Sunday, June 23, 2013


The cancer man is mainly interested in security so you can bet that he has been working toward it from an early age. He is a family man, meaning the family is very important to him and he is likely very close with his family members. 

He is very protective of those he loves, and will make you feel cared for and safe. They possess a unique and witty sense of humor, but may be shy or reserved at first. Although they are very protective of themselves they can fall madly in love quickly and can become quite posessive and even clingy.

However, they are very sensitive and avoid confrontation so be sure to express any upsets or hurts in a very sensitive and tactful way, or they will shut down and even pull away for long periods of time. It take them time to get over hurts, this includes hurts from the past. They can be very sentimental and have a very strong memory. They will remember every detail of your first date and even hold on to trinkets or memorabilia from time spent together, this is especially true if there Moon is also in Cancer.

The mother is a strong figure in the Cancer Mans life, this can be either positive or negative. Many Cancer Men were spoiled by there Mothers, and others had needy, all consuming Mothers, that expect them to take care of them later in life. Nonetheless, the Mother is very important to this man and you should make a note that you will need to get along with her if you are pursuing him for the long term.

 The Cancer man is very caring, and many like to cook and are quite good at it. They like to provide and protect but also need someone who is sensitive to their needs but mostly one that does not complain about being unhappy or says anything hurtful for he is very sensitive and can not handle confrontation, you will most certainly send him away.

 He is reliable,  dependable and for the most part loyal but that all depends on his Venus sign and other aspects.  

Emotionally they can tend to bottle things in, and may never let you know how they feel about particular things until one-day they explode. They want to set  up home with you when in love or at least live very near you and spend a lot of time together. He is a man's man even though he is sensitive to a woman's needs. He will open the car door for you and make you feel protected. 

If you want to get a Cancer Man,  let him know since they tend to be shy at first but again this depends on other factors such as his Mars sign, Moon sign or Ascendant, some can be much more talkative, expressive and even aggressive. 

What they need is a partner, that takes care of herself, and knows how to take care of her man, one that is loyal and family oriented would be ideal. They are attracted to smart, talkative types that are emotionally expressive and nurturing. 

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