Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pluto Transiting Aspects

Transiting Pluto Conjunct Square Or Opposite Ascendant

You will be taking a long walk through the maze of hades, and will need to be very conscious of your actions now. 

The Ascendant is a powerful point in one's chart is your perception and overall personality. You are going through a transformation of how you project yourself, you will come to a better understanding of yourself and the role your actions or behaviors may play in how you relate to others. 

Transiting Pluto Conjunct Square or Opposite Sun

You sense that you must use force or force will be used against you. As you begin to see the world around you turn a shade of grey you sense that this transit must seek to empower you for why else is everyone so challenging and difficult. However as all transits, it depends on your Karma in terms of how it will play out. If you have abused your power, and up until now have been a dominating, controlling or manipulative person, or if you have misused your power then this transit will show you that forces out of your control exist, and have come to pull the mirror up to takee a good long look at yourself by subjecting you to many people just like you, sometimes even those closest to you suddenly change their tune. As you take a look in the mirror everywere you go, you will be forced to confront your own inner demons which can be a painful experience. We often don't think of our actions and there implications but Karma never forgets or misses anyone. You will need to make some deep inner changes in order to progress any further if you resist, you will only be hit harder. If on the otherhand you have been a person that has always been about pleasing others, rarely standing up for yourself, only to be taken advantage of- then this transit will force you to set boundaries and take control of your life and to acknowlege and use your own personal power. 

Transiting Pluto Conjunct Square Or Opposite Moon

Powerful and challenging emotional situations color this transit. The purpose is to reflect our emotional choices and the people that we have or let in our lives. We will also take a good look at cause and effect, how our behaviors, actions and emotional responses to others affect this time. Your emotional support will be tested, do you deserve what you have and the poeple in your life? Do they deserve to be in your life? What role have they or you played into what is happenng now?

Repressed emotions surface now, both in you and others. 

You may feel hopeless and perhaps desperate at times and this will cause you to react intensely to situations making you appear out of control. It's best to lay low because your feeling, emotions, fears are manified or enflated. The things that feel so excruciating now didn't previous to this transit, so just be aware that will want to blow things up to get answers now and what you want but the way that you are going to go about it isn't going to work not while your feeling desperate and out of control. Save face, by going internally and finding out what is real and what is exageratied and if it's worth it or not to take the chance of burning the bridge in a outburst.

Transiting Pluto Square or Opposite Venus

As with all Pluto transits, there is a purging of deeply repressed emotions and suddenly the things that never bothered you, are absolutely unbearable! Yikes!. 

If you are in a relationship it's important for you to know that it will be tested, sometimes by outside temptations and other times through your inability to tolerate what you may have been fine with in the past. 

If your relationship is strong and built on a mutual satisfaction then perhaps you both decide to enhance the passion by trying new things, such as role play, dress up or even more extreme play. There will likely be a desire for more intensity and drama.

If your relationship has not been fulfilling, or lacking you then you are more likely to let them know or it is also possible your partner might come across more demanding of you. 
Affairs that are started during this transit are usually very intense or forbidden in some way, but it's ok that's what you crave right now, your feelings and desires are intensified. However, do realize that it is a passing transit and when it's over you may have wished you never got involved in so much drama.  

It is very likely something in your love life will cause concern, or your intimate needs and feelings will change. If you find yourself interested in a new temptation this person will likely be a person with strong Pluto in their chart. 

What's certain is you will crave more passion, and even be a bit more obsessive. You want intensity if your relationship does not offer this, you may be tempted by a outside affair, just keep in mind the law of karma, so always be straight.

Still in Progress

Transiting Pluto Conjunct/Trine/Sextile
Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto

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