Sunday, June 23, 2013


Full-Moon-Cancer.jpg (550×550)The moon represents our instincts, emotional nature and our mother, along with a few others. The sign the moon is in at your time of birth will describe your emotional nature and the way you need to be nurtured or how you nurture others.

If your Moon is in the sign of Cancer, You are sweet, sensitive and sentimental. You are a caretaker and you probably love small animals. You are very sensitive and not afraid to cry during an emotional scene in a movie or a sweet romantic moment. You are deeply sentimental and probably keep a memory box or hold on to little pieces of memorabilia from the past or ex-lovers. You don't like to let go of the past and can sometimes let past situation linger longer than they should. You are very considerate of others and like to help or even take care of others that are close to you. You are a excellent cook, or at least love good cooking and enjoy all the comforts of being home. Emotionally you are very romantic and sweet and love to cuddle with your loved one. You have a dry but witty sense of humor that can catch people off guard. You get very attached to your loved one's and can be jealous and moody when you are not feeling the attention that you need. Many Cancer mooners are only children so you are usually very close to your mother and family or at least the center of attention. Your relationships are deep and meaningful and you have very high standards in love. However, you are ruled by the Moon so moodiness is a strong possibility. When it comes to feeling taken care of, loved and respected, no one does it better than you!

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