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Astrology Flash from the Past: News of what happened February 2015 and Before

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Welcome to February 2015 the month of Lovers

Other than Mercury turning direct this week, the cosmic sky will be relatively quiet.  Mercury has been retrograde in innovative, freedom-loving Aquarius since January 21, the normal miscommunication problems probably showed up in matters of the heart. If you've been trying to get a relationship off the ground you may have run into some difficulties Lot's tends to come out during retrograde periods hopefully there was no deception on an Internet dating site, or if you misconstrued your sweetheart's Facebook updates or Tweets, or whatever technical mishaps you may have experienced, hopefully, you were able to patch it up and get back on track! On Wednesday Mercury will begin to regulate his orbit. So things will be back to normal!

Valentines day is coming up! Get your relationship analysis or forecast for the year to see if Marriage is in the Cards:)

January 2015 Happy New Year!!

January 21, 2015, Mercury Retrograde click for more

This month is slow to start, but it all begins near month end when things will make a drastic turn for the better. More to come on this for February.

Welcome to December

Happy Holidays!

This month should be quite pleasant for all signs and this little break is well needed. Exciting things happening, Although abundant Jupiter is retrograde, don't think you won't see many benefits. Big Events in the coming week we can look forward to Uranus's wild return bringing us a well-needed shock and awe when he kicks things up a notch turning direct on December 15th Sunday at 5:45 EST followed by the Sun's move into Capricorn, (I am doing a special write soon to come), plus Saturn’s entry into Sagittarius making our beliefs a little more important.

November 2014 News

Tomorrow, 11/22marks the Sagittarius New Moon…
and it’s the perfect day for planting powerful intentions
and manifesting effortless abundance. Sagittarius ruler is abundant Jupiter so ask for what you want and believe it will happen!

November 15, 2014, Saturday

Neptune is stationed directly today, November 15, 2014

Check out the link below for more

Don't forget also later this year:

Uranus Goes Direct December 21st, 2014

Uranus remains in retrograde motion until it turns direct at 12 degrees 34 minutes Aries 9.24 pm GMT 21st December 2014.

Prepare for sudden and unexpected challenges where the action that is taken can have unpredictable results, which can be for or against you. Fighting for freedom and independence will not be straightforward, it can be a case of two steps forward and one step back. Check back for my take this exciting time to come.


Planet image calendar for November? CLICK HERE 

The Sun in Scorpio til late month! Love will be intense this month and maybe just a bit dramatic, passions are ignited. There is "No room" for superficial relationships! Look what house you have in Scorpio and that area will be a focus!

Where are the planets in what signs for November? Click the link below

September 2014 News!

Pluto Direct, passion, and intensity are back on! check the house that Pluto is transiting and see: 

Pluto transiting the houses.

Mercury is Retrograde! Re-think, Re-do, and do it right.

see: Mercury Rx writes up for more!

 You better "Buckle down" for Pluto's Direct motion Count Down! The intensity, passion, desire, and willpower will soon be felt again.  Are you prepared? What area is Pluto going directly for you? Take a look and get ready to get going in that area!

Check back for My write up on Pluto Direct September 23rd, 2014

Also a lucky Jupiter-Uranus trine this month September 25th expect the unexpected! Look to the house both planets occupy and aspects being made for an idea as to what area this wonderful surprise will be. Jupiter makes everything much bigger and Uranus likes to surprise, looks like a big surprise is in store!

Jupiter Uranus Trine Aspect 2014
»» Jupiter-Uranus Trine Aspect September 2014
"Jupiter-Uranus Trine Aspect in September 2014 - Attracting Luck & Energy"


MercuryFebruary 6, 2014February 28, 2014
Mercury June 7, 2014July 1, 2014
MercuryOctober 4, 2014October 25, 2014
VenusDecember 21, 2013January 31, 2014
MarsMarch 1, 2014May 19, 2014
JupiterDecember 8, 2014April 8, 2015
SaturnMarch 2, 2014July 20, 2014
Chiron June 20, 2014November 23, 2014
UranusJuly 21, 2014December 21, 2014
NeptuneJune 9, 2014November 16, 2014
PlutoApril 14, 2014September 22, 2014
CeresFebruary 27, 2014June 1, 2014
Vesta March 1, 2014May 27, 2014
JunoDecember 15, 2014March 13, 2015
PallasJanuary 6, 2014March 13, 2015

June 2014 news!

