Tuesday, June 25, 2013


If there are other aspects to the moon by the more romantic planets ie. Neptune, Venus, or Jupiter this will soften the Saturn effect and in some cases negate it entirely. Otherwise, this makes for an emotionally serious interaction and difficulty or resistance in the emotional expression for the couple. More often than not, (with this aspect) one or both parties may withhold their emotional feelings, hide or censor them when with each other and for each other. 

There is usually some form of emotional blockage. This can take form in some cases as  one or both parties might actually want to take the relationship to the next level if you are dating, one or both of you fear rejection. 

Other times, it's a serious tone that takes place you only feel comfortable with superficial talk and might be unable to relax and enjoy the other's company being open with one another.

There is an awkwardness to expressing emotion, sensitivity or even romantic or emotional concern. 

 This can be boggling, to both people involved. On one hand, emotional trust is an issue, along with fear, and on the other, there is something about your interaction together that just doesn't allow feelings and expression to run freely, an invisible wall exists.

However, there is a great deal of security, reliability and dependability that goes with this placement because you both desire one another but fear each other just the same. Or one of you finds the other too emotionally needy, or expressive and the other does not feel comfortable. 

However, because you both wish you could express how you feel you both are likely to show it in other ways. These ways are usually not very obvious but if you look closely, the terms of affection are quite endearing and in economical ways, or by doing things for one another. 

 One partner usually the Saturn partner is the one with the difficulty and the moon person is looking to Saturn for the validation. 

Lack of Saturns response can cause the moon person to feel closed off, rejected and lonely. The Saturn person is often seen reacting defensively and even callously to their partners desire for affection.

Saturn is restrictions and he puts up emotional blockages when in aspect to the moon. It is not that the Saturn person does not want the moon, there is something in your interaction together that is emotionally stifling. This is more so, if either person has Saturn hard applying aspects in their natal chart.

 Unless both parties are consciously aware of this and each makes a conscious effort to communicate regardless of the fear. Saturns relationships usually take years to consummate if they ever do. Simply because of the on and off and the inability to truly emotionally connect. Saturn can be cold and hard, and may offend the Moon, making them feel unwanted. This is Saturns way of testing the love of the Moon.
In some cases, Saturn want's to know how you handle rejection, and if you are independent enough to live without him, in others he is simply unable to express love the way that the Moon person desires. 
Saturn has strange ways of doing things and it's not for everyone. If you are not one that likes to chase, or can handle an emotionally cool relationship, this aspect will drive you mad. 
Saturn will push you to run, but if you stick it out and show that you're a grown up, and don't mind, being rejected, or being in a relationship where there are emotionally blockages, and a certain coolness, this can work for you. 
These blockers are based on the insecurity of what the other may feel and is usually produced because of a lack communication when it comes to how one feels about the other. 
When the Moon person makes an attempt to show affection the Saturn person may push the person away in disbelief or doubt. The Moon person can feel hurt and close down to protect him or herself. 
This can be a cycle that is hard to break if one or the other makes no attempt to open up. If there are other friendly aspects to the moon, then this can just add a seriousness to it, or perhaps the issues will be outside forces like other's getting in the way, recently divorced, not emotionally available or maybe just issues around food, or the Mother. 
However, in synastry the Moon is how you express yourself emotionally and what you need emotionally and with Saturn in a difficult aspect you are not likely to achieve either one very easily. 
Saturn has been known to bind two people together for best or worse and I think it has to do with the fact that two people love each other but are not able to emotionally express it, so the relationship lingers on, in hopes that they will one day get what they want. Saturn has the upper hand because he plays hardball, and keeps the distance entrancing his partners in the quest for their love and affection.  


  1. Oh man you hit the nail on the head! I have this with my boyfriend of 20 yrs. I have just recently realized I have not been happy and broke it off. I have not been one to speak my mind, I am a Cancer so a lot goes suppressed. However, not as much as I felt with him, I could never express myself, with him. I hope he learns...but if not, I have:) Thank you for this post!

