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Pluto the god of the underworld is about tearing down the ego, ouch! Not a pleasant experience! Pluto is the demolisher and he does this in many different ways, for many different reasons. Pluto represents where we seek, power, control, domination, retaliation, and our obsessions, it is our impulsive side and our compulsions. Pluto type people (many hard aspects made to Pluto) have experienced these urgings early on. Whether the Pluto abusers, were parents, family members, friends, acquaintances, employers or whoever, it's the same theme that is often repeated until a rebirth occurs, usually following pain, loss, and suffering. Pluto will knock you down, to remind you that you MUST Let go, or he will rip what you "love so dear", and "hold so tight to" right from your hands. Where Pluto is in our charts is where we must learn to let go. For example; if one has Pluto in their 2nd house, they tend to obsess over money, keeping it close to them and attached to their egos. In their relentless pursuit of gaining valuables, money, and self-esteem, they are often faced with tremendous loss, teaching them to learn to live with less and to not obsess or attach their self-esteem to what they have.

Pluto in the 1st house

You have a powerful presence and are physically quite strong. You may obsess over your body image, and control your diet to the extreme. You face challenges head-on and may have power issues that are attached to your ego. You identify yourself as someone that is in control of themselves. If you misuse your personal power later you might find that you will come across a lot of resistance in your life. You may attract people that try to control or dominate you, or you may do this. You have a very powerful personality but may inadverntantly push others away through your dominating and forceful personality. Contrarily you can be a powerful force for good for others are likely to get behind you when you push for something that others may not have the courage. Standing up for the underdog, or raising awareness to something close to your heart would be the best use of this power. You are a leader.  

Pluto in the 2nd house

Since Pluto reflects where we obsess, dominate or control. You might find that money is very important to you. You may have seen extremes in areas of money. Big gains and losses are likely. The key is to make sure you make your money ethically and to understand that true self-worth comes from within not what you have. You may suffer a large sudden loss within your lifetime. If this is the case you must not accept this as it will always be. You will be able to rebuild much stronger then before. Pluto wants you to manage your finances wisely and to not use them as a form to control others or to keep others reliant on you instead learn balance. You may be obsessed with material accomplishment and aquisition be sure to work ethically.  You may feel you have to overcome great opposition to achieve your financial goals which can tempt you into using less than honorable means to obtain it. Your self-esteem is related to what you have or possess and a sign of your achievement.

You may out of fear of loss, attempt to hoard your things fearing theft or loss. Or alternatively, you may end up being the source in which others rely on for their financial woes.  Your true value of self should not be dependent on material accomplishments but rather on who you are as a person, and therefore should any loss occur your self-esteem will not be affected. 

Pluto in the 3rd house

You are a powerful communicator and interested in all things hidden and secretive. Once you set your mind to something you are relentless, in the pursuit of it. You are a seeker of answers and are obsessed with finding them, which leads you down different paths of discovery and intrigue. Your obsession with finding all that is hidden, taboo, secret, or betrayals, and lies can work  counter actively  bringing only these things into your life. Your karma is to learn balance in communicating with others and not to impose your opinions or fears onto them. It is important that you learn to trust other's, even if you have had no reason to in the past. You will find that until you do this, other's will confront you, push you, or manipulate you and perhaps even doubted. Another manifestation on the negative side: the things you so eagerly seek to uncover, become a reality, because others don't wish to be questioned all the time. We manifest our thoughts so be very careful what you spend your time thinking about. Your transformation in life will be through the mind, immediate environment, communications, neighbors or siblings.

Pluto in the 4th house

Your early home environment was probably anything but stable and calm or serene. There may have been aggression or domination in the home and in some cases mental manipulation.  One or both of your parents may have been controlling with you and may have invaded your privacy always distrusting you. You probably felt like you never knew what might happen from one day to the next.  Some people experience some form of physical abuse while others have an overly protective or controlling parent that is very possessive. The individual usually takes on some Pluto qualities of a need for control, privacy and for some obsession or using power and control to get their way.  There may be many upheavals the natives home life and change and uncertainty can be prevalent. This placement is Karmic and the individual needs to learn to let go of the need to control their home environment and perhaps even themselves or to use any of the tactics that they despised while early on. 

Pluto in the 5th house

You are can be obsessed with your love partners or they are obsessed with you. You tend to attract plutonic relationships where there are issues of power and control, and perhaps colored with compulsive reactions to each other, that lead to high passions and dangerous extremes. You may overdue fun, and leisure or controlling the amount of it you have. You may be an overprotective parent that suffocates their children or an overbearing controlling parent that may use manipulation to get the child to do as you wish. You may have a gambling problem, enjoy taking chances. In love relationships, you become particularly obsessed with lovers to where you can be overbearing and suspicious. Do not overly obsess about your children's welfare trying to keep them in a plastic bubble. Do not become obsessed in love, or you will go through many heartbreaks until you learn to let the other person be them and learn to trust. Do not take up gambling as a sport, because the loss can be great. Sports are a great idea becoming competitive in a sport will help you focus on building yourself in which you may be quite good! You may become obsessed with having fun that you forget to deal in the real world. Your transformation in life is through love, romance, children, gaming, and gambling.

