Thursday, December 13, 2012


submerge_by_artistic_aviary-d4enqsm.jpg (900×696)The twelfth house in astrology is pretty ambiguous as to the exact nature of this house and writing about it can be quite isn't easy. But it's safe to say  a lot of what happens here is "unconscious". It is the house of what goes on when we sleep and behind the scenes. Things we are unaware of or don't pay enough attention to. It's the house of our pent up baggage and "would of" "could of" house. Also known as the house of sorrows.  It needs to be looked at in a much more positive light because of the fact that Neptune was the "god of the sea" and, therefore, we get to "wash away" all our regrets and sorrows and release them as it is the final of the 12 houses. So by transit, this is the come "clean house". It's our inner psychologist, our getaway or a vacation spot where we get to let it alI go. Our place to retreat, reflect and release.

The 12th house is ruled by Neptune which seeks to dissolve whatever limiting beliefs we have. Along with this, Neptune shows us that our "perception" can be flawed, and things are not always as they seem, the book may be different than the cover. Neptune is the true trickster which can't paint a picture anyway we'd like to see it! Neptunes bad side is delusion and deception but mostly self-deception.   

Aside from the tears and sadness of the 12th house there is a mystical magical dimension as well. As you know, astrology has many twists and turns on the road to discovery and every positive has a negative and vice versa. 

When an outer planet like Saturn makes what's considered a "scary" transit to this house it seems to bring about more of what the planet represents which is karma. You see from when you come into the world (the first house) to when you leave the world the 12th house. You have lived a full cycle. By the time, Saturn hit's your 12th house you are reaping the Karma for the previous cycle. 

Hopefully we can all reflect on the numerous good deeds and attempts to give love to the best we can, so that when Saturn comes back to deal his karma, the rewards are just the same as we gave!

The 12th house holds many secrets besides Karma. If you would like a Karma or past life report please go to the readings/reports page. You will find many answers to questions about your purpose, your life path and much more.


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