Saturday, June 22, 2013


David and Victoria Beckham Jupiter 10th house composite
The 10th house of honors, career, and fame, to name a few, is primarily the house of public image. This is the house of; How the public views you. This can be a very powerful house for a lot more than it's reputed. When you have public approval you can do a lot in this life. It's nice to have the public on your side. This is the house of the higher-ups, starting with the father, bosses would be covered in this house, along with any person that can help you in your career or public image.

In the case with Jupiter in the 10th in the composite these two will want to make their relationship public. They will enjoy being in the spotlight together and will demonstrate public displays of affection. People will take notice of them and opportunities are everywhere. This is a great "business partner couple" as well, you will likely be successful without much effort on any endeavors you choose. People will often comment on what a good looking couple you are! You will feel better in each others company and you will have the "support of the people".' You are both on a similar path in life since the 10th house speaks of the couples direction in life.

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