Guess what I'll?? Mercury the darn trickster is about to turn retrograde, once again! June 7th! 

Check back for my write up on what to expect this retro period!
Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, issues surrounding comfort, security and nurture are up for review. This includes our family ties, relationships, and our job security.

See Mercury RX

All About RX planets


Neptune Retrograde! see my write up on Neptune retrograde and it effects.

May 20th, 2014 

Heaven's declare! Mars is now Direct! Finally! Sheesh! all these planets retrograde we might rewind to issues of childhood, or if that's not the case then it's enough to slow us all down to a "snail pace". A lot of internalizing going on, ick!  All of us A types are having a hard time, not making the type of progress we like to see. However, with the Planet of energy back on the move, we can expect things to finally kick start, and at a much faster pace.  Deep contemplation was the name of the game with Mars retrograde, not something we like to normally do. And....Being in the Partnership sign of Libra, relationships were on the burner, and Mars was asking, What's in this for me? Am I satisfied with the pace? What am I willing contribute to my partnerships? Look at where Mars, was during the planet's stationed retrograde for you to get a better understanding of what was "up for review" for you. 

Anyhow, it's all Now a go! full charge ahead, so get moving.  Things will start to move along now, it's a good time to begin that project or  as long as your making progress or moving, Mars is in Favor.  Although Mars wants to move ahead Libra wants to do so after everything has been weighed out,  balanced, and diplomatically so. Relationships that were backing up may have clarity and a new start, relationships that didn't suffer from over analyzing, are likely to last quite a while! Marching on!

All these planets retrograde has been driving us mad! Saturn, Pluto, Mars oy! feeling as nothing is moving forward!. So take advantage of what you can by taking care of things that you already started and clearing the way for new stuff. Today May 20th we finally have Mars turning Direct so at least most of us shall experience an energy burst for those of you strongly affected by Mars. 

April 14th, 2014

A big eventful month of April! Today we have Pluto stationed retrograde, for some this is a break from Pluto's carnal desires and feelings of desperation in the particular area of your chart. Pluto's retrograde energy becomes much more internal. If you have Pluto retrograde in your natal chart then you are probably quite used to this energy and won't be affected too much. Retrograde periods are times to redo things. Pluto makes we want almost desperately so focus on the house that Pluto is transiting for clues as to where you can begin a re-do so when Pluto goes direct you won't have to want you will have! Pluto is also a transformation, sometimes with brutal force, but other times subtly. This month is also the start of the Blood Moon series. There are a series of 4 until September of next year. Ironically they all fall on Jewish holidays. These blood moons are caused by a lunar eclipse and are strong indications of religious changes. Some call it the end times and other's call it new beginnings! I go with the latter. However, Blood Red moons are significant in the sense that they are not very often and are an accumulation of the events since the last one occurred. Typically they indicate a time of war usually for the sake of radical change, I hope War is not an outcome, but with all that is going on lately it is possible. I guess we will just have to see. Catch the blood red moon this evening, and check the house it will be in for where you can expect your own accumulation of events. You are sure to discover or uncover some interesting stuff. With all these Planets retrograde we feel like things aren't moving forward, they are just at a more refined pace. 

Jupiter? Still retrograde until March 6th, 2014 not too far off. We all can't wait for this one to go direct! We love Jupiter and his larger than life thinking and abundance!
Look at where Jupiter has been retrograde, and expect a bonus in that area! March 6th!
Mercury Current Status? Retrograde! Until March 1st! 

