Sunday, June 16, 2013

Astrology Reports: Computer Generated? or Analyzed and Handtyped

How do you get the most accurate astrology report? 

First, you need to recognize that computerized reports although they can be helpful and less costly they are not very accurate because they are very general. 

The best use of a computerized report would probably be a 12-month transit report based on your birth time. This type of report is great at calculating dates and transits, and to get transits for every day for an entire year is very helpful, but even so there is still missing information. 

However, on a psychological level or in terms of relationships, they are missing a lot of important information and can actually be very confusing because of the many contradictions, but also because there are many aspects to consider, and some aspects override others or neutralize them while others, enhance. The computerized reports will not make these distinctions and, therefore, you will end up with contradictory and even inaccurate information

Computerized reports, take all aspects, placements and signs, and offer you a description of these assuming there are no other aspects being made. The problem with this is that is rarely the case,  so the information is left to the reader to decipher which most have great difficulty.

For example: if you are dating a Libra, you would be told that this person will be very flexible, accommodating and relationship oriented, always seeking balance. However, if their Libra Sun is in a hard aspect to Pluto, this person would not really be flexible at all but rather, dominating, or perhaps even controlling. 

Another example would be that let's say one has their Venus in the Sign of Sagittarius indicating, a boisterous love nature, but if there are aspects from Saturn this can turn Venus into a much more critical, closed off, or cautious expression. These are small examples, but there are many more in any given chart. 

I have often heard from my clients when the match was not right, they would say" I don't get it I have My Sun in Capricorn, and he has his Venus in Capricorn, wouldn't that mean we are a match, why is is not working? The problem, in this case, was that her Venus was in Pisces, a sensitive more romantic and sensitive sign, and his Venus was in Capricorn which means he does not show the affection and love in the manner that she desires. 

So although it may seem on the surface sign for the sign you are a match, there is just so much more to it.

There are many other aspects such as these that will affect the way a particular energy plays out. It is much the same with Patterns and geometrical shapes which show so much more information with regards to the relationship in which a computerized software program will not pick up. 

In order to get the most accurate reading, It takes a knowledgeable and detailed astrologer to take the time to analyze all of these, which can take quite a few hours so you do need to wait, usually a couple of days. The problem is that many people want instant gratification, even if it's lacking information,  being able to read the report immediately is what people want.

Understanding that each person is different even though they have similar aspects their energies are funneled in different ways through different signs, houses, and aspects, will help you understand why a personal analysis of your chart, can provide you with much more and with the most accuracy. 

A computer generated report assumes that a couple that has Pluto square Mars would be prone to violence, however, one of the people involved would need to have an indication in their individual natal chart of potential violence. Two people that are not violent would not likely be violent in their relationship.

So when you are looking for an Accurate Astrology Report, it only makes sense, you get one that is not computer generated.

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