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Moon-Pluto in Aspect( known as Hades Moon) according to author Judy Hall who wrote this book. You can view her book here is a very powerful moon to have, which causes powerful emotions, in which must be learned to be contained or expressed without a loss of control. 

Pluto  represents control, power, pride, and obsession and works on a very subtle or explosive way, depending on how bottled in one's feelings are. 

If your moon is in hard aspect either square or opposition to Pluto you can be a formidable force in your life and the lives of others. You have great strength in handling difficult situations. You may be unaware of the effect you have on others around you or you may take complete advantage of the fact that many will often succumb to your whims for the sake of keeping the peace.

Emotional Temperament in relationships

You can be quite stubborn and willful in relationships. You are often suspicious of others motives. In love you are extremely stubborn and often use the take away to achieve your goals, however, you are the one that has to suffer the most because of this.

 This can take place in many different forms but often by threats of cutting people off and never speaking to them, extreme verbal attacks, and often withdrawing to make your partner come to you. These threats are often followed through and if the person whom you are trying to get to react does not, then you can result in many manipulative tactics to get your way whether through blackmail or threats.

 Power is very important to Moon Pluto people, and they need to have their loved ones close and in check and often use manipulative tactics to do so. They tend to obsess over situations and once their mind is fixed. They have a great difficulty letting go of the outcome of any given situation. 

They are often subject to paranoia and obsessive behavior. In order to avoid this, it is important they learn to control their thoughts and turn them to a more optimistic nature.

 We all have had our share of wrongs, but what good does it too to stay in that mindset, it only perpetuates much of the same. Quantum Physics has provided  scientific proof that we manifest our thoughts, and all the more reason you need to stop worrying and be more positive, learn to let go of the things you can not control. 

Early childhood and Family

The early life of a Moon-Pluto native was likely full of what may seem to the native as outside forces or unexplainable subtle energies that were imposed on the individual through one or both of the parents, often but not always with the mother. The mother may have made drastic decisions that left the individual feeling uncertain of what may come next or what may happen. 

There was a level of uncertainty an unsafe feeling of at any moment things could get out of hand very quickly. The mother may have taken on strong Pluto qualities ( controlling, manipulative, dominating, and or extremely unpredictable behavior). 

Often there will be found within the family many different forms mental violence in the day to day behaviors within the family, or in many cases even physical violence.

I have also seen that within the family there is a distinct feeling of not of not being heard or understood or even cared about or the complete opposite cared about to an extreme and suffocated. 

If there was physical violence it is often masked as tough love ie. " I did it for your own good" or " I want to protect you" or because " I care too much". This type of behavior leads to the confusion of the individual later in life where they have a difficult time separating "love" from manipulation or control later in life.

 In some of the more dramatic cases the individual was exposed to a family member with perhaps an emotional or mental disorder whether clinically diagnosed or not, there was an emotional instability prevalent in the parent and their home life may have been so absurd that they now have great difficulty developing a realistic view of life and people. This makes it difficult for them to relax, trust and even fit in and understand family dynamics. 

The emotional extremes and oddities at home they experienced may have felt so strange or bazaar in such a fundamental way that they have no idea how to adapt themselves to a normal life outside of their strange family life. They more than likely never felt loved for themselves; without the use of manipulation and control so they carry this out into their approach to love in the future.

Love and Relationships
There are inherent trust issues in love, and their deep-seated fears often come to the surface. Fear of being manipulated, lied to or deceived and perhaps not being loved for them. Although there is a strong desire to know all there is about their partner, investigating is very common, however the native their self-tends to be highly secretive with their own life, which causes many unwanted problems in love. Whether they realize it or not this causes the majority of their problems in love. You can keep your emotions under wraps for long periods of time, but when you let go you let go with a fury. You tend to be highly secretive, and this can cause your partners to have suspicions about you, causing emotional games and jealousy into play. Although you are secretive, you insist on knowing all there is to your partner and expect them to be an open book and need full disclosure. Which is fine if you were to do the same.

This aspect often leads the native to suppress their emotions until it's too late, or to where it comes out in a downright venomous way appearing quite unstable.  

