Sunday, June 17, 2012


Saturn in hard aspect to mercury produces an insecurity and doubt when it comes speaking openly. These people are never deliberate in what they say. They are quite aware of others and what they will think that they often hold back their thoughts until they are certain that in their opinion they will be accepted or correct. Early on there may have been learning disabilities or criticism that made them worry about what is being said. The result has been that they over studied or overthink to the point that they become so cerebral that it often producing genius. Saturn is restrictions and when it's in hard aspect to Mercury it seems to restrict your ability to speak freely without first mulling it over and over to be certain that what you say comes out appropriately  This aspect can produce the shy, quiet introvert type, since fear of rejection is Saturn's territory, the best possible way to overcome this is to NOT CARE  what others think so much, that it inhibits you. Now, there is some truth to how this plays out. Earlier I said that there  can be learning disabilities, mostly dyslexia  or speech impediments, this is NOT always the case. I often find that in this instance the individual had difficulty in school, or the ability to learn because either they had too much drama in the home and was distracted, pressured or exhausted or because they were just big thinkers and unable to pay attention for long periods of time. This curbed their ability to grasp basic understandings of words and they sometimes can't pronounce words correctly. This is not a reflection of their intelligence. As said previously these people are very intelligent and there are numerous genius's with this placement.They are just more aware, critical of themselves and pretty many perfectionists when it comes to communicating, that they over think a little too much. I knew a boy that had a speech impediment (stutter) until the age of 18 yrs. old. He overcame it himself, he said, "I was tired of it"! I couldn't believe it. He just got rid of it. He has Saturn square mercury in his 12th house. This is a case where there was a problem with communicating where he overcame it and ended up writing a thesis that received much praise. Most of the time, however, it is an illusion that Saturn has planted in your mind. Ask around you will see that people will say you are quite astute and intelligent in what you say. Don't hold yourself back, Saturn has made you a great communicator because he made you believe you were not. You can thank him later! 

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