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Keywords associated with Pluto: Power struggles, dominationMetamorphosis, Rebirth, drastic change, loss, upheaval, coercion, force, compulsion, obsession, lust, the sex organs, sex, domination, the hidden, the underworld, elimination, regeneration, reincarnation, destruction, annihilation, depth, will, loner, vampires, demons, tyrants, masochists, undertakers, villains and victims, passive aggressiveness, manipulation, explosiveness, compulsiveness, passion, passive aggression, power.

Pluto in the 1st house of the natal chart is a very powerful placement and depending on the rest of the chart as always will depict more specifically how this placement plays out. 

There is a lower or higher vibration of the use of planet energy, one is positive and one is negative. The rest of the chart must be taken into consideration to know more about how this will likely play out more specifically. In it's positive, this position provides the individual with unbelievable tenacity and willpower to accomplish their goals. 

On one hand people with this placement, are cool, luring, seductive and passionate and on the other, they can be brutal, dominating, manipulative, controlling and explosive. 

The lower octave often plays out earlier on in youth and later calms down through experience and maturity and why the Progressed Chart can be more helpful after 35, and even earlier depending on how fast the lessons were learnt. 

Nonetheless, this placement comes with it's fair share of struggles, hardship, emotional testing, and even loss. It is through these hardships that eventual change comes into play.

Some with this aspect can dominate a room with their presence making others feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed and even fearful. Others with this aspect can be smooth as silk, very charismatic, confident and are capable of great positive feats.

As seen from the keywords, Pluto is quite powerful but its own power is often his own destruction.  Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio which is a fixed sign, therefore Pluto in the 1st house can indicate a fixed personality, stubborn and set in their ways.

Typically the person either grew up with a powerful or dominating parent, in some cases there was physical abuse, or they witnessed abuse or manipulative tactics within the early home environment. They grew up learning to exert their will, and to gain personal power by demanding it. They have often seen the darker qualities in human nature and have learned to use their personal power to protect themselves. People with this placement are quite the survivor themselves. 

The first house is the house of self (the physical body, personality) the early environment where the personality is formed so many with Pluto here can appear with similar traits as Scorpio.

They have incredible stamina and are able to push their physical bodies to extremes if they wish, they can easily transform their bodies through working out extensively and can develop obsessions with their physical body but can just as easily let go only to push themselves again.

 They can recover from extremities or injuries rapidly, Pluto is regeneration and these people can regenerate like nobodies business. 

This is often the placement seen of the " comeback" because at some point in their lives they may experience a fall from grace, usually due to compulsive reactions when hurt, which the sudden outbursts or behaviors through rage can leave them feeling ashamed or embarrassed when the dust settles. When they're mad they're very mad, which cause many problems because of lack of self-control. Britney Spears has this placement and she has had her fall, and then her rise or comeback.

There is a strong compulsive energy at play as always with Pluto and often these people have intense reactions to situations.

However, trying to bottle in Pluto forces is no easy task and not a good idea either but rather one should learn to express themselves more readily, and openly to avoid major frustrations or bouts of explosive anger.

Pluto requires a loss in order to gain a perspective and to learn to let go and not let others, circumstances or people bring the worst out of you. 

Pluto is not an easy planet to deal with and it is not without very good reason that some of the negative sides of Pluto can easily come into play

However, as with all things we must learn to let go of the negative things that gain control over us, but not try to control them in exchange, rather use this personal power toward beneficial things for self, having a outlet and staying active will be very beneficial. Embrace Pluto's "creation power" and use it to create the life that you want because if anyone can do it it's you.

Eliminating self-doubt, and realize that the only thing we can control in our lives is our thoughts, then turn them around to self-preservation through positive reinforcement of self, and others by being supportive and encouraging allowing life to ebb and flow. Do NOT let others opinions, behaviors or actions pull at such a "deep destructive cord" bringing about compulsive reactions, or bring out your worst.

The individual with this placement will go through many transformations throughout their life.

There may be an intense fear of being controlled and, therefore, a strong desire to take control of others which instead can alienate themselves. Everything can feel like a life or death matter with Pluto. 

Need there always be a fall? or to hit rock bottom? or a psychological death to transform? Not with the help of Astrology, we are then able to see how we are predisposed to behave or react and can consciously choose otherwise. 

With this placement, your very identity will be challenged, broken down and rebuilt if you do not learn how to use your personal power in its most positive form. Regardless, there  will likely be many transformations much like the caterpillar to butterfly)  appearing as completely different people at different stages in their life. 


