Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Saturn is the cold hard reality, it what we don't want to see, most of the time. It's the move one brick at a time and builds a house. It's hard work, discipline, reality, insecurity, suppression and a whole lotta  other icky things. On the good side, he want's to help us all become  independent secure people, not swayed by the ambiance of love, but that we think rationally, logically and for our betterment, that we set our expectations higher. There is a lot more to Saturn than this and in synastry, the Saturn person acts too mature the planet he is in contact with or the house he occupies. The means by which he does this makes all the difference in the world. Whether the censors a planet or completely snuffs its energy out, depends on the natal chart of the individual in question. These are the basic interpretations of Saturn's energy in synastry. For an even deeper look, you can view the extended articles on Saturn in synastry in my Private Members section. (Membership fee required).

Saturn in the 1st house

Although you appear contained and confident, you can be quite insecure. You set high expectations for yourself and others. You may have been put down, grew up in a rigid or strict home environment or may have felt unappreciated while young. This has certainly makde you more self conscious which has made you strive harder than most.

Unless of course, you have many planets in Leo or Jupiter conjunct your Sun, you may be quite somber, or modest. None the less, you are aware of what others think of you and most of the time it matters. You are serious, and probably quite attractive, even though you may not see yourself as so. You are dedicated, hardworking, and great at staying composed under great difficulty, or trying times. You must learn to not be so hard on yourself. Having expectations of yourself, is good, but keep them realistic. Do not criticize yourself, most of it is absolutely false. These expectations you set for yourself are the main reason for most of the illnesses you have. Isn't it worth it to give yourself a break? 

Saturn in the 2nd house

Money is serious business to you, and quite important to your self-esteem. However, it is not easy to come by, you need to work a lot harder than most to see your rewards. You view tends to be conservative and you truly value money for what it allows in your life. Your self-esteem could very likely be attached to what you own or have, or it can work the reverse to where you have learned to make the most out of less. It is very important that you learn to manage money wisely and to always have a savings account for those rainy days. Later in life   you will have a secure nest egg and money won't be a worry to you.

Saturn in the 3rd house

The thought of public speaking may have scared the pants right off of you early on! You may have difficulty expressing yourself or fear of being judged on what you say. You may have experienced slight learning difficulties early on as well, where you may have had difficulty in one particular subject over the other. You always think before you speak and are not one to ramble on unless there are other mercury aspects. You must learn to say what's on your mind. Speaking up and trusting in yourself is something that is your Karma this time, around. You need to learn to not care about what other's think. Your expression is just as important as the next person. When you do others will notice that you are quite intelligent and will listen to what you say. Let go of the self-judgment and express yourself, you will see other's are much more afraid than you are. You may have older siblings, that act as parents. 

Saturn in the 4th house

You grew up in a strict environment more than likely or it was at least a partially criticized environment where you may have felt unappreciated or that the expectations put on you were high. Love was conditional and now perhaps your love is highly conditional also. If this was not the case then your father may have been strict and had high expectations of you, or perhaps your living environment was cold and austere. Your Karma is to learn how to share your environment with another and in order to you must work very hard to obtain this.

Saturn in the 5th house
Playtime was never really playtime growing up for you. Perhaps you felt like the kid on the outside of the sandbox. Creatively you may be hyper-critical of yourself to where much of this goes unexpressed. Children may be a source of anxiety for you which produces much fear, to where you wait till much later to have them if you choose at all. You tend to be very serious in matters of the heart and may find yourself  in a secure relationship that lacks much compatibility or fun, for long periods of time. Your Karma is to learn how to relax and have fun. Let love and romance in. 

Saturn in the 6th house

You may have health issues that have caused you to take better care of yourself, therefore you may be somewhat of a health freak, or you may be healthy as ever hardly ever getting sick. You may have many obstacles in life with regards to working with others, and just doing day to day activities. Routine is something you flourish in and may experience some difficulties along the way of basic errand running. Your Karma is to learn to let go of the routine, break it up once in a while or Saturn will make it so.