Pluto in the 6th

You are obsessed with perfection, hard work, routine, exercise, and health. You may be faced with health problems but will easily recover from them, you may receive persecution in the workplace  or demanding, obsessive people, or you yourself might be a demanding perfectionist at work. You may be forced to break your routines at some point maybe through painful experience, learning that change is good. You are very thorough in your work which is both good and bad, the bad is that you tend to overdo, over think or overact whatever it is you are doing. Learn to relax, and realize not everyone is so critical.

Pluto in the 7th

You are obsessed with Partnerships and can be very demanding in them or other's can be very demanding of you, your transformation is through close relations with others. You tend to want to control people that come into your life, or others want to control you. If you are the one that is controlling this will only backfire through numerous failed attempts. Partnerships often turn to enemies because of your extremism or theirs. In partnerships, things are not one-sided. Your karma is to learn to let others be who they are, and to let go of the reigns and need to dominate. If it is you that are attracting these dominating partners or friends, then you need to learn to stand up for yourself tactfully and remove yourself from these situations. It is important to not create open enemies for it makes your life that much harder. Your biggest transformations are through relationships, partnerships, and marriage.

Pluto in the 8th

You are obsessed with secrets, taboo and or sex. You are drawn to the darker side of life, and interested in uncovering secrets in your partner. You experienced great transformation through extreme childhood experiences that have paved your way to understanding the psychology behind people and what makes them tick. You may attract deep sexual experiences in your life since you are not about the superficial. You want to understand all there is to know about your partner and will more than likely have great success with uncovering it. You roll with change and perhaps actually prefer uncertain circumstances to test your individual strength. Your partner will more than likely be highly sexual, controlling, jealous and powerful, or these are exactly the things may describe you. For you your Karma is to learn how to use this knowledge for the better of people, or some of these secrets may be uncovered and used against you.

Pluto in the 9th

Higher learning for you is very important, you may enjoy learning about religion, metaphysics, travel or all things foreign. You may become obsessed with religion, or some other higher principal, that repeatedly changes due to new discoveries and new information. Try not to get fixated in your beliefs and impose them on others. You may come across difficult people in foreign lands that try to manipulate you or take advantage of you. Your quest for experience will lead you down many paths, where you will be transformed. You are passionate about adventure, and new experiences and will likely be transformed by all that you learn on your quest for answers. 

Pluto in the 10th

You will likely face many ego conflicts in the workplace or with the general public. Your career will go through many changes in this lifetime  You appear as a powerful force to reckon with and other's may feel tempted to either push you or conform to you or you may do this to them.Your drive for fame is intense or you at least want to be recognized for your work in the world, pretty much more than anything else. Although your drive to succeed will be strong, you must not let it overtake you, The harder you try the more resistance from other's you will most likely have. This is to show you that you need to learn how to work with others to get what you want, not force your way.

Pluto in the 11th

You are an authority for change in the larger group settings or within group associations and with friends. You may draw friends to you that are demanding, aggressive, and manipulative, or you yourself may be this way with your friends. You will experience the largest transformation through your friendships. You may face a great adversary in group situations, but this is only to teach you how to stand up for your beliefs on a larger scale, with the masses. You may have a few friends that you have lost to death, and from this experience, you have become more aware of how you should live your life. Your friends are where you experience your greatest transformations. 

Pluto in the 12th

You likely possess  psychic sensitivity to the hidden lives of others and yourself. You are like a psychic sponge that absorbs negativity around you. You have access to others secrets, darker side and unexpressed pains and grief, and can see this even if they put on their happy face. This strong psychic sensitivity can either depress you or allow you to take it on as a challenge to help others. You may hold strong feelings of guilt or persecution. You have been exposed and are constantly being exposed to the shadowy side of life that draws out of you a strong desire to make a difference. You may or may not be aware of what powers lie hidden in your house of hidden. You can be a midwife to others struggling with their demons, many with this placement work in psychiatric wards. You need to take your power from behind the scenes and express it in the real world. You feel a strong need to help humanity or make a difference, that is because you have the power too. You can heal yourself from any trauma you experienced. Your dreams will be very powerful, and perhaps even prophetic. You have the ability to overcome obstacles in your life or make peace with others in your dreams that may actually affect the real world. You have deep knowledge and power of the unconscious mind and the mass unconscious. You are able to overcome most of your hidden fears, and phobias through facing them in dreams. If you learn to manage your dreams or explore the dream world and learn to lucid dream you can accomplish much in this area. 


  1. Love Pluto in the 12th, you are correct. Love your site! Muah

  2. Pluto conjunct ascendant in the 12th, here..., :)

  3. Pluto conjunct ascendant in the 12th, here...., :)

  4. Pluto in the 10th is a fucking power position , and Pluto in the 7 means you feel powerless because 7th house is your shadow side that you don't feel like you have until someone comes and show you this side of you which means if you got Pluto there you are going to attract people that are just like you(like that side of you that you that you don't notice) and youre just gonna be like omg I'm like this too, its like getting to know the freaky and obssesibe and sometimes out of control of you in other people you attract

  5. And Pluto in any house means the area that you are all in ,like in any house it might be ,this is the place you are in and forget about enything else going on