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Transiting Pluto Aspects

Transiting Pluto Conjunct Square Or Opposite Ascendant

The Ascendant is a powerful point in one's chart it is how you present yourself to others, your perception and overall personality. While the bad boy Pluto is opposing your Ascendant he will also be  transiting your 7th house so please see that post. Basically, during this time, you will likely face many obstacles or challenges with other people. It is also possible that you will meet a powerful relationship that can transform you for better or worse. If you are in a relationship your relationship might face challenges as well, you may want more power in your relationships and you may meet powerful people. You do need to watch for others using underhanded tactics with you, being controlling, obsessive or even trying to expose you in some way. You will be learning about boundaries and self will in the area of relationships. Be careful about getting involved in business partnerships during this time, it does not mean you can not get into them, just be cautious more than you normally would be. You may enter a relationship with a person that portrays Pluto traits, is powerful, controlling, manipulative or explosive. However this is not always the case, status change in relationships are likely. You may get married, divorced or begin a new intense and passionate relationship that may challenge you in some way.

Transiting Pluto Conjunct Square or Opposite Sun

This transit can be heavy psychologically, or just as easily very empowering or sometimes both. This all depends on your own personal chart for each it's very different.   The general theme is that Initially, it feels much like your wondering down the tunnels and mazes of hades but it's really your own inner psyche. You will come to see parts of yourself you may not have really taken a good look at up until now. For some, this is a time of judgment and some can get depressed during this time but really if you haven't been living in your highest good. You will be visiting the darker side of your subconscious, and seeing it in the outside world just as well, in   people, and things. Things aren't so light during this time, you may even feel a sense of desperation in your life or fear. Deep self-evaluation will take place as Pluto shines the spotlight on all that you hide from yourself.  

This can be a challenging time, you may feel that you are facing many obstacles now, or that you must use your willpower, and personal power to get what you want. You may feel frightened, or fearful. You may feel like you have not been living your life for you up until now and will want to be more authentic to yourself. You may crave more intensity and passion in your life. You may face your shadow side. You may struggle with irrational fears. 
You may find you have many regrets. You may also sense that something needs to change. You may have others challenging your or  pushing you to test your boundaries. You may attract obsessive partners now or you may be obsessed. It's also possible that you may  withdraw temporarily.

Alternatively, You may become more aggressive, be careful about stirring up too much  commotion and making enemies. You may be more obsessive in your relationships. You may end up in a position of power. 

As you can see there are many, "you mays" and which side you are on will depend on how you have lived your life until this transit.  

Realize this is a time to get honest with yourself about  the things you need and who you are. Pluto likes to dig up hidden things, and with this transit its often about self. Its a good time for self-evaluation and to make changes, you will come out a more authentic person.

Transiting Pluto Conjunct Square Or Opposite Moon

Powerful and challenging emotional situations color this transit. The purpose is to reflect our emotional choices and the people that we have or let in our lives. We will also take a good look at cause and effect, how our behaviors, actions and emotional responses to others affect this time. Your emotional support will be tested, do you deserve what you have and the people in your life? Do they deserve to be in your life? What role have they or you played into what is happening now?

Repressed emotions surface now, both in you and others.
You may feel hopeless and perhaps desperate at times and this will cause you to react intensely to situations making you appear out of control. It's best to lay low because of your feeling, emotions, fears are magnified or inflated. The things that feel so excruciating now didn't previous to this transit, so just be aware that will want to blow things up to get answers now and what you want but the way that you are going to go about it isn't going to work not while your feeling desperate and out of control. Save face, by going internally and finding out what is real and what is exaggerated and if it's worth it or not to take the chance of burning the bridge in an outburst.

Transiting Pluto Square or Opposite Venus

As with all Pluto transits, there is a purging of deeply repressed emotions and suddenly the things that never bothered you, are absolutely unbearable! It's also possible you can start a very powerful love relationship and even meet a soulmate but the relationship might be challenging to get started. You may suffer a deep wound in love. You may be tested to let go of someone or  something you care deeply about.  

If you are in a relationship it's important for you to know that it will be tested, sometimes by outside temptations and other times through your inability to tolerate what you may have been fine with in the past. It's also possible you meet a Pluto type partner, that will draw out your deepest passions.  

If you are married or in a partnership, it may be tested and if it's not serving you both then one or both of you might end the relationship.

If your relationship is strong and built on a mutual satisfaction then perhaps you both decide to enhance the passion by trying new things, such as role play, dress up or even more extreme play. There will likely be a desire for more intensity and drama.

Affairs that are started during this transit are usually very intense or forbidden in some way, but it's ok that's what you crave right now, your feelings and desires are intensified. However, do realize that it is a passing transit and when it's over you may have wished you never got involved in so much drama. This is not always the case, sometimes the relationship is fine but outside circumstances interfere.

It is very likely something in your love life will cause concern, or your intimate needs and feelings will change. If you find yourself interested in a new temptation this person will likely be a person with strong Pluto in their chart.

What's certain is you will crave more passion, and even be a bit more obsessive. You want intensity if your relationship does not offer this, you may be tempted by a outside affair, just keep in mind the law of karma, so always be straight.

In areas of work and money, there will likely be changes in these areas for better or for worse, much depends on your own personal natal chart to see which way it is likely for you.

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