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Mars is the energetic warrior planet that charges full speed ahead without much thought, he is filtered through the many aspects of our natal chart, and depending on sign, house and aspects to him would further confirm how the energy is specifically expressed. By Transit, we can expect areas in which the house he is transiting to be an area in which we will apply our efforts or direct our energy. You must always take into consideration other aspects being made to Mars in your natal chart, the transiting Mars, and the house ruler to better define, specifics. However, the general consensus is that we will whether driven by a crisis or a simple opportunity or desire, much can get done in that particular house if the energy is used wisely.

Mars Transits the 1st house

Charge full speed ahead! This is usually a time of great energy, (if other aspects allow as always) However, If you were been stagnated or lost during Mars transit through your 12th house, you will really appreciate this transit.

Now is the time to take the initiative.You will feel like to want to take off in a direction, so you better choose one. You will carry yourself with more confidence during this transit, with a spring in your step! You are also much more willing than usual to speak your mind. This is a great time to go after whatever it is that you want because you will not only have the energy but the confidence as well. If you are unable to be active for instance" confined to a desk" you can find yourself easily frustrated and may at times come off temperamental to others. It is best if you use this energy, even if you need to work out before or after the office.  
It is a great time to get in shape or start a workout program, whether or not you will stick to it will involve other factors, but you will get a good start. 

On the negative side, if there are hard aspects occurring you may become temperamental, demanding, or too pushy with others, because you may feel a sense of urgency, or burning fire to get things done. Also, it's possible that others may be too pushy with you, or argumentative, just go about your business and try not to start any fights and if others do avoid them.

Mars Transits the 2nd house

This transit may begin with a crisis that puts you into "money making mode". Often the planets will do whatever it takes to get our butts moving and with Mars he wants to make a move and make things happen. If you are fortunate enough to not experience a mini money crisis, then you may instead want to spend!. Your desire for the finer things in life might be sparked even if you're not a material person you may feel like shopping. Mars transit here instigates a desire for physical pleasure, security or something new. Now although you will have these desires Mars does not bring the money for them unless you do the work, hence the urge to splurge followed by the desire to put the effort so you will have the means. Your sex life might increase as well, and all things sensual and pleasurable will be at the top of the list of desires. It's an excellent time to make more money because you are willing to put the effort will likely reap the rewards.

Mars transits the 3rd house

A month of increased activity is in store, mostly of the use of technology, multi-tasking, local travel, communications, and paperwork, or email, and driving around town kind. However, you could also be busy with siblings or local activities. You are likely to be much more gregarious, outgoing, social and even more talkative. The exchange of information will pick up in tempo, and you will find if you are in a business where communications are part of it, you will speak much more confidently perhaps even boldly. You may not think before you speak which can be both good and bad, depending on what is said, and how others take it. You will be able to gather information much quicker, perhaps because you are less patient but nonetheless, you have the opportunity to put all the mental energy into something to finish things off. So get that paperwork done, make those phone calls, visit those local clients, send those emails, catch up on things, start a new online business whatever the case stir up some energy in these areas, you will see you got a lot done or started some great things and you will be happy you did.

Mars Transits the 4th house

Suddenly want to spend more time at home or with family? Hmmmm or maybe you feel like starting a fight with a family member? whatever the case you need to do something about home and all things in it. With Mars transit here that's no surprise. Maybe you noticed your home has not been kept up to your standards or is maybe too cluttered or things need fixing, maybe you want to purchase new home appliances or furniture.  Perhaps you feel you haven't spent enough time with your loved ones, been to busy or just want to chill out and relax with the ones you love. Whatever your case,  you will want to put your energy into home or family this month or anyone else living with you. Go ahead and fix, those things that need fixing, get new furniture or spend the effort to make your home more comfortable. It may instead be that many "family events" or get together's pop up, or relatives come to visit- in which you end up spending more time with family this way. Depending on other aspects being made to Mars during his transit here will describe whether or not issues pop up within the home, and family or if all things are pleasant and enjoyable. Assuming there are no tough aspects to Mars at this time, then definitely the latter, is more likely. If you live with someone or have someone coming to stay during this time, there is also on the negative the possibility for disagreements, aggression, or simply irritability, so beware.

Mars Transits the 6th house
You might feel like you need to organize your messy room during this transit,  to where really take notice of clutter and it begins to bother you. This transit also stimulates a desire to join a gym or develop a new health regimen of some sort. You pay more attention to your health and maybe even your eating habits.  It's also just as likely that you end up trying to help people during this time, or find yourself helping friends or being of assistance to those that need you. This also is the house of work so you can have much more of it during this time, but thankfully Mars will give you the energy and the courage. This is an excellent time to work out your schedules to free up more of your time, by being more efficient, or to arrange things so that you are more productive using less effort. You might also spend much of your time into helping others with these types of things as well. You will be more specific and detailed in your efforts during this time, it is also possible things might pick up and work, or that you take on many new projects at this time. 

Mars Transits the 7th

This is a time where other people take up more of your time, or you want to take up more of theirs. Your energy will be focused on close friends, Partners, or even enemies. You need to watch for fights with friends, lovers, or anyone close enough. Mars is pure energy he doesn't care how he comes out as long as he does. If you are in a relationship or Married watch for aggravation and try to stay cool. It could also be your partner that shows this its usually a good time to get things out in the air however, the way you go about it might be too aggressive so take a chill pill first, then discuss.

Mars Transits the 8th house

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