  2. I am in love with someone and our Saturns square each other's moons. We met over 35 years ago and are together after many years apart. I prayed before we got together that if there were any chance of my hurting him, that something would keep us apart. I can't stand the thought of hurting him. I don't mind risking being hurt myself as long as I bring only good to him. I have just been searching for something that will tell me how this can be worked through. Yours is a lot more helpful than most. Most other advice just says we are doomed, but I can't accept that.

    1. Very interesting Story, it does seem to take a lot of time to develop Saturn Relationships, but they often are charicterized by very strong feelings. You are not doomed if you are satisfied and content with the love he gives you, if you are happy then that is great! In many of the cases the Moon person feels unloved, uncared for, and even ignored or suppressed. If this is not the case for you then your relationship does have potential. It's really up to what each person needs in a relationship. Thank you for sharing! I wish you the best!

  3. I am currently trying to develop a relationship with someone's Saturn square my Moon, but since the Saturn is Capricorn and my Moon Libra, honestly I am very careless about the distance, and when I finally see them it's great and our interactions have a touch of respect for each other's opinions and individuality. It is an on and off thing for sure, or it feels that way, but my carefree Libra Moon just finds that Cap Saturn quirky in a comic light.

    1. Hi Virginia, you know sometimes it's best to just say how we feel, and let the person know how they make us feel but is often something we don't do for whatever reason but this aspect most certainly can make it even more difficult.

      This aspect does add respect for one another, and a cool approach to the relationship, or slow, as long as it's not a suppressing energy in a bad way, it can be a very good aspect for learning about independence within a relationship, and emotional dependency or simply the patience and learning to take things slow:)

  4. We does have a Sun trine moon to each other's moons and Suns respectively, that makes the interactions agreeable enough and never super intense that we do fast and dumb decisions.

    1. Yes it's true the Sun and Moon in harmony is a wonderful aspect for the ease of getting along over the long run or in a long term relationship:)

  5. I try to build a relationship with a girl with a moon square sturn double whammy. My moon square her saturn 2.7°orb, an her moon square mine 7.87°orb (not that bad) ... My moon is in capricorn, hers is in scorpio -_- (duh lol) !! She is sun in scorpio, and also mercury in scorpio, and we all know the intensity of scorpio and "the scorpio tests". We have a lot of Plutonian aspects (95% hard ascects), neptunian aspects (60% softs and 40% hards) and saturnian aspects (70% softs and 30% hard) ... But with her scorpio and plutonian nature the tests are intesified + her saturn square my moon ... Well, I must be strong to pass all these testing :D !!

  6. I have this aspect with this guy I've recently become acquainted with in the square. Coincidentally, we both have the same square Natal, and in composite. Oh and did I mention our moons are conjunct? lol So I'm sure this is significant. So far we get along exceptionally well, but I do wonder how this will play out emotionally.

    1. It need not always play out negatively it can certainly bond two people together for better or worse. It can also show the relationship is taken very seriously or that you both approach the relationship and emotions maturely. It's difficult writing about one aspect because other aspects can help ease the aspect or it even depends on what two people want in a relationship for some a more serious approach is preferred and therefore this aspects works well. Moon conjunct moon in a relationship or handlentheir emotions themselves so much depends on the individual needs and their own aspects with their moon along with the sign the moons are in, the maturity of the couple and their desire to work things out. Typically Saturn in difficult aspect is restrictions, boundaries or limitations in someway with the moon it can show difficulties with emotional expression or sensitivity it can also point to outside influences interfering especially with the opposition. Saturn is usually preferred in long term relationships the two people just need to recognize that their may be blockages in their emotional expression but it could just be family differences or difficulty moving in together or even differences surrounding food which is also covered by the moon. I have written about the difficult side because that is what Saturn has been known for in hard aspect but I have seen it work out well for those ready and familiar with hard Saturn themselves. With maturity and a willingness to work through things all of the difficult aspects can be worked with. For most it's difficult but not all:)

    2. Edit; sorry typing from my phone.

      Moon conjunct moon is very positive typically it shows you both respond similarly emotionally and it can be very intuitive "you just get each other".