Saturday, August 27, 2011


The third house ( mind power, intelligence, communication, the immediate environment, commerce, courage, writing, distributing information) in astrology is often overlooked and considered boring or mundane. The 3rd house is basically known as the house of early learning, the mind, intelligence and local travel, along with writing, emailing and computer technology, it also rules the area of siblings. Ruled by Mercury and the sign Gemini, this multi-tasking house packs quite a punch. 

In ancient astrology, the 3rd house was better known as the house of the Goddess. The reasoning behind this concept is that it is opposite the 9th house, which is that  of God and organized religion. The 9th house is, of course, more than that, it also covers higher learning, spirituality, long distance travel, and all things foreign, larger conceptual thinking like philosophy. 

It would then make sense that the 3rd house would characterize much of the opposite being the house of the goddess. This which includes abstract thought, scientific intelligence, and unorthodox spirituality, such as ; astrology, pagan or the occult. 

Think of the goddess Athene when you think of the 3rd house. A mighty, intelligent goddess, strategic and protective. 

However, there is but another interesting area of ruling the 3rd house which isn't spoken of much and that is "the immediate environment" along with courage. This is highly beneficial when a planet located in this house is a benefactor such as Venus or Jupiter for the person would find luck pretty much where ever they go or are. If one has Jupiter in the 3rd house they will likely receive their luck in areas of communication, short distance travel, but also bring luck to their environment. Jupiter in the 3rd house natives receive their luck in their immediate environment as well as providing luck to their environment such as places of work, class rooms at school, or any place that they are residing. 

What better place to have luck than in the present, here and now? Having lucky planets here can be quite the benefit. 

Pluto here can give a determination of focused mental energy that can be quite the powerhouse for visualizations that is often needed in manifestation. Controlled mental energy here is something that is a tremendous benefit for mental focus in mediation. 

Venus here brings the goddess of strategy and personal charisma, the ability to win people over with your charming communication. The house of the Goddess has many other hidden secrets and are yet to be discovered. 

How do you relate to your 3rd house goddess?