Sunday, July 14, 2013

NEPTUNES Savior Complex down the rabbit Hole

alice_in_wonderland_concept_art_001.jpg (960×455)Neptune is tricky, the illusions are so grand and we feel a sense of elevation or euphoria everything is just sweeter with Neptune. We are trusting, believing and hoping for the best and because of this a sitting duck for those that want to take advantage of this. 

Neptune erodes our boundaries, makes us deeply sensitive, and pulls at our heartstrings. Jesus was the Avatar of the Piscean Age and during a strong Neptune transit or a heavily Neptune relationship, we tend to look past any faults, and unconditionally love someone. We lower our boundaries and want to help those less fortunate. We can find ourselves attracted to the unsavory types, drug addicts, alcoholics or any other problem. We can be foolish, or altruistic it all depends. 

We simply need to be sure that we understand that there are repercussions to foolish decisions, whether well intended or not and to understand that if we fall for the biggest loser and get disappointed, well that's on us.

Heavy Neptune people are highly sensitive and very compassionate people. Whether by natal or transit one can actually feel quite guilty when it comes to thinking of their own personal needs. So the focus often becomes on helping someone else. This is hard to argue because Neptune doesn't know of self, mostly self-sacrifice. 

Ideally, the best advice I can give for those going through a heavy Neptune transit or those heavily afflicted by Neptune is to invest your compassion in the larger group rather than one on one with that one lost soul at a time. This way you can accomplish much more and with less risk. Instead, get involved in larger causes, such as philanthropic work, or helping the needy or whatever charity you hold close to heart. This way you can see the impact on the large group for all the work you put in.

I have heard countless times, during a strong Neptune transit people usually somehow get involved with the most unstable person with the longest laundry list of issues. They thought that if they were the most understanding the most compassionate and the most patient, the person would in return love them. However, this is not usually the case. There is no need to look past faults and accept anything, it is ok to have boundaries and expectations of someone and often much better for your health.

In the end, it was all not really what they thought at all, and that person needed professional help, not a doormat to run all over, poor Neptune is left feeling used. 

This is much easier said than done, because all of the planets have their power, and Neptune's is just as powerful as the others. The influence is quite strong we see things much differently. Our thinking is clouded or making decisions while under the influence.

What can the poor Neptune inflicted kind souls do? Well, first realize that you need to love yourself and that it's ok too. It's ok to have expectations of others.

Neptune is associated with the victim/savior type relationships, where one is trying to save the other or the relationship is totally one-sided and if you are experiencing this transit, you need to be very honest with yourself. There is no reason why you can't find a person that is balanced and healthy. 

The Neptune person sees a side of one person that no one else can see, the good side or hopes that through their love for them, they will change for the better.  

You can't fix people, and in the end, if you do, they end up resenting you anyway. Even if you want to help someone with a problem, you have to realize that unless you are a doctor or therapist, you probably can't.  

The lesson is, Don't allow yourself to be responsible for others problems and don't sacrifice your happiness for someone that is falling down the rabbit hole and attaching themselves to you.

Be strong, you are worthy, and you deserve someone that is strong enough to be with you.

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  1. I just experienced a similar transit and I can relate, Neptune has been crossing over my sun, moon and venus over the past few years, now he's finally moved on and I just woke up! It is painful to review how much I put in and got nothing out! I love what you said about defining oneself, I also have Neptune in the 1st house and defining myself has never been easy. I now set up boundaries, to respect myself and my needs. Something I have never thought of in the past. I am still a giver, just not stupid about it:)

  2. Neptune rules my 7th house and is exactly quintile my Ascendant, conjunct my South Node, at the apex of a t-square involving my Moon and Venus and aspects Mercury, Saturn and Chiron. Yep
    I'm very Neptunian.

    Transiting Neptune while in Aquarius traveled thru my 6th house, it activated my t-sqaure by first squaring natal Neptune and opposing my Moon, then later conjuncting my Venus. I can't begin to tell you how I've questioned the validity of being a good person and being there for those that one is supposed to be there for only to have them turn around and treat you like dirt. Ten you realize, they've been doing that to you the whole time. Talk about a rude awakening on the journey to self discovery! I also had Pluto transiting the 4th house.

    Neptune is still in my 6th and in a couple of years will conjunct my Descendant. I'm sure it's still early but I've learned this much. People have to WANT to be helped and it is up to us to use the opposite side of that polarity...discernment.

    Zaharastar, thank you so much for this article and hope to see more on Neptune/Pisces and how to blend them with Uranian influences.

  3. Anonymous Thank you for visiting and for sharing your experience.. it is painful to see when the veil is lifted:( We must learn that we deserve the best, we already know that we can give it:) As Msfullroller said, "Discernment" very important from here on out! ..Stay the beautiful person you are:) but now, apply discernment!

  4. and as for Msfullrollerceraisis, are you reading my mind?:) I was just thinking last night about the blending of the planetary energies. I think that's very important when trying to find life purpose, or simply to flow with the energies which of course allows you to utilize them in their purposeful, and best ability:) So Yes of course:)

  5. Great minds think alike as they say! lol