Rather than expressing their upsets when they happen, they tend to bottle them in until they can no longer be suppressed. This is because they  would rather not appear to be "what they think their partners would consider is weak" (which is actually normal communication between two people), or they choose to pretend it does not bother them  so instead they act like they "don't care" when they actually really do. It is so important to learn to be direct. Because they don't often say what it is they think or feel instead go about it in indirect or passive aggressive and even manipulative way, confusing their partner adding too much of the confusion and even disaster that happens in their relationships. This is another one of the problems attached to Pluto moon. 

If they can learn to say what it is they want directly it will cut out half the obsession with trying to find out. Don't say what you don't mean or act as if you don't care when you really do.

Their immediate response to any type of rejection feels like a personal attack, which is not always the case. Becoming obsessed with finding out what they could simply ask and if they are not satisfied with the others behavior, then cut the ties and move on. 

If the Moon Pluto person does not get the response they crave, in the time frame they were expecting, then they can become pushy, obsessive acting in ways that can truly frighten others, making them want to disconnect completely. Pushing someone or harassing them usually backfires and makes the person look as if they have no self-control. If you do not have the person attention because of the wonderful characteristics you have, then what good is it to have them out of fear. It only perpetuates the same cycle over and over. With this aspect, one much learn to overcome the negative view of the world and people, and when they come across people they can not trust or that betray them to let go and move on.

 It's important to learn to understand that their life experience was to build a stronger identity outside of experience. Astrology helps us to illuminate these more negative qualities of our personalities to avoid falling at the hands of our predicted behavior and ending up fated rather than reaching our destiny.  

This aspect can sometimes make the individual lose faith in the good in people and, as a result, becoming paranoid often questing others motives or doubting them. 

People with hard Pluto aspects not just the Moon, but also the Sun, have often experienced much manipulation and saw the negative side to people that has changed their perspective. To overcome the negative side of this aspect one must project what it is they truly desire, and not to take part in passive aggressive behavior, being indirect leaves to much open to interpretation which can lead to assumptions that are incorrect and cause much drama that could be otherwise avoided.

There is usually a deep craving for love and intimacy but at the same time a deep fear of appearing needy or weak. Pride is Pluto's biggest problem and it interferes the most with being able to connect truly with another. Those that experience Pluto by transit learn that Pluto will take away anything that we hold on to dear life for, so we are then forced to let go. While Pluto empowers he also strips us of that power he gave us in the first place, that is his lesson to learn to handle power.

 This aspect shows that "There is a fine line between love and hate"  and people with this aspect often fluctuate between the two. When love is not returned, or they feel that they are somehow losing control, the feelings can become quite powerful to where in extreme cases their relationships end both dramatically and painfully and with much hatred.

If the focus is turned positive rather than what could go wrong then Pluto Moon people have great powers of observation and emotional strength and reserve. If this power of focus and determination is used to reach new heights in one's life, or used in it's positive form, these people can truly make a powerful difference both other people's lives and the world itself. 

It is by no means easy to reprogram our beliefs or thought patterns, but because of our early life experience we have developed certain thought patterns and beliefs. We are impressionable early on. This is why books like the highly acclaimed " A course in Miracles" which aims a reprogramming these negative beliefs through love and forgiveness, and feeling a tremendous sense of peace, which in turn draws amazing things into your life simply by thinking differently. Much like we would go to a counselor or a therapist, for answers to traumas we would need to heal them, how? by reprogramming our beliefs into a positive self-worth, and allows us true inner peace. If one can switch their thought patterns to see things more objectively and positively, these people can learn to manifest positive things in their life much easier than others. This is because they have tremendous focus and drive.
Many different ailments can come from this placement, because of the emotional extremes and obsessive stress. Common illnesses are: Stomach ulcers, binge eating, nervous disorders, panic anxiety, and bipolar disorder are common links to Pluto Moon especially if the moon is in Gemini or Sag.
It is said that It is very important for them to Learn to let go of the past and forgive others including their family for they themselves had their own craziness past down from their previous generation.
 Pluto's ultimate lesson is that anything that we hold on too close or to tightly or attempt to control through manipulation will eventually break free. Stop alienating yourself, and learn to go with the flow of the universe, and realize that everything has its course.
When the power of Pluto is used in its positive form, it can be a force for great positive change.


