Sunday, February 14, 2016


Aquarius in this house searches for new and different approaches to deep and intimate matters. It allows a person to be very open minded in areas of sex and partnerships. However this is not a light and fluffy house there is a strong desire to liberate oneself from addictions, psychological issues and any issues surrounding sex and others money. 

Those that impact you on the deepest level are likely to have a planet in Aquarius that transpose into this house. 

You approach your relationships by being open minded, non judgmental and encouraging Independence and emotional freedom.

However, you prefer a partner that exhibits these qualities. You love to explore in the darker and taboo realms of existence feom a curious perspective. 

Some with Aquarius in this house  can participate in group sex, same sex or bisexual sexual experience early on. 

Aquarius is a individualistic, freedom oriented and non judgmental sign so approaching some of the darker more taboo subjects will be looked at in a objective and non- personal way- allowing the person to free themselves and their partners from any inhibitions, psychological hang ups or any other matters represented by this house through true acceptance. 

You may attract partners that are unique, different, independent or zany in someway. You might be considered somewhat of a sapiosexual where intelligence and openmindess are turn ons for you. 

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