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Succedent Houses- Develop

Succedent Houses- Our Development 

Houses numbered 2, 5, 8, and 11 are called the Succedent Houses. This is where you develop administer, and enjoy the things you start in the angular houses.

The Second House: Rules money and possessions and values, the value you place on things, in yourself, your own self worth, self esteem issues may be found here, as well. The house of Values including Valuables.

The Second House shows how you develop and enjoy the things you begin in your First House. It shows how you posses things and the value you attach to them.

The Fifth House: is more than just love and romance. It rules everything connected with fun and games, sports, hobbies, gambling and speculation, along with children and your relationship to them.

This is the house of self-expression in all forms. It corresponds to the fixed sign Leo, sign of creativity.

The Eighth House: is opposite the 2nd. While the Second House shows our possessions and resources, the Eighth House indicates the resources and possessions of other people, our access to these things, and how they affect us. This includes the money and possessions we get through inheritance, so this house also rules death and all matters connected with it.

Since the 2nd house shows our values, the Eighth House rules the values of others, including those of the society we live in. It shows how these change us and also our impact on them, how we can change these values and affect those around us.

Of course, the Eighth House corresponds to the 8th sign, Scorpio. This means it rules sex as well. This is our sexual energy or biological energy and Sex is one outlet. Another is rehabilitation. The Eighth House shows how well we can bounce back from ailments.

The Eleventh House: is usually shrugged off in most books as being just "friends, hopes, and wishes". But all the succedent houses have to do with possessions, and this house is no exception. One of the most valuable things we can "possess" are friends. The Eleventh House is opposite the 5th house, which is our self-expression, what we are already enjoying.  The Eleventh House shows what we want to enjoy, things we don't have yet. Our hopes and wishes.Also, since this house is right after the 10th house, it shows money we get directly from career. 

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