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Many people that have had difficulty conceiving, even for many years have had success "doing it" when the stars are aligned. Without making it really difficult to understand. The ancients and many after, have sworn by the stars knowing when it is the best time to conceive. Let us take a look at what these are.

                             THE PLANETS IN FAVOR
                           Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Pluto

Let's start with the obvious Jupiter. Jupiter is expansion and the gifts it bestows are downright amazing at the right time. The moon in astrology represents "motherhood" "maternity" woman and has a lot to do with pregnancy. 

Women's cycles are affected by the moon and the moon has a 28-day cycle. Using a lunar phase calendar would be the first place to start. Many don't know that there are two times a month a woman can conceive and although using an ovulation predictor can be helpful there is a bit more to the process. 

The moon phases specific to one's birth time can depict exactly when you are the most fertile. Along with this, there are many other aspects that play a role in whether or not one is ready to conceive. Along with the moon phase calendar, we have to look at Venus (the goddess of love) when we think about conception. 

Uranus is another and the reason why is because Uranus wants to break the rules and it rules ( surprises) he plays a role if transiting an important house like the 5th and or conjunct the moon in the 5th. 

The 5th house is the house of children and almost always plays a role, whether in the natal or progressed chart, along with the composite of both partners. 

There are many places to look to see if one will have children and when. It varies from each person, but there are some common themes. It would be beneficial to have a fertility moon calendar along with a beneficial transit date that is specific for your lunar phase cycle along with an analysis of the many charts involved for the highest possibility of success.

                            THE HOUSES IN FAVOR                                         
                       The 5th, the 6th, 8th, and the 12th

The houses in favor of these planetary transits are obviously starting with the 5th ( love romance and children) obviously when Jupiter makes a transit there your chances are higher. The 8th house would be helpful too since it is of sex death and rebirth. The Solar Return chart will be very useful as well, often I have seen many fall pregnant when their solar return Ascendant is in Leo the sign that rules childen. I knew many people who conceived during transits to their 12th house as well but much goes into what are transits are supporting this. A good conception transit is Mars in aspect to Jupiter and Venus and the Moon.

                               Potential delayers

Saturn in hard aspect to planets or angles can be responsible for a postponement or delays. However, I personally got pregnant while Saturn was transiting my 5th house. Many actually have children during some of Saturn's transits with the Moon as well. There are many transits that are beneficial but your chart should be analyzed in order to find the best possible times due to a combination of transits occuring.  

Fertility Moon Phase 12 month Report

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