Saturn in the 7th

You may be a burden to your partner or your partners may be burdens to you. Love is hard to come by because you, yourself are not open and trusting, or you have a fear of intimacy that you run away most of the time. Saturn puts up restrictions wherever he is, so real love needs to be worked on. Everyone has faults try not to dissect everyone to death. Timing may be off, but in reality, it's not, it's asking you to step up, and make it happen.   Be open to emotional expression and don't demand so much out of your love partners. Ask what you can give your partners and you will see the joy they  enjoy in giving back to you. Until then you can probably expect love to come later in life when you have learned this, or you may find yourself in loveless situations. Giving to a partnership and trusting in their love, along with believing you deserve and not fearing it is your ticket to finding and keeping love. But more importantly, understanding that we all have fears in love but need to trust anyway and going for it, it is your get out jail card from a lonely probability, until much later in life. Also, love needs to be nurtured and grown through being there and developing it through trust, not running away. 

Saturn in the 8th house

Change is not something that you welcome, and regardless of what life's challenges come your way, you are liable to stick to the phrase" I make my life, Life does not make me". Sex is very important to or  at least  you are very picky about who you perform this act with. You may have difficulty setting boundaries and can be tested in areas of the 8th house. You need to be very careful when borrowing money because you are one of   the "most likely to get sued". Borrowing from the bank may be more difficult than most for you. Your Karma is to be financially independent , and make your own money. If you rely on other's you will be let down. You have amazing observation use it to find your way. Your Partner may experience financial difficulties after meeting you so be prepared, don't rely on anyone else.

Saturn in the 9th house

Your faith in life might be hindered with realism or you could possibly be closed minded to all things foreign  or in the minimal prefer things homegrown. You may experience difficulty with an education of a higher learning. Long distance travel may come to you later in life, or you can experience difficulty in your ability to find time to travel. Your Karma is to open your mind to possibilities, adventure, and travel to expand your mind. 

Saturn in the 10th house

You are a hard worker or at least you want to be when you find your thing. Finding your way in life may seem hard but with Saturn here, because you may lack the confidence to go out and achieve because you feel that there is much resistance.   You care a little too much about what other's think of you and it get's in your way of creating your own path in life. Your father may have been cold or critical, leaving you feeling the same. Fear of failure may overtake you so your Karma in this life, is to take it with a grain of salt, don't let fear take over, and be authentic to yourself. Your hard work will pay off after your Saturn return so be patient and  diligent.

Saturn in the 11th house

You may face criticism with friends or group associations. Or you can be burdened by needy friends that exhaust you. You also may have much older friends or feel like there is difficulty relating to others. Friendships are very serious to you and you won't accept fly by night friends. You can be critical of your friends to the point of not letting anyone in. Your Karma is to learn how to work with the groups, overcome your fears of not being accepted. Lower your expectations of others or learn to not accept others' exhausting  behavior toward you. Until you learn how to work with other's you may find yourself lonely and without a tribe of your own.

Saturn in the 12th

Fears run wild here, and you never know what will come up next. You can have hidden enemies that work behind your back without you even knowing. You may experience a great fear of the unknown, not trusting in others. You may have fears of being locked up for something you did not do or separated  from society in some form. Your life is plagued with vague circumstances  that makes you feel like anything can happen, which causes you to want to be away from it all. You may feel your spirituality is blocked in some form or skewed. Your Karma in this life is to have faith in truth, trust in your own intuition and be kind to all. Others with planets in your 12th house will not be able to see into your unconscious like most.


  1. Does my venus (Cancer in 2n house) opposite someone saturn (Capricorn) cause unrequited love situation? I feel distance emotional and physically with him..:(. Does this relationship work in long term?

  2. Hi Aida, Yes it can. Saturn is very difficult to connect to emotionally when in hard aspect. Things just don't flow, there is a level of uncomfortableness, and many blockages present with this aspect. Often it is very difficult for the Saturn person to express, how they feel, because they are not comfortable with intimate expression. Saturn Opposite Venus, can be a lonely cold situation if the Saturn person is not evolved enough to make the effort to overcome these fears, and blockages. If you do try to make Saturn see, it may take many many years before you make any headway. Saturn is the father of time, so time means nothing to him, and he can wait many lifetimes. :( Very difficult aspect for love.

  3. Same situation happened when i'm involved with someone's Saturn (Libra) square my Venus (Cancer). This Saturn person realized he felt in love with me after a few years. From the beginning of our relationship, he acted very cold & distance towards me. As the time goes by, he suddenly felt deeply in love with me, but it's to late that i'm attracted to another guy.=). As you said before, time means nothing to Saturn.

  4. Ugg, sounds about right. Well that's what Saturn get's not everyone will wait forever! ha! His loss:)