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You may know someone or you yourself might feel as if love just isn't easy. You sense you do all the wrong things even though you "feel" you're doing the right thing. People who have difficulties with finding love more often than not have what we astrologer's call " Love Blockers".  We somehow resist or don't know how to give and receive love. After-all love can be scary.. Who want's to be vulnerable to the pain that can be associated with love gone wrong. However, people with these astrological love blockers are often the cause of the failure in love and must be aware of these tendencies to push away, test, in some cases manipulate, or run away in hopes of avoiding it all together. These are some of the most common astrological lover blockers their effects and how to overcome them. When it comes to finding love and keeping love or feeling like a failure at love. There are many different factors in astrology that can point to this; these are some of the most potent.

First you need to get a natal chart done. You can go to my reports page or get one anywhere on the net you would like. Once you get your Astro birth-chart you will need to first look at your 5th house and the 7th house to see how lucky or unlucky you are in these areas. It’s not just luck it’s also how important love is to you and what you are willing to give to get it. Relationships take flexibility, sensitivity, and a willingness to give and share on an emotional level. 

There is certain Astrological blocker that are responsible for the difficulty in these necessary areas. These are just a few of the most difficult. All things can be worked through but first the individual(s) must be aware of some of their tendencies that may be getting in the way of their relationships.

If you happen to have Saturn (the planet of restrictions) in either of these houses it will be a little tougher, for there seems to be some resistance to connecting with others.  

Fear of commitment is common as well, as in some cases an inability to trust in love, and let go. Because of this many will notice that finding love is delayed, possibly til later in life when they are able to learn to give what they want in return and not fear being vulnerable

In the case with Saturn, he comes with burdens, blockages, and insecurities you with numerous insecurities, trust issues or fears that you need to overcome in order to receive the love that you so desire. Aspects known to block your ability to feel comfortable with love, believe in love, know how to give love and keep love.

  • Saturn in hard aspect to the moon- Love blocker emotionally, you are not comfortable with displaying affection. You are afraid to give your heart so you tend to not. When you fall in love you opt not to say it. You are afraid that the other may reject you. Emotional displays of affection are uncomfortable and you have difficulty expressing your emotional needs so you keep them suppressed.
  • Saturn in hard aspect to Venus- Love feels like a burden and a responsibility, being in love is not comfortable and you tend to doubt the love. You test your partners through series of tests, compliments are not easily given. You often end the relationship for no real cause because you are afraid that they may not want you. Time is of no importance to you so letting go is something you often do to force your partner to change according to your ways.
  • Venus retrograde- Although you have opportunities to have love.. you usually don't understand how to give love, you tend to hold back and sometimes your love life has a fated feeling of bad timing. This is because your venus nature is suppressed and more internal although you feel you want to love you have difficulty expressing this. Let love out!
  • Venus in the 12th house- You are an idealist and finding that ideal is difficult because you are not even sure of what it is. You also idealize people that you end up in wrong relationships which prolong you eventually meeting the right one. Be selective about who you get involved with. You are very compassionate and tend to fall for the underdogs, just make sure that they are not complete psychos. Investigate your love blocker is falling for the wrong types.
  • Saturn in hard aspect to the sun- Your self-confidence is low and you project this onto others. You don't believe you are loveable and sometimes sabotage yourself in fear of losing anyway. You were more than likely not given affection while growing up from your father and, therefore, you haven't grown accustomed to nurturing so therefore don't know how. This is something that is easy to overcome. Don't be so hard on yourself, Life does not make you! You make your life! Choose love to give and receive.
  • Venus in hard aspect to mars (sometimes) You tend to be too aggressive or attract aggressive partners that are not in line with your love nature. 
  • Pluto in hard aspect to sun, moon or Venus- You obsess, you doubt, you invade others privacy, you brood, and are extremely possessive which can make others feel trapped, unhappy and bad about themselves. Typically people eventually break free. You hold out to get what you want but usually end up alone. Try not to play emotional games these tend to backfire and you must let go of your desire to control you cannot control anything so let love in.
  • Uranus in hard aspect to Venus because you desire the awe-inspiring free open relationship or you need too much stimuli to remain interested that you usually break away from anything to constraining.
  • Uranus in the 7th house ( erratic relationships, sudden break-ups)

The way to overcome this is simple. Saturn adds fear and feelings of inadequacy or unrealistic expectations in love. In areas of love and romance or partnership, he makes one weary of love. You might test people and in the process and end up pushing them away, you may think that love is a burden and responsibility that you don’t want to take on at this time in your life. Saturn will make it difficult for you to express feelings in love. This is because somewhere in your life you felt unloved. Maybe you even experience a great heartache and don’t want to ever dabble there again. This is normal and how Saturn will attempt to jade you.

Pluto instills a different dynamic it is the King of self-sabotage! Pluto is afraid he won't be loved for who he is, therefore, he must hide and put no trust in anyone. Pluto produces a strong desire to control and obtain power, he is the master of the hold out (never gives in). This does not mean there is not a price to pay. The price is big and it’s on them. When the object of their desire does not give in either or realize they have been manipulated or want to break free from the control. Pluto is left alone often times with much regret. Love has no pride should be learned and that you get what you give.

Uranus is a little different since Uranus was castrated and probably had little interest in sex so he got interested in everything else. Uranus in hard aspect people just doesn't understand that relationships are two and there is a certain amount of freedom that is necessary let go. Uranus people feel that falling in love is going to jail or being confined. Well, I got news for you its far from that, and quite the reverse. 

Whichever planet is hindering you in love.. You must make a conscious effort to overcome this! Like all things, we must overcome our pre-conditioning to truly free ourselves to let love in. So how do you do it? Well, Quantum mechanics says: The outcome of any situation is the result of our thoughts. What we expect (they use intention) to happen will. With Saturn in your houses of love or partnership, you will expect to fail and so you will. You will not want to put the effort out of fear and therefore you fail. You will not express your feelings and therefore others will not express theirs, to you. Astrology and Quantum physics (mechanics) go hand in hand. Yes, there is free will; but we are pushed, prodded  tested and broken, so free will, will then become an option for the higher minds to break free of patterns. Understanding astrology will help you understand yourself. This will help you break free of these patterns and open the doorways to the child in you that was once free of all the preconditioning and you looked to the world with the excitement of infinite possibilities! Go back to that place. Nothing is forever, you change and things change. It really is that simple. Change your thoughts and change your destiny.  Love is worth it.

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