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MANSIONS OF THE MOON- Astrological Magic

The Nakshatras: The Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology literally meaning that which does not decay. Nakshatras represents the primordial level of the zodiacal belt underneath the 12 basic signs.  Nakshatras have have their own mythology and deities connected to them.

These celestial luminaries make all the difference in astrological calculations. Initially, the zodiac was grouped in 12 Rashis for convenience, however the ancient seers have farther subdivided the heavens into 27 Nakshatras or star constellations for the call of precession. 

These constellations or the Nakshatras emerged as one of the most important components in Astrology. These mansions of the moon break up the 12 zodiac signs into 27 mansions. Also known to most as decanates. Each one representing a certain aspect of your life and are used in astrological magic.

The monthly transit of the Moon through each of these mansions generates a different influence :

The Moon in the 1st mansion - People are bull headed and stubborn so it lends to discords, and not great for journeys or traveling; (0 Aries to 12 Aries 51)

The Moon in the 2nd mansion - It's a lucky day to find something valuable, it supports the finding of treasures,or lost items (12 Aries 51 to 25 Aries 42)

The Moon in the 3rd mansion - it is profitable to sailors, hunters, and alchemists; or people in esoteric arts (25 Aries 42 to 8 Taurus 34)

The Moon in the 4th mansion - not a good day to build property, or any buildings, fountains, wells. It's typically a day or discord, people are more stubborn (8 Taurus 34 to 21 Taurus 25)

The Moon in the 5th mansion - It gives health and good-will; (21 Taurus 25 to 4 Gemini 17)

The Moon in the 6th mansion - Great for looking for a partner, lover or hunting, not good for surgury (4 Gemini 17 to 17 Gemini 8)

The Moon in the 7th mansion - it points to gain and friendship, and is highly profitable to lovers, if your planning a picnic this day it's perfect because it scares flies, and destroys magistracy's; (17 Gemini 8 to 0 Cancer)

The Moon in the 8th mansion - brings love, sex, and opportunities to develop new friends, good for travelign with others. If you have a mouse problem, this is good day to set traps for it drives away mice. If you are running from the law becareful this moon afflicts captives, confirming their imprisonment; (0 Cancer to 12 Cancer 51)

The Moon in the 9th mansion - Not good for harvests and travelers, or traveling, not lucky with men; not a good day to go on a date, or work with men (12 Cancer 51 to 25 Cancer 42)

The Moon in the 10th mansion - Good for building, love, benevolence and help against enemies; brings them in your favor (25 Cancer 42 to 8 Leo 34)

The Moon in the 11th mansion - it is good for long distance traveling you will be lucky, excellent for people in sales, or merchants, and for redemption of captives;or from breaking free of anything that is blocking you or if you get jailed you will be lucky and likely get released (8 Leo 34 to 21 Leo 25)

The Moon in the 12th mansion - Great for farmers, it gives prosperity to harvests, and plantations, but hinders sailors and is good for finding house cleaners, and help.(21 Leo 25 to 4 Virgo 17)

The Moon in the 13th mansion - it gives benevolence, and gain, through travel, brings harvest, and freedom of captives; (17 to 17 Virgo 8)

The Moon in the 14th mansion - Great for the married or luck in marriage, it cures the sick, is profitable to sailors, but is not good for journeys by land; and in these the second quarter of the Heaven is completed; (17 Virgo 8 to 0 Libra)

The Moon in the 15th mansion - its profitable for the extracting and discovering treasures, for digging of pits, it assists divorce, but can bring discord,good day for property demolition (0 Libra to 12 Libra 5)

The Moon in the 16th mansion -Not good for journeys brings blockages not good for wedlock, good for harvests and merchandise, it prevails for redemption of captives. (12 Libra 51 to 25 Libra 42)

The Moon in the 17th mansion - Turns bad luck good,  makes love durable, strengthens buildings, and helps sailors; (25 Libra 42 to 8 Scorpio 34)

The Moon in the 18th mansion - it causes discord, sedition, conspiracy against princes, royalty or government and people in power and also brings about revenge from enemies, (8 Scorpio 34 to 21 Scorpio 25)

The Moon in the 19th mansion - Good for overtaking,Company mergers, or Aquisitons. Good for city mayors (21 Scorpio 25 to 4 Sagittarius 17)

The Moon in the 20th mansion - If you are lost in the wild it helps for the taming of wild beasts, or if you have a pet that needs training this is a good moon for animal training  it brings out destiny and compels a person to go to a certain place; (4 Sagittarius 17 to 17 Sagittarius 8)

The Moon in the 21st mansion - Excellent for harvests, gain, and to repair buildings damage and those that travel or to travel, but is said to causes divorce; and in this is the third quarter of Heaven is completed; (17 Sagittarius 8 to 0 Capricorn)

The Moon in the 22nd mansion - it promotes the freedom of those that are captive, or incarcerated, or held hostage and good for jail breaks, if you are ill this Moon helps the curing of diseases; (0 Capricorn to 12 Capricorn 51)

The Moon in the 23rd mansion - Good day to file for divorce, or to request freedom, or to break free from anything that hinders you. Good for the ill to recover. (12 Capricorn 51 to 25 Capricorn 42)

The Moon in the 24th mansion - Good for married people, and to plan a romantic time, it's also good for fighting in wars or for the soilders victory. In everyday life, it's a good moon to ask for victory (25 Capricorn 42 to 8 Aquarius 34)

The Moon in the 25th mansion - This is a a great moon for that can be used to turn enemies into friends. If you are waiting for a message this moon hastens messengers, you can ask for that package to come earlier. It's a great moon to ask for what you want. (8 Aquarius 34 to 21 Aquarius 25)

The Moon in the 26th mansion - Great for asking for a lover back, reconcilliations, and asking for union with somone special. (21 Aquarius 25 to 4 Pisces 17)

The Moon in the 27th mansion - Good money Moon, if you need a money miracle this is a perfect Moon, also great for revenues, any type of gain.
 (4 Pisces 17 to 17 Pisces 8)

The Moon in the 28th mansion - this is a great moon to increase merchandise, it or to travel through dangerous places; it's good for strenghtening marriage, or healing marital problems.(17 Pisces 8 to 0 Aries)

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