Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Saturn Retrograde- Karmic Dealer

SaturnRx.jpg (178×180)Saturn the karmic dealer is turning retrograde, and is about to give us all what we deserve! Have you been naughty or nice??? Saturn is a harsh reality, he's the equalizer and doesn't listen to excuses he just looks at what is what. 

Ever feel like karma is paying you a visit? Yep that is Saturn. Now even though he usually will smack us upside down or right side up, he really does mean well. He wants us performing at our best and most especially he wants us independant. He will burden us, test us and make us stronger but the downside is that he deals out Karma and he doesn't let anything slide. He holds us accountable for our actions. You know how we think, time has passed and we got away with something? Well, Saturn doesn't forget not a darn thing. It's the law of karma, what goes around comes around. If you have not lived up to Saturn's expectations, he will definitely let you know. However, he's not just out to get you he's also out to reward you, if you deserve it. 

Saturn gives us tasks lot's of them, he likes it when your under pressure because then things get done. What does he want? He wants you to do the right thing, to have boundaries, expectations and goals, but to really be at your best. He is expecting you to learn that there are no short cuts, he want's to reward hard work.

When Saturn turns retrograde he reviews what the previous to retrograde expectations where. Look to the house that Saturn is transiting but also where he lies in your natal chart for more clues on what area you need to have your act together in. By transit, you will see the greatest improvements in that house guaranteed. 

While Saturn is in direct motion it's excellent to push forward with your plans, you have determination. While Retrograde you need to go over what you laid out or began too and will re-work it more efficiently. You can never be too efficient for Saturn. You also need to get the house that Saturn is transiting in order or he will find the weakest link. 

It's hard to believe that he wants the best for us sometimes because we feel like he's against us, but it's exactly that, that makes us take action. We really find out what we are "made out of" under Saturn. Being the ruler of the 10th house of Public recognition, fame, reputation and legacy, I think Ill take a listen to what he's teaching, and apply myself accordingly. How about you?

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