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When Neptune is found in the 1st house  the house of "self" the physical body, and personality it is safe to say that the person would embody strong Neptune characteristics. They are known to be the shapeshifters, or illusionists of the zodiac, and are very misunderstood. 

They are very sensitive, intuitive, psychic, deeply compassionate and even idealistic. 

Early on they experience much confusion surrounding the personal identity, therefore, causing problems with relations with others. They are like a chameleon they tend to take on the personalities of those around them for the sake of keeping the peace or  fitting in with others. This can lead others to doubt they're genuine, but this is never the case. 

They are very sensitive and try to avoid confrontation or differences with others, so they try to blend into whatever environment they are in. Neptune is more patient, and understanding than any other planet, they just have difficulty standing up against others.

 Neptune is watery and has no boundaries so trying to define oneself is a very big problem another is they have great difficulty with setting boundaries for self, and between others and self. 

There seems to be a undefinable part of themselves that they struggle to understand. Setting proper boundaries is often difficult since they tend to be very open and accepting which can lead to many problems. It's as if their very own identity is blurred from themselves in the immense Neptune fog.  

Neptune dissolves whatever it touches, in the 1st house "It is self-identity". Neptune here makes a person very sensitive and because of this sensitivity they are often found among "Empath's" being able to pick up on other's feelings, acutely. 

Neptune in the 1st house is what others see of you as well. So even to them you are difficult to define and pin into any category. You are a psychic sponge, you absorb energy from others easily so you need to be careful who you are around, stay away from negative energy. 

This position makes you very sympathetic and empathetic to others, so others can easily burden you with their problems. You often find yourself picking up psychic garbage from other's which most certainly will take a physical toll on you.  

This placement also causes a blur of others, and you need to watch for being disillusioned or believing and trusting in people that really have not earned your trust. The key with Neptune is to always match actions of others with what they say, to avoid being mislead.  People with this placement need to be careful because of their openness they often attract the wrong people, that can take advantage of their kindness. Some people with this aspect feel they are on some sort of mission in life and can end up in victim/savior type relationships where they are acting as "the savior".

Neptune in the 1st house people often appear to others as an illusion or others can't seem to make them out and often because of this they can end up being the victim of others wrong perceptions and end up misunderstood. 

It's as if people with Neptune here, are an illusion, a blank screen for others to project onto. People with Neptune in the 1st house are often guilty of the following; which can be the root cause of most of the problems they experience.

  • Sharing too much too soon or on the other hand, closing yourself off and not expressing your needs and wants.

  • Feeling responsible for other’s happiness.

  • Inability to say “no” for fear of rejection or abandonment.

  • Weak sense of your own identity. You base how you feel about yourself on how others treat you.

  • Disempowerment. You allow others to make decisions for you; consequently, you feel powerless and do not take responsibility for your own life.

Healthy boundaries to set help alleviate the negative effects of Neptune in the 1st house. Here are some to set:

  • Have a high self-esteem and self-respect.
  • Share personal information gradually, in a mutually sharing and trusting relationship.
  • Protect physical and emotional space from intrusion.
  • Have an equal partnership where responsibility and power are shared.
  • Be assertive. Confidently and truthfully say “yes” or “no” and be okay when others say “no” to you.
  • Separate your needs, thoughts, feelings, and desires from others. Recognize that your boundaries and needs are different from others.

Neptune is typically found strongly in the charts of the famous (see article: astrology of the fame for more).



  1. Thank you for the article. I appreciate the tips you give to help a Neptune in First House native not be taken advantage of.

    It has been so hard for me, dealing with these traits. I also have Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio in the 12th House.

    Rising Sagittarius
    Sun Capricorn
    Moon Aquarius

  2. Hi Katrice! Thank you for reading! I too have this placement, it has been hard, i don't have any other Neptune placements besides it ruling my 4th but has been a prominent theme for me anyhow. Your configuration would be a double dose, to where you may feel a strong feeling of guilt, for even saying to yourself "I be more selfish". Neptune is beautiful, and compassionate, he just needs to add a little discernment:)

  3. Thanks for this. My ascendant is at the same degree as Neptune and everything written here is true in my case.

  4. same with katrice, i have venus, mars, and jupiter in 12th house along with neptune in 1st house. i just realized that this is very difficult position to have. i -do- always identify myself with how people treats me. i keep questioning my identity, then being hypersensitive and getting misunderstood.

    1. ah yes! it's a doozy.. overly sensitized to everything... I guess just like some of the other aspects like tough Saturn Aspects cause insecurity, they can benefit from not worrying about what others think, same goes for heavy Neptune or 12th house placements, don't take things personally and just be yourself! BUT.. DO set proper boundaries it's very important!

  5. Thank you..this explains what I continuously battle with everyday to try and make my life better. I've seen numerous counselors and some tell me this very thing but to have you say in the article of how we can better this is excellent advice! I have Neptune in first house with Scorpio. Taurus only in my descendant.

  6. Hi Loey! Your very welcome:) I am very happy you find it useful. You are kind and deserving you don't need to be accepted by everyone. Set your boundaries and only associate with those that are positive and appreciate you. You are worth it! I wish you the best and a life full of happiness!

  7. This article is so accurate. I have Neptune in my first squaring my Moon and Venus. Sun, Saturn, and Mercury in my 12th (Leo). It has been very difficult. I can't see the forest from the trees in relationships. I'm a psychic sponge and speak out of character sometimes when picking up on other people's vibes. I have a history of abusive relationships. Thank you for this article.

    1. Thank you for sharing!

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