Watch out for misunderstandings, and computer and phone glitches. Double check who you are sending your text messages to, you don't want an oops! Take the time to re-do anything that needs  preferably in the areas where mercury is in your chart, as well as where mercury is retrograding  there is no better time than when planets are retrograde. What areas should you focus? look to the house Mercury will be retro and all the things covered by that house. To see what areas you will be focused you need to know what the houses cover. See what each house covers check this links out below:

What's up with Saturn you said? Well, the Karmic Master  is uh oh!  going retrograde again! When? March 1st, 2014 while good old Mercury goes direct Saturn will turn reverse motion.

What can you expect? Well, there are Karmic implications tied to this one! Yep! Well, Saturn is pretty much always Karmic, but this one is special.  Depending on the house he is retrograding: you can expect some deep reflection going on in a serious way. You will get a re-do in those areas of concern, so get with it. Saturn is Karma, which goes both good and bad, hopefully, you have been good!

If you haven't already read about Saturn Retrograde and it effects on your chart here:

Happy 2014!! woohoo!

Bringing in the New Year was a lovely Super Moon in Capricorn at 11* Supermoons are the major accumulation of previous deeds done. They are powerfully emotional and can cause some to feel completion in a particular area in their life. "Illumination" the answer to a particular question? perhaps feeling as if there is nothing else that can be done, and so here it is! fresh starts are great with this new powerful moon energy. So employ it in an area that you would like to gain insight and answers! Capricorn is the builder, you can begin to build the life in which you want to live and begin at midnight. January 1st is a new direction.

Venus the goddess of Love highlights this week
Venus is in Capricorn, November 2013 to March 2014. Venus in Capricorn want's us to get serious about love, what we need for security, are we getting what we need. You have a yearning for something of structure, and stability. Lover communications are superficial, and perhaps even awkward. There is a desire for drama and intensity in relationships as well since we tend to see things more clearly and may feel lost in the mundane. You will be much more sensitive, perhaps even paranoid, and probably with good reason. Pretty much the theme is love, money, and relationships review, are you really happy? if not what needs to be done?

Venus Retrograde December 21, 2013-January 21st 2014

Venus Goes Retrograde December 21st-January 21st 2013 
Rehash past love, past lovers come back, you realize what it is you really need in a love. You will ask yourself the question, am I getting what I need from my partner? You realizations, if your relationship is strong it will survive if NOT someone is getting canned! ouch! not always but likely. Re-evaluate your values, and your needs, re-think money and it's importance, all things Venus are up for inspection, I hope you've been good to Venus!

Read about Retrograde Venus here

November 18th 2013-Jupiter is now retrograde in Cancer
You are now responsible for attracting your own luck, in areas of the house Cancer is housed in. Your optimism is internal and the focus is on you and how you present yourself, to attract your luck. This is by having integrity, honesty and being ethical, Jupiter will reward you for these traits when he turns the gears on in forward motion. 

6a0133f538e9e4970b016306187f68970d-800wi (800×833)November 13th, 2013 -Neptune the trickster goes direct! Oh no put on the rose colored glasses again? now your aware and now you can move forward with your new spiritual plans, watch out for your blind spots, and be conscious of other's and show compassion.

Uranus Direct
December 17th, 2013
The weird eclectic Uranus goes direct and is about to spice things up, if you haven't been authentic to yourself, get ready to have your world flipped upside down. You have had it and you're not gonna take it anymore. Whatever house Uranus will be transiting for you expect rapid change, and for things to get a little weird. Things won't stay the same expect sudden changes and new experiences. Exciting times, hold on tight! 

October 18th, 2013 Full moon Eclipse in Aries
New beginnings, you are now learning to be more assertive! Look to the house that Aries rules, and expect a culmination and answer in areas that house represents. Yay!

