Saturday, August 27, 2011


Pluto Square Mercury (mind, thinking, reasoning) produces mind control of another plane. Sensitive to underlying currents in search of the truth, (their own personal truth) of any given situation. 
This truth to them tends to mostly consist of the fact that everyone is hiding something, and that there must be lies and betrayal lurking somewhere. Pluto in aspect to mercury produces a mind that is in a "constant state of obsession". They often need an immediate response to any inquiries made, or they begin a series of suspicions as to why this person has not responded.  
They are sensitive to their environment and pick up cues from other's that may or may not exist, but if they feel they are not getting the response they are looking for, they can become quite a verbal attacker.
People with this aspect have a strong calculating mind that is easily disposed to negative thinking and obsessive thoughts. Some Characteristics of this aspect are:

  • thinking other people are lying to them or trying to manipulate them

  • feeling they cannot really trust their friends and associates

  • worrying any confidential information shared with others will be used against them

  • thinking there are hidden meanings in remarks most would regard as innocent
  • worrying their spouse or partner is unfaithful, despite a lack of evidence

In romantic love relationships, this aspect tends to doubt their lovers, and may begin a series of investigations, questioning and even snooping, for evidence of wrongdoing. 

If their lover goes off the radar for any period of time, they usually swing into a panic state, and will often relentlessly call, until they get their answer, appearing completely out of control.

Some can result to blackmail if they don't get their way. Don't be surprised if you get a message or two that involves cutting you out forever, and multiple phone calls and texts messages making sure you know this is what they intend to do. 

Their laser beam focuses on what "could be wrong" as opposed to what could be right. This is the reason for the majority of their problems.

In the pursuit of trying to find betrayal and lies they often manifest it. They are the Masters of the "hold out" or "take away" which often leaves them lonely.

Compulsive reactions characterize this aspect. Their feelings are so intense, so powerful and so overwhelming that they often make rash decisions out of fear, or to gain control.

This often backfires on them and they can end up loners because of the relentlessness, pushy behavior.
Dominating people only builds resentment and works against you.  Cooperation is key, patience and understanding get you everywhere. Learn to relax, your mind and body needs it.

On the positive side: This aspect adds depth and tremendous focus and mind power. When used positively towards self-help, psychology, science, or any task that requires the power of concentration they are the best for it. They have a strong focus, willpower and the dedication to accomplish and follow through more than most. 
Your karma is to learn to let go and let be, relax! Realize that there are some things, that we cannot control. We can, however, control our thoughts and reactions, and it would serve you best to do so.
Quantum physics shows us that we are co-creators, our perception creates our reality. When we think the worst it's more likely to happen, be positive!


  1. Wow. Well said. I have this aspect.

  2. fanatastic...i mean my GF is having the same aspect and i struggled alot with her.....before she defamed me for no I have learnt to maintain the distance with her...mean she is dangerous...and never trusts any body much u care or love...u ll be the victim of her anger and all for no reason..and she will be the same innocent creature to the whole world....

  3. It's a doozy to deal with sometimes! not being trusted and having to work so hard to prove yourself. You should try to talk with her calmly about how you feel and maybe introduce her to astrology so she can get a outside perspective. Sometimes it helps to blame someone else for bringing it up. Either way you need to have respect for yourself and don't let anyone treat you badly.

  4. thanks very much....

  5. I have Mercury-Leo square Pluto-Scorpio and this is me to a T. Having a Scorpio Rising and 1st House doesn't help it either.

    I've always consider myself a very warm and generous Leo but when I'm angry? Oh boy, my mouth can get real foul. It shocks the h*ll out of people. Then I'm labeled as cruel or crazy.

    I can be obsessive in my thoughts. If I ask someone a serious question and they don't respond a second after I ask, I get suspicious and immediately start questioning. I can be a bit extreme sometimes.

    This aspect is definitely a hard one to work with but I'm making progress

  6. Hi anonymous Pluto Merc Leo! Thanks for visiting. Oh I know, it's hard I have Scorp ASC and although Pluto is trine my Merc it's still Irks me, once i get fixated. The saving grace is my Jupiter conjunct Merc, I swear by it, keeps me thinking positive for the most part. I found that if you take that laser beam focus on things that are for your betterment, positive things, that require focus and dedication, there is not much you can't do:) don't let it make you worry to the point of assuming the worst is all:)

  7. Wouldn't it be nice if we lived in a world where everyone was good but the reality is that we don't. The so called negative traits of this square wouldn't exist if there weren't people in the world for whom these traits are just rewards . Astrologers seem particularly biased against water sign traits, which kinda goes hand in hand with the general societal bias against sensitive introvert types who often see behind people's bs.then called out because they merely reflect like a mirror the garbage that exists in the world. I think the only "personal" issue here(as squares are considered personal ) is that the lesson mercury square pluto must learn is to quickly distance themselves from people who trigger their mental stress. I've started learning that not everyone will so my standards are not the problem.

    1. Thank you for you comment, I agree, to distance ourselves from people that are bad for us. But rather than mirror the behavior we despise in others, why not be a example of what we would "like to see more of" in others or gracefully leave the situation.

      The law of Karma is seen in Astrology, everyone that has knowledge of Astrology knows it to be real. So we need not worry about giving others what they deserve, they will get it on their own. It's free of our hands so we can focus this energy on the things we Do want in our lives, rather than focusing on what we Do Not want.

