Sunday, June 16, 2013


When your Mars is in your partners 1st house- You drive me wild!
Your mars in your partners 1st house is a highly energized position. You tend to invigorate and energize your partner, by the way, you interact with each other. There is much sexual attraction with this position. The Mars person especially if a woman would be highly attracted to the house person. The house person will find the Mars person someone that will not be pushed around and will find that sexy. If you are the Mars person, you make the house person more confident in themselves because you push them to become better and to go after what they want. The Mars person is typically the aggressor when it comes to sex and the house person feels very sexy because of this. The Mars person may also get aggravated with how the house person asserts themselves or stands up for themselves. The house person may find the Mars person to aggressive or extremely attractive because of the confidence.

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