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Pluto is power, destruction,  sex, ambition, drive, death and re-birth.  The god of the non-superficial will strip you down to bare bones to find out who you really are behind the facade. The strength that comes from a Pluto transit is like no other. The god of the underworld is really the god of "the takeaway" you know, break down and rebuild a more authentic you. 

Pluto retrograde transiting the 1st house- regaining your power, assertiveness, and speaking up for yourself will be your theme. No more none sense! When Pluto goes retrograde in your 1st house you will re-evaluate who you really are. You may have difficulty with others pushing their opinions on you, you yourself may become more aggressive and manipulative during this time. What is your image that you are projecting and is it really you? Have you been neglecting your health?  Are you being true to yourself? You will have learned this by the time pluto goes direct and you have a new approach to the things you want for yourself.

Pluto transiting your 2nd house- will be visiting the area of values, money, possessions. Pluto retrograde in the 2nd house will cause you to re-evaluate what you want or what you think you need. During Pluto's transit to the Second house, he will cause a burning desire to be independent financially if you aren't already, he will see if you have been living within your means or not.  There is an initial breakdown phase, which is where most people loose things, this is to base your confidence not on what you have. As he turns retrograde, he pushes you to find new ways of making money and may even return some of the things you lost or replace them with something new. You will evaluate what really matters to you, were you too attached to your material things? Pluto always rebuilds what he breaks down so don't sweat it, it's for your best.

Pluto transiting your 3rd house. The house of communication, immediate environment and local travel along with neighbors, store clerks people you see in passing. People you meet locally may be more Plutonian or aggressive this is to test your response to seeing whether or not you stand up for yourself. Your thought process could completely change by the time pluto has set sail. Once pluto is direct your thought process and they way you communicate will have gone through a total reconstruction.

Pluto transiting your 4th house- The house of heritage the soul and home. This will bring you back to your childhood years and make you lose some old baggage you have been carrying around that is very much necessary for your betterment of self. You will release and let go of old hurts but not without reliving them first. Pluto has a way of digging up the dead horse to beat again so that way it can finally be cremated and you can move on renewed. Things from your childhood could resurface, old family hurts could come to light,  you may have some aggression at home. The reason why is because Pluto needs to bring to light the things that are no longer serving your higher self so conflict must arise so it can then be dealt with. 

Pluto transiting the 5th house- The house of creativity, love, romance, children and gambling and speculation. Get ready to have a whole new perception on what was once considered fun. Pluto is bringing your love life up for inspection. Maybe you weren't a person that enjoyed the simple things in life, maybe you aren't wired for fun, love, romance or leisure. Maybe you had too much fun, maybe your whole life has been one big playground. Whichever it was Pluto has come to transform the way you have fun, relate to children or love. If you are single you may meet a different kind of lover then you ever have had in past.Regardless of what happens during this transit expect to be renewed and going forward you won't pursue love and romance the same if you are able to catch a drift.

Pluto retrograde transiting the 6th house- the house of work, separating the wheat from the chaff and health.

Be careful to take care of yourself during this transit since it does rule health. If you have been avoiding the doctor visit or hoping something bothering your health will just disappear during this transit it more than likely will get worse. The reason again- is because Pluto must bring it up to get rid of it. It needs to be dealt with once and for all. Whatever health problem you have been avoiding could flare up so you can finally deal with it. Another thing that happens is servant's, maids or hired help could suddenly get attitude become unruly and just stubborn. You will have energy in the work area you may feel like you can tackle all your problems now. Catch up on work that has been behind. It's a good time to review your health and work area. Make a plan so when pluto goes direct it will get done.

Pluto transiting retrograde in your 7th house

Your partnership house is being broken down and mulled over. This can be quite upsetting at first but you will be happy when it's all over. When pluto goes retrograde in your 7th house your partnerships could suddenly go through a overhaul in some cases  die not literally but come to a end if it needs to. Usually when this happens you will reflect and see that it was headed this way anyway and that it wasn't in either of your best interest to continue.  Relationships come up to Pluto's inspection and lovers may break away or you could decide to break away. Whatever happens during this transit you need to trust in the universe and it's plan for you. Pluto retrograde transits can be very harsh but they really don't do anything that you really don't need done. If you relationship is strong then Pluto will deepen it. If it is unhealthy or bad for you then Pluto will more than likely show them or you the exit door. You could also meet a very important and powerful person during this time that will change the way you look at things for good. This can be a very positive transit depending on other aspects of the chart. 

Pluto retrograde in the 8th house- house of sex, death, taxes and other peoples money, also  the house of family inheritance.

This transit is a little difficult to diagnose since this is Pluto's natural house.  You can expect your psychological beliefs to be re-evaluated for one. This is a deep and mysterious house that holds many secrets so usually there is a initial purge that may be difficult at first. This is a necessary process since pushing the balloon under water only makes it come back up later. Sex becomes much more important and much more powerful and the same time, you seek deeper experience. You will be interested more so than in the past in all things hidden and the occult. If you are expecting a inheritance or money, there may be power struggles involved. There may be a death involved but this is not usually the case. Pluto digs up all that is hidden and forces one to deal with them because you can not move on from the past if you don't deal with it. In the case of the 8th house things are unpredictable, buried deep within, these are not light things but rather heavy. However, Pluto is quite skilled at his own house and after this transit you will feel much lighter and thankful that you went through this process.

Pluto retrograde the 9th house 

This is the house of journeys, foreign lands, higher education, religion, and philosophy. You will have a stronger than usual desire to explore these areas. Long distance travel is very possible. You may run into controlling or difficult people in another country if you do travel. Some suddenly find religion and pursue it with vigor.You may find out at the end of this transit that you had a complete overhaul in your belief system.

Pluto retrograde the 10th house

You will have a tremendous desire for public approval and achievement at this time. Pluto turns on the heat often making our desires amplified or our personalities obsessive and much more powerful in obtaining our desires. However, it is not without a struggle. Pluto makes people difficult, controlling and dominating and you may come across people like this in your work environment, that will cause you to want to leave or change your place of work. Pluto is setting out to make changes and most of the time they are painful and first. You will appear much more powerful to others, you need to be careful not to come off to dominating to cause problems within your public or professional life. However, this new found passion may be just what you need to land in the perfect career by the time this transit ends and sometimes in the first entrance quite early.  When Pluto makes a move it's known right away. There is a possibility of power struggles with a father figure or boss. Since Pluto will also be opposite the 4th you can expect big changes going on at a soul level and at home.

Pluto retrograde the 11th house

You will find out who your friends really are during this transit. Things will come to light that you were unaware of and at the end of this transit you may end up with a friend or two less. Don't worry you will be happy to have this information it's better than having fake friends. Another thing that will happen is you hopes and wishes will be in a review also. You will re-think what it is you really want maybe it's time for an overhaul here. You will gain new perspectives and be ready with a new solid plan. The death of a friend is also possible but not likely, Pluto transits teach us lessons and you will learn these lessons though friends, groups, or associations. 

Pluto transiting retrograde in the 12th 

The house of sorrows, self-undoing, unconscious, the spiritual. This transit can be quite liberating I personally like Pluto transiting here because Pluto will get rid of all the psychic garbage and fears that are holding you back.The only thing I don't like are the hidden enemies thing- but it can also be yourself and most people find this to be true. This transit also has a way of purging your physical body of toxins which some people experience unusual break outs on skin.

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