Monday, June 24, 2013


216638-samui-villa-for-rent-22.jpg (1280×853)When your Venus is in the sign of Cancer, you are warm, affectionate and sensitive to your friends, family and partners. You are able to sense the emotional currents of others and when hurt, it can take you a long time to recover.You are attracted to the man or woman than can provide you with emotional security. If you are a man you will be  considered to be a breast man or will be attracted to women that will make a good mother and have mothering characteristics. If you are a woman you are attracted to a man that can not only provide you with emotional security but also financial security, since, security is very important to you. You are warm, nurturing and are able to make others feel at home with you. You project a safe aura that others are drawn to, and feel comfortable confiding in you. You are fond of family and children.

In the dating scene-You are not attracted to the one night stands, sex is deep and meaningful for you and you won't have it any other way.  You are a faithful lover but can be very sensitive when it comes to emotions which are deep and powerful. You like your partner to be the aggressor since you can be shy at first. You need financial security to feel whole and are not happy if don't have a nest egg for the future. You are sentimental and perhaps you hold on to past hurts for longer than most. Family is very important to you and you may receive a family inheritance at some point in your life. You are not a flashy dresser but you do like the nice things in life. You need to feel accomplished and needed to be at your best. You are very protective of yourself and others that you care about. 

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