Full Supermoon in at 0 degrees Aquarius tomorrow! July 22nd and Sun Moves into Leo

Where the planets are:
  • June 25, 2013, Jupiter entered Cancer
  • July 2013 Chiron is 13° Pisces retrograde
  • Throughout July 2013 the North Node is between 15–12° Scorpio
  • July 7, 2013 Saturn goes direct at 5° Scorpio
  • July 8, 2013 New Moon 16° Cancer 18′
  • July 13, 2013 Mars enters Cancer
  • July 17, 2013, a Grand Water Trine is exact between Jupiter 4° Cancer, Saturn 4° Scorpio, andN4° Pisces. This Grand Water Trine will be in effect  is exact on July 17th July
  • 19, 2013 Saturn Trines Neptune
  • July 20, 2013 Mercury goes direct
  • July 20, 2013 Mars Trines Neptune
  • July 20, 2013 Mars Trines Saturn
  • July 22, 2013 Full “Super” Moon at 0° Aquarius 6′ — Sun enters Leo
  • July 22, 3013 Mars Conjuncts Jupiter in Cancer
  • July 22, 2013 Venus enters Virgo
  • July 22, 2013 Mars 5° Cancer joins the Grand Water Trine with Jupiter 5° Cancer

Current Retrogrades

Mercury Retrograde until June 26-July 20th 2013

Neptune Retrograde June 7th- November 13th, 2013

Saturn Retrograde-Direct July 7th, 2013 

Pluto Retrograde April 12th, 2013 to September 20th, 2013

Uranus Retrograde July 17th- December 17th, 2013

Venus Retrograde December 21st-January 21st 2013 

Below are links with information on how to make the best of your retrograde transits

o-PARTIAL-LUNAR-ECLIPSE-2013-facebook.jpg (1536×1156)Eclipses Bring Rapid Change

May 25th, 2013 Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius

This lunar eclipse on May 25th, 2013 is occurring at 4 degrees of Sagittarius and will oppose the sun at 4 degrees Gemini, its is a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse.

Lunar Eclipses are about relationships and polarities. The Gemini-Sagittarius axis involved with this lunar eclipse forces us to look very closely at our needs, desires, shortcomings, in our lives with the relationships with others that we are involved. Take a look at the Gemini and Sagittarius rules areas of our life. Look at what houses these eclipses are taking place. You will see that areas involving these houses are put on high gear and everything will be moving very quickly, the change will be rapid.

6a0133f538e9e4970b016306187f68970d-800wi (800×833)Neptune Retrograde June 7, 2013- November 13, 2013

You are about to see things for what they really are! Neptune is removing his glamorous veil and what's underneath is what you get to work with til Neptune goes direct again. This may be painful to see the situation at hand in areas that Neptune rules or is transiting in your natal chart, or it may be that you knew to truth all along because you kept your eye on the ball. Either way Neptune idealizes and the rose colored glasses will be off until November 13th, 2013. This is a great time to review area's in which Neptune is making it's retrograde motion realizing that you can make clearer decisions at this time. So if there was uncertainty in these areas you will feel much clearer on your decision. 

Super Monster Moon June 22-23 2013

The upcoming Super Full moon falls on June 23, 2013, at 

11:32 UTC (6:32 a.m. CDT in the U.S.).

1002423_10151684821264456_1859276924_n.jpg (719×480)
The moon will appear about equally full in the June 22nd sky as it does on June 23. This Super Full Moon is not only the closest and large

The moon will appear about equally full in the June 22 sky as it does on June 23.
This Super Full Moon is not only the closest and largest full moon of the year, it also presents the moon’s closest encounter with Earth for all of 2013.
The moon will not be so close again until August 2014.
At United States’ time zones, that means the moon will turn full on June 23 at 7:32 a.m. EDT, 6:32 a.m. CDT, 5:32 a.m. MDT and 4:32 a.m. PDT. Astronomers call this  close full moon a perigee full moon.

This moon will be in two degrees Capricorn- so look to where the sign is in your chart. That will be the area that 
you will see what this big surprise is all about. The full moon’s energies  affect emotions, and feelings that are intensified during this time. Try to stay calm and realize that the gravitational pull from the moon is what is making you feel like losing your mind. To transform the incoming energy from the full moon, it’s a good idea to be centered and put your energy where you need it most. Be careful being out and about since this is also when the loonies are most active! People behave strangely during this time so be aware, and try not to drive around aimlessly, accidents are more prone to happen. Things represented by the house that the Supermoon is visiting are coming to a culmination and you will begin to see huge results within the next couple of weeks of the Supermoon. 

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