Sunday, June 23, 2013


Sexy Jude law is a Sagittarius Ascendant
If you have a Sagittarius Ascendant then you are one of the best looking Ascendants around. You're ruler is the greater benefactor Jupiter, which makes you rediculously LUCKY! Unless there are other hard aspect to your Sun or Moon then you will be optimistic, outgoing and always up for an adventure!  You want to experience it all, and and are probably somewhat religious or spiritual and if not you have tremendous faith in the fact that everything will turn out OK. Some of you can actually on the contrary of popular belief be quite jealous in love, but aren't fond of showing it. You are fiery and have abundant energy. You are a great encourager,  and you can pick anyone up when they are feeling down. You're consistent positivity is addicting to others. You probably have prominent or knock knees, and a wide grin for a smile. You have a broad vision and can shock the crap out people sometimes with your prophetic visions.   You seek life's big answers, you need adventure and love to travel. You can be blunt and a somewhat "know it all" but the truth is, regardless if you know it all, you definitely know a lot! You need to experience life before settling down so most of you don't marry til later in life. You need a partner that is lively, open minded and willing to take off somewhere on a moments notice. You want a partner to adventure life with and that can keep you interested. You are are fire sign so confidence, exuberance and passion are your key traits. 

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