  1. One of the best articles I've seen regarding this topic. I have Pluto in the 1st house and quite literally all of the above applies to me and past situations. I'm about to turn 29 years old, and I've definitely had explosive reactions to others behaving in destructive manners. I've completed a transformation in the past few years and am ready to reappear with a clean energy. I also know this is just one transformation of many that are sure to come.

    1. Thank you for visiting and sharing your transformation -this placement is quite powerful - we all have to transform at some point as we learn from our experiences...that's really the beauty of living and learning all of our experiences are lessons and we really can manifest the lives we want by learning from them and applying what we have learned. Your comment is appreciated:) all my best to you:)

    2. Thank you for your kind words Zahara. I completely agree with you. Sometimes it's quite difficult... but the difficulty is usually self-made. Can you perhaps talk a little more about what you mean by this being a powerful placement? I think I already what you mean, but most of my life I never saw myself as fitting in or being up to par with society, but a large part of myself sees society as quite dysfunctional and needing some change. Sun Square Uranus paired with Pluto in the 1st has led me to be seen as quite a serious person, when internally I am certainly not! I suppose time has taught me that if I am incapable of change in how I express myself, how could I expect anything different from society as well?

    3. I'm also seen as serious. The difference is I feel I can be very serious and only playful with those I love and trust (which is few). Maybe because My moon is there in scorpio and there's that opposition with the Sun...I also felt I never fit in with society and it has led me to be a spokesperson of my generation and influencing other generations for a living. I think having Pluto in Scorpio has increased my urge for power and influence in this regard. My secret desire is to find the true existence of mankind and overcome our greatest destination: death, though it seems extremely far-reaching and consequential at this point.

    4. Wow! Fabulous:) there's much personal power with this placement and used wisely theres nothing you can't do. Find a passion and have at you will go far. Thank you for sharing:)

  2. Thank You Zahara. Great read.

    I also have pluto in in the first house, conjunct the rising. Then, I have wonderful Saturn conjunct pluto. Both of those in the first house has definitely made me lose all my marbles. All Saturn does is hold me back. Saturn is incredibly boring while Pluto has some wild ideas.


    1. Hi Nicole! I completely understand what you mean.. It's a tough one ..but Saturn can actually help you avoid many of the potential pitfalls with only Pluto here.

      Impulsivity can be dangerous with Pluto with Saturn here you think twice before acting or reacting you take consequences into consideration. Pluto"s energy is a formidable force so learning to merge these energies into a wise( Saturn) Will( Pluto - you can accomplish your hearts desire in a wise persistent way rather than being too compulsive and reactive. Instead you can have more control. Once you make a plan of action in which Saturn is satisfied then apply Plutos power and desire to obtain it, the world is your oyster:) Try not to fluctuate between the two (easier said than done,) but don't let Saturn"s fear turn into non-action or care too much about what others think but definitely take advantage of his critical eye to make wise decisions. The two together are quite a powerhouse:)

  3. I've always thought about how I've "killed" myself over and over throughout the years and how I've changed physically, mentally and emotionally. I sometimes viewed this as a negative as I feel like I'm no longer me. I feel like a stranger to myself and at the same time continue to want to change for better or for worse. This article kind of hit home for me and I feel like I need to think about how I approach the darkness. Thank you for this.

  4. Interestingly enough...I have Pluto in Scorpio in 1st. This has been quite the most difficult and yet empowering placement of my life. Since I was young, I've grown up in a violent home, parents fighting and arguing, father turned mentally insane then passed away, mother becoming a tyrant and having multiple affairs that turned sour, all the while taking her frustrations out on her children. My hand in the problem was being too passive and allowing myself to be a sounding board and punching bag. Curse my Moon in 1st house. Years of enduring emotional rollercoasters with my family and living in a harsh neighborhood (has a lot to do with the traditional ruler Mars in 4th I think) led me to be hardened and desire power. Constant loss of friends as close as loved ones has given me significant transformations and I'm always scared about the future and what is to come. Let's just say I see myself in 60 years. Thank you for the enlightening read. I really must learn to control my temper and need for control. My job depends on it.

  5. Well, all things aside, we (1st house Plutos) just rock, ok? lol Such mental power...others can only dream about. Y'all heard of a phrase "bad ass", well, we are the baddest of the bad, you can bet your ass ;) Don't ever, ever, mess around with the 1st house Plutos, we'll get back at you with a force you could never ever imagined existed.

  6. I also have Pluto square sun n I'm Scorpios asc, yes I agree,r

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