Sunday, June 16, 2013

FATE vs. FREE WILL- A perspective

During the course of our lives we experience the internal prompting and compulsions as the universe as it expands and moves within the synchronicity of our lives. 

We make choices as we go, not always knowing if the choices we were making were correct or not. We were products of what we were taught. 

Truly understanding very little about our existence and why we were here. Astrology says; our lives are cyclical, we are experiencing prompts from the planets each one representing a energy of our life. How can the planets have any effect on what happens to us or on what we do? As technology progresses we will learn the answers.

 If you look at what modern day astronomers have just recently discovered, we are on our way to discovering how these planets might affect us, with the recent discovery of Saturn's new massive infrared ring. This just proves that that there is still so much undiscovered and the possibilities are endless.
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In a world where anything is possible, why would the possibility of the Planets, in our universe having an impact on us, be so unbelievable? Is it foolish to think?  I don't believe it's foolish to think or believe anything is possible, except to think that it's NOT. Just as we have earthly weather, we also have astrological weather, and we must prepare for the turbulent weather. We hear on the news that it may rain, we then prepare for the rain by dressing to the occasion" (bringing an umbrella), for example. Astrology makes order out of our chaotic lives. Inconveniences that make no sense suddenly have purpose and a reason.There are also cycles to our lives and we are unconsciously (some of us are consciously) aware of. 

If the saying "as above so below" had any validity then these compulsions would then come from up above and we would be receiving them here down below. We are tested in a cyclic manner by the planetary energies. The purpose is to define who we really are, by the choices we make, regardless of the astrological weather we are experiencing. When we master the energy we put out with those energies the planets emit, we have then mastered our very own lives in this universe we live. 

During the course of our lives from the innocence of birth to our later jaded lives,  we made choices, differently. We saw that human error is guaranteed and that in which we handle these disappointments predict the outcome  and the more we allow them to alter our very natures , the further from our true selves we become. We are living out our self made karma, from birth to death. "what comes around goes around" "we reap what we sow".

This karma can be owed from our family members, a past life, (if you believe in them) or karma others have with us or Karma that we have done to others. 

It's not what you SAY, but what you DO! that defines you". Quantum mechanics believes our thoughts, actions and intentions make our lives. The observer changes the effect of the outcome perceived. 

If we are not living as our true selves and we let life's experience make us, rather than, us make our own life, then we have succumb to the trap of which the Universe/ God has set for us. Karma.

This life will define you. If we treat each other with love and respect, we build good karma, it will take form in your life by manifesting good things for you. Living free of guilt, forgiving others, loving one another, are the only way we as a human race, will break free of this matrix of negative Karma back pay, and finally live our lives full of happiness! there will be "No need to pay the piper", suffering will be a thing of the past, in which we will hope to never see again. 

Just think, How foolish are we!? knowing, we are living within the realms of Karmic law, (we get what we give) and still have the audacity to treat others unjustly , so hatefully, as WE would not like to be treated ourselves?  Give love, honor and respect and don't be your own worst enemy. 

Our fate is how we were expected to react against life's challenges, our free will is to choose differently, to choose love anyway.

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