  1. I love this post! Right on the spot.

  2. Thank you for reading Anonymous:)

  3. This is exactly how this aspect has played out... and yes I have this aspect..I after numerous relationship disasters because of my accusations. I have decided the beginning of this year to take up yoga and meditation and I can't believe how much it has helped. My new obsession is health! Not a bad obsession to have! Learning to let go of control was very difficult but after reading about myself in articles such as this. I had too, it was to embarrassing to accept that I was this way but it's necessary for our health. Thank you.

  4. Thanks for reading Mark! I am so glad that you were able to obsess somewhere else that is beneficial and not detrimental to you. Yoga and Meditation really does help keep your focus on yourself. A very close friend of mine has Sun, Moon and Mercury square Pluto and found tremendous relief doing the same. He too is like a new person. He is able to relax and enjoy his life much more. Thank you for your comment I hope it helps many others!

  5. Wow! My moon pluto is hard enough! I couldn't imagine have pluto in hard aspect to my mercury too. I am happy for your friend and understand why he chose to get a handle on it. It is exhausting to obsess so much!

  6. "Stop bursting your bridges"

    this is so much me...

    My opposition occurs in my 2-8 houses for moon and pluto (respectives) - exalted moon and pluto in dom.

    There's a hand of dom. saturn (11) in both, too. And also another of the ascendant (pisces). Neptune and Uranus (in cap) stretch out their craziness for it too. Jupiter (leo) squares them both.

    I am out of myself, dead and alive at the same time. I self-deceive me. I have the need to possess, absorve, become what I want - and what I want is what I love -, I just don't know how to swim on the surface. I need to know the mind of those near me (sometimes, even become their minds).
    In relationships I feel a constant need to blend with the other one but I am not sucessful, always, on my side of the fusion: too much fear, too much possessiveness, consume me; my partners are always brought to the highs, they fall in for me but I am distant, I almost cry because of that ('cause I know I shouldn't be acting like that, on the inside, but I am).
    I can't avoid being unreachable: It's like having no heart leaving my loneliness. Or maybe, I have never had another heart, if not this lone - and so known - one I have. Giving, caring, loving is much easier to give than to receive. It's hard letting things just flow - it's like losing control, and I don't like to lose anything.

    The worst is that I, before things even start, have already lost them - by "bursting my bridges". (I loved this expression)

    Thanks for the description, it's awesome knowing what I am, translated in words.

  7. Vancourt, Your story is sad.. I wish you well. This is a very difficult aspect to to manage. There is so much emotional fury boiling beneath. I leave you with this, Scientific evidence, is providing us with answers. The combination of A. Astrology is helping us identify our psychology, and how it affects our lives. Science is showing us the answer, and as Quantum mechanics has proved. "We are what we think about most" We manifest our thoughts. It is wise to focus on the positive, if we want to live happy lives. Our thoughts DO manifest. If you are obsessing it is a focused energy and if it is on what's going wrong, finding lies, or anything negative, You will find it, or manifest it. Focus your thoughts on the positive! On believing that people are good, and that good things happen, and that you can trust. Watch how in due time, things change dramatically for the better. Positive energy is life force, without it we would all be in a very bad place. If we give out negative energy, Negative energy comes back to us... We must be very cautious of our thoughts. Check out what our thoughts can do to water. http://www.highexistence.com/water-experiment/
    Our thoughts are powerful and what we give out we get back, so don't give out negative! Thank you for reading, Love and Peace!

  8. I have been struggling with my boyfriend who has this placement. He is always going through my things and accusing me of being unfaithful. He never trusts me, I'm tired. What is a girl to do?

    1. I am sorry for the delay some of my comments never showed up! You're comment sounds about right, it's a tough one.

  9. Wow I just read this. Amazing description. A relationship i once held on to for dear life tragically ended months ago. I remember the emotional distress throughout and even towards the very end as we still lived together apart and the pain it caused that I attempted to hide with a smile that suddenly had a volatile ending. My Aries moon opposite my Pluto in Libra showed up in a blind rage and the man I loved more than myself vanished from my life. I keep wondering if I should leave the past where it is or reach out to him. My being afraid to express my feelings made me look so insane. And I hurt him and myself. My birth chart is full of hard aspects but my moon Pluto aspect is one of the hardest to overcome.

    1. Thank you for stopping by to share:) I think you should definitely reach out to him if you want to. Don't let anyone get away without atleast addressing things if you had strong feelings and you feel this aspect contributed to the demise. It's never too late and you are now aware and therefore can certainly try again or atleast let him know your sorry.