Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sun Venus Aspects Natal- The Diplomat

post-upcoming-fashion-image_fashionista1.jpg (266×369)If Venus is in an easy aspect to your Sun in your natal chart (Trine, Sextile or Conjunct) You are quite the diplomat. Always cheerful and upbeat you are a joy to be around. You are cordial to others, giving love generously and freely. You are gifted with the talent of bringing others together and can be a great mediator. You easily come up with solutions to conflict and enjoy doing so. You are likely to be very attractive to both sexes and you get along well with both as well.  Things seem to come easily to you in the "eyes of others" that know you, and they may feel like you are the "lucky one". You may even be the family favorite, even if you had other siblings. You are pleasant in your communications with others, and enjoy all things beautiful. You are drawn to areas where you can shine and are probably very creative. You have a unique beauty and may have talents in the area of fashion, art, writing, music or dance. Your appearance is very important to you and to some" you might be considered "vain". You are by no means shallow, you always want to put your best face first. You appreciate the beauty and like to have attractive people around you. It's not that you superficial, it's just that you appreciate the beauty and you want to feel beautiful. You more than likely have received many breaks in life, be sure to always be grateful and don't take them for granted, instead make the best of them.  You are not fond of crude behavior and prefer classy, stylish venues, to hang out in your free time. You will have the opportunity in this life to enjoy all the love, joy and beauty life has to offer.