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To understand astrology, you would first need to understand that although you have a Zodiac sign( Sun sign) that is based on your birthday, it is truly a very tiny piece of you and Astrology. I am not saying your Sun Sign has no importance for it most certainly does. It describes the area in which you want to shine or be recognized or noticed and your overall personality that you show to those closest to you. There are 9 planets total, and the Sun sign is just one aspect. There is just so much more to Astrology and you than just the Sun or Zodiac sign that many are completely unaware of. This is the reason why some people don't relate to their Sun sign and, unfortunately, discredit Astrology all together. No two people are "just alike" and the same goes for all those under the same zodiac sign. There are certain characteristics that they may share, but many are quite different from one another. 

This is because each one has a different set of planets in different houses that make up the other part of their personality. The good news is, I think now is the time, more than ever, that many will learn Astrology. I am happy to be a part of this new age- where Astrology ( Knowledge) will be available to all and quite possibly will put an end to the phrase " If I knew then, what I know now". We will then move into the age of " I know", the anticipated " Age of Aquarius".

We will begin making educated choices based on our life plan and eventually change the course of our lives, into happier and more fulfilled lives. The next generations will more than likely learn Astrology in the School room, those lucky ducks! 

So what more? As I previously stated the Sun rules our egos, our pride. So let's say you are an Aries, you are quick to do often think later or somewhat of a risk taker. However, your Moon is in Cancer, sign of security, since the Moon rules our internal selves, and emotions, with this Moon placement your are less likely to throw caution to the wind like a typical Aries, for security is much more important to you. So, you will not act as a bold and daring Aries unless there are other aspects that override. ( see: the variables of aspects) for more in depth. So, we have the Sun (ego) Moon ( emotions), Mercury (mind), Venus ( love), Mars( energy) Jupiter ( beliefs) Saturn ( Insecurity, restrictions) Uranus ( Rebellion) Neptune ( dreams) Pluto ( transformation). 

Each one of these Planets impact your personality by natal chart and is used in the timing of events within your life by transits. The most important of all of these, in my opinion is what is called the Ascendant. You must have your actual birth time to find this, however, it is critical in obtaining the most accurate information. It is not actually a planet it is a point that is a sign, that was rising to the east of your sun sign. This Ascendant will give you your house break down. There are 9 planets. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. There are 12 houses that occupy 12 sections of the circle chart of your natal chart. These houses represent particular facets of you. You will cover this in the house breakdowns a bit later on.

The 12th houses are broken down by means of the Ascendant. The Ascendant is the beginning of the 1st house. The Ascendant not only breaks down the houses or puts them in order, but it also describes a very large part of you. It is how you view your life, or how your life is experienced. It also describes your physical appearance and your overall personality or what others see of you. I can often guess people's Ascendants, not their Sun signs based on a picture. Many people related strongly to their Ascendant, some Ascendants are more powerful than other aspects which change and alter a person's personality. 
Scorpio is a very powerful Ascendant and often dominates the rest of the chart. Meaning a person with a Scorpio Ascendant will behave and look more like a Scorpio than their Sun sign regardless of the sign.

When you have your birth-time you are in luck, you can then find what is called the Ascendant. The Ascendant is a very important part of a chart because most people take on much more of the qualities of the Ascendant than they do their Sun Sign. The Ascendant depending on the time you were born, will also break down the 12 houses which I will get into shortly. First I want to explain more about the Ascendant. 

The Ascendant or Rising sign is the sign rising on the East at your time of birth. The Ascendant describes how you look, act and even, how you present yourself or come off to others.This is just a brief overview, there is so much, much that I could literally write forever, so just keep in mind I am keeping it short and there is a lot more about each planet and house and to the Ascendant.

 As you go through the course you will get the full picture. Most people can relate more to their Ascendant than they can their Sun, sign. However, this is not always the case, but it's important to note. 

The Ascendant is how we perceive life and our experiences it's how we filter the information we received, it really is who we are, but that's another subject that would only confuse things if I go there now. So, Aside from the Ascendant Sign and the Sun sign, there is also the Moon and the other planets and guess what? They also represent important parts of you and go even deeper than that of the Sun alone. All 9* planets used in Astrology  can be in different signs although Mercury and Venus don't get too far away from the Sun sign and are most often found in the same sign as the sun, but there are many in different.

To sum it up in a phrase, "We are "all of the signs" not just ONE. 

To understand the meaning behind  "We are all of the signs". Take a look at the zodiac ( The twelve zodiac signs) and the wheel with the 12 houses they rule. You will see you have a sign on every house and planets impacting some but not all of the houses. Just imagine you are the Sun in the Center and the planets are rotating around you, playing musical chairs moving through the houses. Then at the moment of your birth, they all fall into their house placement ( in each of the 12 houses). Got it? Okay, Great!

As already discussed The 12 houses rule particular areas of your personality and life. For more on those See house descriptions or just follow through with next down below it is part of the course, you will get to it.

Another occurrence that often happens and explains why many don't match their Zodiac Sun sign is if many of their planets fall into that of another sign, other than their Sun sign. In this case, they end up being more like the other sign that occupies more of their chart, especially true if it's personal planets ( Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars). This is also true for aspects to planets. Which you will also learn about later on.See: (more on the planet aspects).

 There are many variables and you are in for quite a journey with lot's to learn, but it will never cease to amaze you.    

As promised, more on the planets and houses and what they represent.
  • The sun is the center of the universe all planets rotate around the sun. The sun rules the sign Leo which rules the 5th house of love, romance, children, and creativity. People born in the astrological sign of Leo tend to be fun loving, creative and love children. They are warm, loving and passionate. They are grand and majestic and in need to constant adoration. The sun rules the ego. The ego is different than what you are really deep inside. 

  • The moon is our emotions, instincts, the nurturing we both give and receive. How we really feel on an emotional level and how we emotionally respond to life's challenges and emotionally trying times. It is also representative of the women in our lives including our Mother. 
  • Mercury is the "messenger" he rules the mind, our thinking process, our communications and how we communicate, it rules information, writing, and commerce.  It's how we process the information that we receive, our early environment, our intelligence, and agility.

  • Venus is the planet of love but also money. It's how we act to attract and what we desire in a mate (if a man.) The types of things we like, what are important to us materially and how we think about money.

  • Mars the God of War is how we use our energy. It's our physical energy. It's where we exert our energy and how much of it we have and how we use it. For a woman, it is the type of man she is attracted to. It's the brother or father or uncle or any usually younger male.

  • Jupiter the God of Abundance is our faith, luck and expansion, beliefs, our good fortune and principals. It's where we believe and take risks. Where we want to explore and learn. He rules higher learning and is a highly beneficial planet. 

  • Saturn is the father, time, karma restrictions, insecurities and how we hold ourselves back, barriers that we have put up psychologically. He is also representative of the Judge or father. It is through our Saturn struggles that we grow.

  • Neptune represents our higher spiritual selves, our ideal, our dreams and our delusions, our fantasies and where we are sometimes blinded by our compassion. 

  • Pluto the god of the underworld represents  death, rebirth, passion  control, jealousy, drive for power, domination and ego.


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