Monday, June 17, 2013


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You are a reliable and dependable friend. You like to be of service to others or are always the one to help when asked. You are shy with emotional sentiments because you analyze them, you are not one to let them go until you hit rock bottom. Although you feel and are sensitive you are unsure of how to express them. This is because you more than likely picked up cues from one of your parents that emotions were weak, and may have been criticized perhaps even in a sarcastic way. This may have made you sensitive to criticisms in which you feel you must lash back. This is also why this placement produces a negative and sarcastic disposition that can appear to be quite cold when they sense a critique. This is mostly a result of not being  supported emotionally, things were analyzed and picked apart. 

The key to handling this moon in the best possible way is to realize that not everyone is so particular or analyzing you in the way of which you think you are. You can sometimes be defensive when there truly is no need. You should try to eliminate any pessimism that you may have and try to be open minded with others and give them the benefit of the doubt. There are some things that logic can't explain so maybe understanding this will allow you to relax more. Living this way will help you become more accepting of others, feeling less judged by others and more importantly stop critiquing others as you have been because you didn't like it did you? You will draw less into your life, what you are less of. Don't criticize be positive.