Friday, April 13, 2012


Sun- Life Force, Pride, Passion, Ego, need for attention

Moon- Emotions- who we are deep inside, our emotional response, our intuition our mother, sister or girlfriend. The moon is female.

Mercury- Our messenger, how we have interpreted our environments, how the information was given to us and what information, our intellect, our intelligence, our mind.

Venus- Our desires, our tangible results, our opinion about money, creativity, love.
Mars- Our energy, how we sift the good from the bad, how to apply what we know into energy and how we exert our energy.

Saturn- Restrictions, tests, doubts, punishment, karma, self-imposed restraints, ambition.

Jupiter- Expansion, Luck, Optimism, philanthropy, religion, beliefs, travel, seek knowledge.

Neptune- Dreams, illusions, delusions, love, religion, romance, humanitarian, selfless.

Pluto- Power, Passion, obsession, death, regeneration, sex, power-plays, intensity, drive, ambition

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