      Quantum Physics has proven without a doubt that our beliefs and thoughts manifest. Surely one that has seen the darker quality of people more often than others, would be predisposed to believe it to be true of everyone. That's just one way our perceptions are affected and in return harming us. We all need to overcome our negative perceptions which is no easy task, but it is very possible and it's in our best interest.

      Regardless of how negative our experiences in life and others we, we can't let the negative one's direct our lives. The key is to create your life, not let others create or dictate, how you feel or react, take charge of you and your thoughts. Focus on being positive and the things that you " do" want in your life, rather than the things you don't".

      A short blip on manifesting through beliefs if interested.

  8. Speaking of Karma, I think that's sort of what I was reaching for...trying to suggest that this tendency itself the the karmic effect of carelessness, thoughtlessness, and lack of responsibility that may exist in the world. Of course how to respond is very important; reflect the negative garbage, possibly hitting the wrong target, (although not often haha) suffer in silence (which moving on graciously can feel like) or try to choose different people and situations that reduce the triggering the obsession? I think challenging fact for Pluto square Mercury is that the transformation comes after going through all these phases..and accepting it will continue being this way.

    1. Nicely said:) and I understand what you are saying and yes there are bad people, but as I said to Mercury Leo Pluto above. Don't let negative thinking or always assuming the "worst of everyone" take over. Manifesting negative, it does play a role because people are reactive as well.

      Bottom line: We really need to choose wisely whom we let in our lives, Mercury Pluto has this ability. Don't keep people around or associate with them if you see these negative qualities.

      Secondly, we need to not let other people affect us to the point of anger, for it gives them the satisfaction to see that they actually have a effect.

      We only have in our lives what we allow, walk away and don't look back, don't give them the satisfaction of seeing they were able to get you angry. When they see no reaction, then they see they have no effect.

      Walk away and put the energy into something beneficial for oneself, let Karma deal with them.:)

  9. Zahara, can a relationship with this aspect survive. I have -75 mercury square Pluto with someone. Good gosh we have tons of aspects that are positive, but geez, like myself, he is a decorative crab. I take fault for destroying the relationship before it started. He ignorede for months and now he messaged me apologizing and wants to rekindle. I am highly suspicious(there it goes) of his intentions. He says they are pure but I don't know. We also have Venus Neptune opposition and Venus Pluto trine. I believe our bond is karmic. Our score is this: 783 -146 637. I am destined to be the only one truly in love. I would go through hell to be with him...but if its going to blow up in my face o do not want the pain I felt before. Its a very dangerous combo, period. Do you think its worth it?

    1. Hi Punk E. Potamus! Pluto is a tough one to work with in a relationship- but all things are possible. It really depends on the level of maturity and experience. Pluto can be combustible and can cause a great deal of unnecessary stress because of the stuborness, fear, paranoia and need to control.

      However, if you learn to let one another be who they are, and learn to work together rather than compete or be right, then you do have a solid chance. Yes it can work, this aspect alone in synastry is not a deal breaker there are many other aspects that need to be taken into consideration as well. Since you say you have other nice ones, I would try to bring those"front and center" so the relationship takes on it's positive form as opposed to the negative.

      I wrote a lot more in the Back Room on Pluto relationships, with many suggestions on how to best handle the energy.

      If not handled well, it can destroy a relationship permanently, because of the compulsive reactions it draws out.

      However without seeing the rest of your chart and his chart, it's impossible to really say. I would be happy to read your relationship and give advice at that point, there is a lot that needs to be taken into consideration as always.

      Otherwise, all things can be worked through with knowledge and maturity:)

  10. I have this aspect, and trust me yes it can be very self defeating. Plus brooding constantly over the dark and negatives actually brings it up. I have treated those with good intentions and love for me the worst, and now I am a bit of a loner though that's intrinsic as I am a VIRGO ASC. Plus perceptions truly create our reality I am up for corrective stance. Though I have occasionally devastating insights that most can hardly imagine exists :)

    1. Hi thanks for visiting! I understand how difficult it is it's very difficult! we all experience it by transit at some point and it's NOT easy it's very brutal, living with the aspect is even harder. Both natally or by transit (the transit which can last a year)the natal is a life long struggle but the negative thoughts and feeling are so intense!
      I so feel for those with this aspect natally, it's very tough to over come heck even by transit and even with knowledge of what's happening it's still near impossible!

      But this is the best part about astrology is that we with knowledge can try to rise above the planetary influences and not let them control us.

      Knowledge is the first step then learning the let go. When we let go they can't affect us anymore and truly letting go of the outcomes or the needs of the whatever is holding us hostage or causing us to obsess is where the power truly is and the planets can't take away what we are not holding on to - or trying to control what will happen. Simply letting go of fears and assuming the positive helps. Trying to control anything other than our own thoughts and actions is impossible and where pain and loss is the result.
      Whether we think it's true or not, it's true. Whether we think we can or not it's true. It's all about our thoughts and what we believe it's in our benefit to turn them positive however we must. And letting go of expectations is big too. We only hurt ourselves otherwise.

      Thank you for reading sharing your personal insight! it's very tough aspect but can be overcome and used positively to focus on positive would be highly beneficial for those with this aspect, because the focus this aspect generates is very powerful! All my best to you!

  11. it's a tricky advice for mercury square pluto folks to end this article with words "When we think the worst it's more likely to happen, be positive!"... don't you think they (me too) are just gonna think the worst when obsessing about "it's more likely to happen" part! ;)