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When it comes to sexual attraction and sexual chemistry there are many different aspects and synastry placements that indicate this. 
Although the first thing we usually take notice of when we meet someone for the first time is their physical appearance, we all have our types that we find ourselves attracted to, you know the tall good looking ones, or the music types, or the beach boys, the businessmen, the bad boy but then there are the one's that we least expected that don't fit into any ideal or our typical type, and even when they are our type what makes it mutual? and why are some attractions unrequited?

 We can tell a lot about what we attract and who attracts us by looking at particular places and aspects in our natal chart ( See attraction aspects in the back room for more). But what is it that determines what degree we actually find them attractive, well Astrology shows that although physical attraction can be seen between two charts, there is also something more difficult to pin point and that is called Chemistry.

Physical Attraction can create Chemistry, and Chemistry can create physical attraction. It is guided by our inner radar, and there are particular placements, aspects that set this off.  Whether it's a fling, true love, fate or karma, we are drawn to them. Some are individuals with particular sexual magnet aspects, some are set off by aspects between two people, and others are set off by transit. As you can see there are many. But here I will cover some of the basics. 

Intense Sexual Attraction 

The People that we usually attract  are often seen by the sign on our 8th house, this does not always indicate a mutual attraction, but often it is. Sometimes people that activate this house make us uncomfortable, and even weary of their intentions so it's not always physical attraction. This is a mysterious house, and usually intense attractions come in here, or obsessions, and strong sexual desires.

Relationships that begin in this house, or romantic interests that transpose planets here, will more than likely be strongly sexual, intense and even deeply psychological the both of you will likely be transformed, as a result, whether it's for good or bad, depends on many other factors, too many to cover here.

COPY CODE SNIPPET Planets that transpose here by synastry adds a great deal of attraction, this includes the Partners, Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars. It is often the planet person who invests themselves rather deeply into the relationship by means of searching for a deep connection, they want to know all of you. They are likely to be monetarily supportive as well, on the negative it's possible money will come with strings attached or use it as a means to control you. 

It does not always have a negative spin, but it's the house of extremes. Both your soul mate and your Nemesis can show up here. Be careful who you let in this house.

When some one's personal planets hit your 8th house, there will either be an extreme attraction or repulsion, there is rarely in-between. It's typically all or nothing and if that means they need to know all of you, then nothing is off limits. 

Fun, Love, and Romance

For the more romantic and playful attractions you know, the sweet love, kisses, hand holding and playful romantic types (whether light and passing or long and enduring) We then look to people that impact the 5th house of romantic love. 

This is the house of the regal "Leo" that rules of love, romance, creativity, playtime, and children or otherwise known as the house of fun! When we meet people who are the sign that lands on the cusp of the 5th house "We just simply love them! We have fun with them and romance is often a result and quite significant. 

Marriage, commitment

Now if you are looking for marriage or a committed relationship based on equal partnership and equal responsibility we would then of course look to the sign on the cusp of the 7th house. This is the house that makes us want to get legal, sign a contract i.e marriage, it's our equal in love. 

We often attract people who's planets land here as well. However, it is often seen that all three of the houses are often involved in Marriage with different planets spread between them in many different combinations. 

The 5th house is where you fall in love, the 7th house is where you make a commitment, the 8th house is where you share your resources in Marriage, it's the merging house body, mind, and soul, along with taxes.

Sexual chemistry is often found when we see aspects made between Venus and Mars both the hard( Square or Opposite) generate intense attractions the softer aspect bring about a smooth sexy appeal. But also great sexual chemistry. You want nice aspects between Venus and Mars and Mars and Mars ideally.


Chemistry between two people is often a result of the sexual chemistry above but there are other aspects that play a role as well. When we have chemistry with someone there is a magnetic pull that can feel unexplainable especially if there is not a immediate physical attraction but the "chemistry" feels right. This is often as a result of Pluto which tends to run the invisible realms, of things such as this. Pluto can leave you hypnotized, mesmerized and obssessed but he is also responsible for powerful chemistry between two people. It's that magnetic, sexual lure. However, chemistry is also a result of a comfortable feeling such as 4th house placements, or nice aspects with Mercury where you just get each other. This is often also true about the 11th house, you feel like two like minds and that you have a feeling of belonging. We can also see these similar effects through personal planets or Ascendant in the same sign as your partners, there are many combinations that bring about similar effects. Such as Sun Venus, Venus Mars, Moon Mars, Mars Sun.

There will be a continuation where I will dive more deeply into the many different combinations.  

There is a lot about karmic relationships, Oppositions in synastry , along with Pluto relationships, and more in "The Back Room"

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