that pleasantly haunts you throughout your day.

But..Because on the negative one can idealize the other, if the other is not a Prince but a frog, then it's on you when the glamour fog clears, which it eventually does. 

 It will be important that you match the words or promises with the actions and results, and don't fall into a never ending hole of vague, ambiguities, or find yourself making excuses for bad behavior, and accepting things you normally wouldn't.

Do not fall over first impressions now, try and test it and aim for healthy involvement.

If none of the negatives play out then the other side is a deeply sensitive relationship. And If neither partner has ulterior motives or has anything to hide, then this placement can produce strong romantic and physical attraction that never seems to fade.

Neptune in Partners 2nd house

You will be very supportive and generous with your partner. There may be times where your partner experiences financial loss in which you may be required to help. Chances are you won't mind, but it is important that you are cautious of your partners intentions and not get taken advantage of. It may also be that the Neptune person ends up needing the help of the house person. There is a blind spot around areas of finances. 

The Positive is the Neptune person can help the 2nd house person be more creative, opening them up to the more spiritual side of things. 

As with Neptune, there is a possibility of deceit surrounding money, but that is not always the case.

Neptune in your Partners 3rd house

This indicates creative conversations but also some possible confusion or misunderstandings in which neither one of you may address immediately which leads to even more confusion. 

The Neptune person tends to communicate in a more colorful, sensitive or even romantic way however if the house person is more pragmatic or analytical the conversation may be confusing. However, it is not necessarily what is said that causes the problem it's more about what is not said, or what was vaguely expressed. This can indicate a psychic connection to a certain degree as well with your Partner. The Neptune person may also inspire the house person or open them up to more spiritual matters.

Neptune in your Partners 4th house

The Neptune person might bring much understanding and compassion to the 4th house person and may help the 4th house person dissolve any early childhood issues within the home. One of you may have a family member that relies heavily for support in which may interfere with your time at home together. On the other hand, Neptune offers the 4th house person a place to let it all go, and live a little fantasy. If you live together your home can be a place of tranquility and spiritualism. The Neptune person might help the house person release any family traumas or past hurts. 

Neptune in your Partners 5th house

Love, romance, children, creativity and playtime take on a whole new magical and even heavenly feel. You provide your partner with a bit of mysticism, and fantasy. You are likely to help your partner get in touch with his creativity and will be very sensitive to their feelings regarding their self-expression and therefore very supportive. There may be vague circumstances surrounding these areas as well, it is important for both people to be direct with one another. 

Neptune in your Partners 6th house

The Neptune person will likely be highly compassionate and willing to go above and beyond to please the house person by being of assistance to the house person usually in areas of health, or the day to day, activities. The house person needs to be cautious not to take the Neptune person's good deeds for granted. The house person can have high expectations of the Neptune person, but that is because the Neptune person is prone to do too much.

Neptune in your Partners 7th ( click link) 

Neptune in your Partners 8th

Situations become complicated or vague surrounding shared resources or money. Although  the Neptune person will be quite generous with the house person, the house person may have many other financial obligations that require support and sensitivity of the Neptune person. In areas of sex, there can be a magical or mystical connection that will open you both up to deeper spirituality. You both may also share many esoteric interests and will enjoy uncovering the mysteries of the universe, and possibly the magic of sexual energy. Both parties need to be honest with one another, don't promise more than you can deliver. 

Neptune in your Partners 9th house

The Neptune person will inspire the 9th house person to look beyond even that which is seen, and will support the house person's philosophical beliefs and will contribute to a deeper faith in all things. Fantasy and optimism color your connection. If you travel together you are likely to encounter deeply mystical experiences  abroad. You both will have an interest in going to places that are away from it all, quiet or peaceful anywhere the two of you can be alone and away from it all. 

Neptune in your Partners 10th house

You inspire your partner to dream big in areas of Career that your partner might find a bit far fetched. There is a possibility that the Neptune person might put the house person on a pedestal or idealize them for better or worse. Although Neptune has good intentions it is important that the house person, think for themselves in this area. There will be a hint of glamor in your public relationship. 

Neptune in your Partners 11th house

The Neptune person may show the house person how to be less judgmental and more accepting of the group or people in general. Perhaps the Neptune person can help the house person be less judgmental when it comes to people and their friends. It is also possible that the Neptune person brings friends into the relationship that are spiritual, psychic, problematic or needy.  There may be situations surrounding friends that require patience or compassion or understanding. You both may take on a charitable cause together.

Neptune in your partners 12th house

You are psychically connected to where you are not only in tune with one and others feelings while near, you are also more than likely connected at a distance as well. You both will have a lot of compassion for one another, and can help each other get in touch with your more creative sides. The house person may have reoccurring or confusing, dreams of the Neptune person. You will both live in this world and a world of your own. This is a deeply spiritual and mystical connection that allows the two of you to spend a lot of time alone and never tire of each other.

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