Saturday, August 27, 2011


Pluto Square Mercury (mind, thinking, reasoning) produces mind control of another plane. Sensitive to underlying currents in search of the truth, (their own personal truth) of any given situation. 
This truth to them tends to mostly consist of the fact that everyone is hiding something, and that there must be lies and betrayal lurking somewhere. Pluto in aspect to mercury produces a mind that is in a "constant state of obsession". They often need an immediate response to any inquiries made, or they begin a series of suspicions as to why this person has not responded.  
They are sensitive to their environment and pick up cues from other's that may or may not exist, but if they feel they are not getting the response they are looking for, they can become quite a verbal attacker.
People with this aspect have a strong calculating mind that is easily disposed to negative thinking and obsessive thoughts. Some Characteristics of this aspect are:

  • thinking other people are lying to them or trying to manipulate them

  • feeling they cannot really trust their friends and associates

  • worrying any confidential information shared with others will be used against them

  • thinking there are hidden meanings in remarks most would regard as innocent
  • worrying their spouse or partner is unfaithful, despite a lack of evidence

In romantic love relationships, this aspect tends to doubt their lovers, and may begin a series of investigations, questioning and even snooping, for evidence of wrongdoing. 

If their lover goes off the radar for any period of time, they usually swing into a panic state, and will often relentlessly call, until they get their answer, appearing completely out of control.

Some can result to blackmail if they don't get their way. Don't be surprised if you get a message or two that involves cutting you out forever, and multiple phone calls and texts messages making sure you know this is what they intend to do. 

Their laser beam focuses on what "could be wrong" as opposed to what could be right. This is the reason for the majority of their problems.

In the pursuit of trying to find betrayal and lies they often manifest it. They are the Masters of the "hold out" or "take away" which often leaves them lonely.

Compulsive reactions characterize this aspect. Their feelings are so intense, so powerful and so overwhelming that they often make rash decisions out of fear, or to gain control.

This often backfires on them and they can end up loners because of the relentlessness, pushy behavior.
Dominating people only builds resentment and works against you.  Cooperation is key, patience and understanding get you everywhere. Learn to relax, your mind and body needs it.

On the positive side: This aspect adds depth and tremendous focus and mind power. When used positively towards self-help, psychology, science, or any task that requires the power of concentration they are the best for it. They have a strong focus, willpower and the dedication to accomplish and follow through more than most. 
Your karma is to learn to let go and let be, relax! Realize that there are some things, that we cannot control. We can, however, control our thoughts and reactions, and it would serve you best to do so.
Quantum physics shows us that we are co-creators, our perception creates our reality. When we think the worst it's more likely to happen, be positive!