Sunday, February 17, 2013

Saturn Retrograde- Karmic Dealer

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Saturn the karmic dealer is turning retrograde, and is about to give us all what we deserve! Have you been naughty or nice??? Saturn is a harsh reality, he's not very understanding and doesn't listen to excuses he just looks at what is what. Ever feel like karma is paying you a visit? Yep that is Saturn. Now even though he can deal a smack if you have not lived up to Saturn's expectations, he can also reward you if you have! Saturn gives you tasks and has expectations of you. He is expecting you to learn that there are no short cuts, he want's to reward hard work. In order to do this he has to make it hard work for you too accomplish things. He want's you to do your best, dot every I and cross every T.
When Saturn turns retrograde he reviews what the previous to retrograde expectations where. Look to the house that Saturn is transiting to know where he was testing you. Then he's gonna go back over that territory and to assess and make his judgments and deal the either good or bad karma. So, now that we know this, we need to pay attention so we don't end up all upset that nothing is working out and we are feeling punished. When Saturn goes direct he will be giving  you another chance to clear things up. So don't make the same mistake again!

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