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greatCapricorn.jpg (512×427)Your Most Likable traits: Steadiness, Superb Organizer, Practical
SYMBOL: The Goat
Ruling Planet: Saturn Element: Earth
Dominant Keyword: I USE
Magical Birthstone: Garnet (Attracts popularity, high esteem & true love) Special Flowers: Carnation & Ivy
Special Colors: Dark Green & Brown (Classic, comforting colors of nature and the earth)
Lucky Numbers: 2 & 8 Lucky Day: Saturday
Part of the body ruled by Capricorn: The Bones, Joints & Knees especially 

The Capricorn man is ruled by the planet Saturn and is not an easy man to catch. He is responsible, austere, selective, and critical. He is concerned with how he appears to others more than one would think he can have a tendency to worry, overthinking and nervousness, although this is not always noticeable.  He exudes, class and confidence and may be a bit reserved and serious. However not all Capricorns are the same there are many factors that can make one more outgoing or playful or otherwise depending the person Moon sign, Ascendant and other planets. There is a strong need for acceptance and to fit in with society and their reputation is very important to them. There is something about him that gives one the feeling that underneath it all there is a sensitive soul, that needs approval and accomplishment to feel worthy. He can be hard on himself, and sometimes others. He has high expectations of himself. Even in his modesty there is an underlining need for social success. He has much restraint, and won't do anything he does not want to. There is a common trait amongst Capricorns that is irresistible and that is the they commonly twitch there nose or blink deeply.

Capricorn men are quite clever. They are kings at finding ways around things or finding creative ways to make money. They are very good at using resources any resource they have to get what they want. 

They are climbers and they have the endurance for the long haul. Many are very funny even though their humor leans towards dry. 

It can take you a while to really get to know one. He is in no hurry to find the right one and will take all the time that he needs. 

They are also known for testing their desired partner, just know that if he is doing this you are under consideration of a very selective man. 

He is romantic but usually not mushy, however, that depends on the Moon and Venus sign in which a birth-time and chart is necessary to find out.

 He is usually loyal in love if aspects allow. Some can be quite kinky or even scandalous (esp. Venus in Gemini or Aquarius and any hard aspects to Uranus). 

Quite contrary to what many think, Capricorns are very sexual, and even kinky, but they do not wear their hearts on their sleeves.

In youth, they are usually very mature and consciously aware of how they appear to others always reflecting a well-contained person. Be very gentle with them because although sometimes they appear as if they don't care, they often do.

They have a bit of difficulty letting themselves go. They can be pessimistic at times but this is the driving force within them that constantly makes them strive for perfection.

Capricorns keep their sexual life rather private it is their form of release, perhaps the only place they are able to let go living with such high standards of self can be stressful.

Capricorns Tarot card is the devil card which often reflects the material world and our attachment to it. It can point to the importance of worldly success, and things that bring one pleasure.

When it's comes to matters of the heart, they want a partner that actually shakes them up a bit early in life, and later in life they prefer the simplicity of comfortable love, friendship, and good food. 

Sometimes this is reversed and they later in life they let go when older becoming quite the explorer looking to take back lost youthfulness in seriousness and pursue a much more relaxed and free lifestyle much later in life.

Sexual style

Ironically Capricorns are usually surprisingly kinky. They can be submissive or dominating, but you can expect to be quite shocked with what turns them on. They appear conservative but are usually not so much.

Turn-ons: traditionally sexy garments such as garter belts and stockings, usually in shades of black, worn under classy clothing, power games or power imbalance situations.

Most desired qualities in a sexual partner: reliability, practicality, trustworthiness, seriousness, intensity, high sex drive, intelligence, depth, ambition, class, dignity, a dark sense of humour, self-control, will power, humility

Turn-offs: embarrassing public displays, emotional scenes, small talk, surprises, trashy or low-class surroundings.

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