Wednesday, June 19, 2013


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When your Jupiter is conjunct your moon you can achieve great success just through your ability to have faith, and firm belief, that we bring into our lives, what we "think of the most. Quantum mechanics tells us that our thoughts have a direct effect on what we manifest into our lives. With a Jupiter moon to think positively is a matter of fact. They are the true believers in anything is possible and they are willing to share their positivity with everyone around them. 

If they are ever down, chances are you will never know it! Their instinctual nature is to be positive. They are generous, fun-loving, and motivational. If you ever down call a Jupiter Moon person. They won't let you stay down for long! They feel a great responsibility to bring others up when they are feeling down. They understand the power of positivity better than anyone and will refuse to share their personal problems because of this.

Moon Jupiter believes that all things are possible and that being happy is a result in believing and staying positive.  They have an opportunity to make their life just as fabulous!  to manifest their positive thoughts and produce their own luck! They don't believe in the impossible, and they sure know how to bring you up when you are down! 

They value honesty and integrity and make wonderful friends that will keep you smiling and feeling great while there around. Jupiter expands what it touches so most Jupiter Mooners have a big hearts and in love are, loyal, generous and honest.  

The not so secret: They need to truly take advantage of visualization techniques, their natural optimism brings the "good stuff" in their life! They know that their lives are a result of them believing in the positive! So apply this positive energy with visualization and manifest your dreams!  

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