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210_love_games-948198-flash.jpg (300×168)This is a very intense and powerful aspect between two people and the both of you will be transformed as a result of your relationship, for better or worse. 

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This is not a mild interaction so both parties need to be aware of the very negative effects this aspect can cause if both people are not mature enough or in each others best interest. 

Although this is typically an all-consuming attraction that is likely to make you both feel highly adored and possessed  by one another, it's important to understand that the two of you will draw out powerful emotions, feelings and even behaviors or actions in each other. 

There are positive and negative sides to all the aspects and the negative side to this one can be very disruptive,compulsive and explosive.

 On the positive and if both people are mature and have each others best interest at heart, then this aspect can bring to the surface both parties deepest fears, in which they can learn to overcome together.

There is a battle of wills with the hard aspects, with Pluto were talking about stubborness, willfulness and powerstruggles. 

The Pluto person's attentiveness and even obsession with the Sun will no doubt lure the Sun person. The Sun person's confidence as a result of the Pluto persons attention can be problematic is the Sun person tries to test the Pluto person or play any emotional games to test the Pluto persons willingness to go above and beyond. It is important to realize that game playing is an absolute NO-NO. 

There is a lot to interpreting aspects all things must be taken into consideration to depict whether the positive or the negative side is more likely based on the person who has hard aspects from Pluto in their natal chart. The way the synastry aspects will play out are majorly based on the individual potential in their natal chart. 

Some people can bring out our worst side, and this aspect is one those if you both don't show a great deal of flexibility and understanding with one another. It is up to both people to not let the other get under their skin, and let things blow out of proportion, learn to let each other have their opinions and don't be so stubborn( this is more so for the Pluto person, but it can be another way as well). 

The sun person will find the Pluto person interesting, mesmerizing, intriguing, mysterious and sexy. The relationship provides a deep psychic and spiritual connection that may even feel otherworldly, ethereal or fated. 

On the positive, this aspect provides a deep penetrating sexual intensity and a desire to know one another at the deepest level.

The sun person can learn a great deal about who they really are from the Pluto person. The Pluto person in return can learn to let go, and live from the Sun person.

The feelings run so deep with this aspect that a great amount of maturity needs to be present with both parties.

The initial onset there is a strong desire to constantly be together, fears can run wild while apart. Fear of loss and fear of infidelity often characterizes this aspect so it's important both people be very direct and honest about your feelings. 

The Sun may feel suffocated or or suppressed by the Pluto person, or they may, on the other hand, find it refreshing it all depends on where the Sun person is in their life.

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