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Sagittarius November 2014
If you are a late degree Ascendant please see the next sign which would cover most of  your 1st house for accurate transits in your case, please see Capricorn as well.

Alright Sag, there is no time better than NOW to really start making some progress in terms of your next phase of your life. Where do you want to be? or who you want to be recognized as?

 The universe will help, and there seems to be a sense of urgency at hand. Don't hurry, take your time but make some real goals and decisions and next month begin your plan. 

In the next two years you are going to reach the best time in career and won't be back for a very, very long time. This is because Jupiter will finally make his way out of your 9th and into your 10th house of public recognition, PR, or Career Success. 

This next year what you do will affect your career and the opportunity you have to make a big impression. You need to begin to plan now for what it is you want to accomplish when your opportunity for tremendous success hits all the all time high. This is something you will regret missing out on if you are not prepared. 

Saturn will be moving in your sign in just a couple more months as he finally closes out your spooky 12th house things where "Fears Loom Large". Get rid of all the things that people told you, or experiences that you had with others that were not pleasant and let go. 

Take heed of the lesson that Saturn had to teach you about the things you keep hidden and the ways in which you have been holding yourself back. When Saturn moves into your first you will gain tremendous relief and after the first few days on the Ascendant, you will gain a lot of energy and drive.

You are beginning a new cycle and it's big! The new you will emerge out of the Neptune in your 4th house fog. However it will not be without some confusion and feelings of being lost. 

Don't worry this serves to bring you in touch with your inspired and highly creative side, but also to let you see that sometimes even if we pretend the truth is still the truth. Neptune wants you to come clean of all the things that you try to avoid, and now face them, deal with them and let go. 

Just like everything in life, we sometimes hold on to negative feelings or beliefs that do not serve us for our betterment. It's OK to dream big, and sometimes we just want to close our eyes to the problems, however the problems still remain. Take charge of your life, and face those things you wish to ignore and get rid of them once and for all. 

There is a small possibility, you might have a mini crises with regards to money this month with Mars in your 2nd house of income. This is not always the case so don't freak, it's just that Mars wants action. If he needs to get you going, he will.

Keep in mind, You will also have the "equal desire" to spend. This in turn kicks you into gear, if you are not able.  You will have more energy to focus and to work on doing so. 
Mars wants you to focus on money so why not do so? 

 Even if you can spare it, it's suggested that you try to resist the temptation until later in the month.  Instead focus on making more money during this time, and put it away for a better day when your not so compulsive. There's a chance y
ou may buy stuff you really don't need. It's suggested you wait til Mars is out of your 2nd house. 

Pluto and Mars are rather aggressive,  Mars needs action and Pluto just want's it at all cost. These two combined could bring you into some financial rewards, or introduce you to a big money making gig. 

 You most certainly are feeling much more able to ask for what you think your worth. Just be careful to not get to demanding, and stay above par. You don't want to bull doze your customers, slow and steady.

The great news is "You are ending a phase" and beginning a new one". Thank god, the worst of it is over and now you are going to see some wonderful things transpire in love and career. You won't feel so burdened the light is shining through. None-the-less, it's not quite over so it's important that you clear out all that needs to go now. 

Next month you will feel a tremendous relief and begin a new fresh start while all these secluded 12th house planets start their new cycle, refreshed and renewed, in your first house.

*As always not all you Sagittarius's are the same if you want your own personalized 1 year forecast to plan ahead please see my reports page. You must know your birth-time for best results. 

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