Saturday, June 16, 2012


rose_main_1671706a.jpg (620×802)The Goddess of love in and beauty in your 1st house of self can only mean one thing. Hey, Good Looking! Yes you are beautiful and you carry yourself like a beauty too. Whether you're a man or a woman you have a feminine beauty that is warm and welcoming. You tend to be liked by all and you are easy to get along with. You are generous and love beautiful surroundings. You are apt to take care of and spoil yourself with all the things you love. With Venus in your 1st house you will also gravitate towards a friendly disposition and typically shy away from confrontation. You are romantic and sentimental. 

The Venusian qualities are imbedded in your very nature. Sometimes you need to be liked by others too much that you can be two faced or passive aggressive- on the negative side. Your love life is very important to you so you will spend whatever it takes to find the love you so desire. You can be so appeasing to others, that you can sometimes lose yourself in a effort to avoid confrontation. Be careful not to do more than you can, or want to, for this can lead to bitter resentment. You love attention and are likely to have lot's. Members of the opposite sex will find you highly attractive. You are diplomatic and have a way of winning people over, when facing confrontation. Venus here makes you irresistible and very lucky in love!

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